"The future ain't what it used to be."

I dont really know what to believe 'John Titor'


I dont really know what to believe \'John Titor\'

Ive been torn between this whole ordeal. I wonder how real this is... wasnt there something on television just recently were some person went back in time a second or two? I want it to be real... People said you sent emails to them from the past or future I cant remember which. I would appreciate an email I guess. I dont even know if your still here but you know. You sparked an interest, just keep it burning /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Well, if it was real, the interest sparked can only be kept burning by your inner fire. I would like to believe in the Titor story, but, as a scientist, I can only believe what I see and experience firsthand. Anything else is conjecture.

But there is nothing wrong with hoping /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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hey, does anyone know where to find the spposed pictures of titor's time machine in a convertable?
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not true, how can titor be short for time traveller if there is no "o" in either of those words?
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Oh.. you're right there Kev...

But how can he be a time travelor is THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TIME TRAVEL?


sorry... long day
Re: I dont really know what to believe \'John Titor

John Titor is a fake. Titor is short for "Time traveller."

Of course!! If it wasn't a real name then he must have been fake!! What a wonderful sense of logic you possess!

A bit more detective work on your part would reveal why he chose Titor

When he began posting on this board he posted as Timetravel 0
People began calling him TT0 - T T 0
He claimed to be a time traveller - Time Traveller
Combine this information - Ti T 0 r
Which looks like Titor.
TT0 is the key.
He said it himself that his name was a contraction of time travel or.
Your arguement doesn't hold what.

Now if his name was actually an anagram of 'Ha Ha you are all fools', maybe that would be cause for disbelief...

Re: I dont really know what to believe \'John Titor

Emotional dish of ice-cream:

There is also the problem of Pamela Moore, who is obviously infatuated with someone who is said not to exist.

There are two studies in courses in experimental psychology; this one from the latre Dr. John Lilly.

Lilly said in his LSD in water-tank experiments, the isolation realm, >That after a while, what one begins to think is true, in certain environments, eventually becomes true.

This contrast with the information of the practice of Dr. Carl Jung, who was an associate of Sigmund Freud's, who by state law, recorded all variances in dreams as well as psychoanalytic realms, of people saying that they were in the past, either from other planets, or having contacts with aliens beings.

The first, may be a mental a'tonement, which is placed as a predisposition, which later manifest as a line of thought someone believes.

The latter, which is said to be a memory store, much like an electronics flash memory core, innervates from the human cell of the body itself.

Jung, pronounced as Yung, referred to this phenomenon as cellular memory.

This leaves two avenues of logic concerning the Pamela Moore involvement with this said case.

One John Titor was real and Moore was enamorate of this fact.

Two Moore studied this part as an acting lesson and had internalized the particulars of the said Titor storyline.

And three, through some process, Moore was imbued with this said storyline and then internalized the nature and precepts the Titor case, as a product of being instructed to do so?

I don't know, wont venture to say.