"The future ain't what it used to be."

I do believe in parallels


I do believe (very often) that there is millions of parallel "lifes" (our lifes and everything).


The whole universe (or my brain) is redoing the same thing over and over.


On what would you bet? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif
I bet on physics many world interpretation,time travel is completely nonsense without it,and i mean NONSENSE,unless you agree with hawking with his chronology protection in which case its pointless.

But things on a quantum scale are nonsense,so in effect the universe is made from nonsense.
Quantum scale things seem to be in two places at the same time,and you cant determine both velocity and loacation at the same time,nothing to do with there testing equipment either.

So i say all universes exist at the same time so the quantum scale stuff can.

Trouble is with many worlds is that means(and this is my theory) that its impossible to die,cos you exist elsewhere where you didnt get killed/die
so whats to prevent your concousness existing elsewhere after you died without knowing you died as that quantum event didnt happen from your perspective.

So if i drop dead now,relative to others i am dead,but what if from my perspective that did not take place?

What would cause this?
nature,every version of YOU thinks they are YOU,so theres nothing to prevent a version of you close to you to all but a major event assuming they are you.

What it also suggests of coarse is that we have all died a billion odd times already and not known it,this is because knowing it would be a problem for causality,so its a case that it happens,then your in a parallel universe where it dont happen.
We already know that everyone has there "relative" time,time moves relative according to observation,even though it seems hidden,its occuring all the time,weve known this for about 100 years.

Ok wheres the paradox?
well you gotta die eventually,what happens when you are 90 on your death bed,100,110,it cant go on forever,but then we could say you become a version of you when younger.

This matches time travel in a way,cos it is to suggest events already happen somewhere,so events can be altered and take place,perhaps time travel in itself is a normal event at the point of death.

Nobody knows for sure,thats the thing,its all a bit metaphysical untill confirmation or a better theory.