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To who ever reads this message, i am trapped in the year 2035, stupid how this may sound, please when you discover on who to make this Time machine, you must destroy it!!! i am trapped, we were sent in from our original year 2029, we are top secret military forces, our mission was to, stop a former time traveller, that not came from our future but the present, the way this e-mail has been sent to this time is because we have new technology to contact our home year, 2029 this is incase we cant get back so we use this e-mail emergancy to contact our reality!! you must understand that when you open ( create ) the Time machine it not only opens a world for us in our time, but as soon as you turn that machine on, the future is already written, i have news to prove this is no joke, 2019 a comet missis us, it does not hit, if my e-mail theroy is correct, this e-mail should be sent to this year in which i am trying to contact 2005 August 4th 10.32pm GMT Dont turn the machine on your very close, to destroying our History and Future, Help us Destroy it!!
Erm???? i think you got the wrong year and the wrong email address,this is the time travel institute message board,we are not the company which built your machine.

Oh well too late all of history is gonna get wiped out,blah blah blah...we really dont care.

If the history and future is destroyed the time machine will have never been built,so we are quiet safe.
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I believe that their is time travel and time travelers in effect How did you get trapped? and this is not 2005 it is 2002 wrong year wrong time etc also where from? How old? when from? I believe in the multiverse and what time machine are you talking about we don't have any time machine yet our scientists of the 21st century are working on developing it what other event can you tell us about? Have you heard of an organization called Time Machines Forever if you want to know I am the CEO of that organization it is a non-profit and private organization but we don't build time machines or time travel devices but gather information, ideas, plans, comments, and so on within the group.
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Erm if you believe in the multiverse youll know the info he sends us is useless.

Hes from a earth timeline as such(universe A):

big bang---------------|2029------------------end

he then ends up on a different universe B:

big bang-----------------|2035---------------end

and hes now contacted universe C (us)

big bang-------------|2002-------------------end

Any info we send is read in universe C,and cannot be seen in universe B.

Do you see the problem?
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But that isn't true remember the past, present, and future coexist together or equally it is based on all of the scientists and physicists of the past to the present even though the future hasn't been here yet I believe that some scientists will develop time travel and use machines as well and develop a formula that will enable time travel! I have heard that you can send messages anywhere and I don't mean email and phone I mean a machine or device will do that instead if the major can communicate with us then he is using a special device or machine to do that but if he is fake then we have been sucked up to his evil scheme but why would he talk to us somewhere else and not come to this timeline he said he was trapped in so and so date I wouldn't mind meeting this person or talking to him what year did he say he was trapped in and what date is he coming back to his real timeline? In reality time travel isn't science fiction anymore their have been movies, books, magazines out about this stuff and physicists and scientists believe that it can be accomplished! So what do you think is he fake or not? I am an open minded person so I believe in what I believe and truth is truth and false is false do you have any questions, comments, suggests, plans, ideas and so on. I could go on forever debating with you about the paranormal including aliens, ufos, ghosts, time travel/teleportation, esp, and so on but I will end it here now!
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NO,it dont work like that,each time you travel youll move into a previous point of your same universe up to that point,
ill give an example:

universe A (us)
big bang---------------|2002-------------------end

now i go back in time and kill granfather before father was born

universe B

big bang-------------|1940------>2002--------------end

My grandfather dies in universe B but lives in universe A
so i can quiet easily kill my grandfather because i am a struture of universe A.A where he lives of coarse.
But i now exist in universe B every action will change the rest of that universe,by the time 2002 comes along i will have made it different in many ways.

See and thats the thing,major's message is info coming from 2035 in universe B-------->2002,any info he sends to us could change the rest of the future of this universe,if that happens he could find the universe will break off to a universe C,contact will be lost.

Remember we are not supposed to see that message,the mere fact it is here has changed things,he tells us about the comet,that could change things,if the future is altered by his message then he wont be able to respond,or our responses will be useless.

For instance if i send a message back in time to prevent kennedy getting assasinated i will create a universe where he does not die,but i wont exist in it,
ill live in a universe where hes died,while the past that got the info will break off at that point and create a universe B where he lives,contact to the past from there on will be lost.
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Hi NATAS I just wanted to say three things then why hasn't he reached our message either backwards and forwards either the past and future? also How can he send a message to us if he is trapped in the near future whatever date he is stuck in? and one more question what device do you think he is trying to communicate or talk to us with?
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Well to be honest with you theres a pretty huge chance it is someone talking bollocks,attention seeking or trying to wind us up...But we'll have a look:

Well logically hed have to set his computer up to transfer information using tachyons,cos tachyons travel faster than light they would be recieved before they are sent!,
in which case he could set his computer up to register and set up an account in 2002,even though he is in 2035.

Perhaps in 2035 they have discovered tachyons and are using them to get better transfer speeds,
the main problem is they are so fast people will recieve info before it is sent,but youd have to be registered and in line to recieve it at that speed,so it works if you are all using tachyon modems.

Its confusing cos it means if you were to send an email to yourself at tachyon speed before you bought a tachyon modem,you must have recieved it like 20 days before you sent it!
i dunno perhaps they can harness it,id say the device hes using is a computer of 2035 with tachyon communication,by then its probably a palmtop computer (i mean hell weve got them now for christsakes)difference being sending information so its recieved before its sent,
he could do some calculations,but never be spot on.

Hes speaking obviously to our past,but he thinks hes speaking to universe A past,
the reason he cant get home is cos hes come from universe A where they got time travel in 2029,but hes now in our future in universe B in 2035,
but cos hes contacted us its gonna cause us to split away from him,if we change anything it causes an instant paradox,the message itself may cause that and we end up in universe C,hell still be marooned in universe B
infact for the message to be recieved at all it has to end up in universe c(us) thats now the difference you see
universe B where no info got sent and universe C (us) where it now has.

Cant you see that if we help him,it causes a paradox,and we split off,and how can we help him anyway?
hes sent it to the wrong address and wrong time,

He has fucked it big time.
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How about you are both wrong because there is no future?

It is all your immagination. The future, like your immagination, NEVER happens. We have no effect on the future and the past never leaves. All we have is a peculiar machine called 'now'.

For example one digs a small hole in the ground. How is it that you dig in exactly the right spot every time? Isn't it much more likely that you would dig right next to the real future hole or miss it completely? Immagine your shock when you dig a hole and find that it isn't there because you dug in the wrong spot!

Don't worry about changing the future because there is no such thing. The past you can change as you like any time you like by giving whats left of it a good swift boot.

And finally don't ask me if I believe ANY of this s**t.
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NATAS it's me again I just wanted to say what do you mean when you say split off I don't understand what your saying? How can we send a message to him in order for him to recieve it? also why did he want to send it to 2005 was something important at that time and place even though it is only 2002? Do you have any building skills maybe by yourself you can make a machine or device that will allow you to send and recieve messages? Do you think this is a real message or a fake message I believe in time travel and time travelers maybe this military person is really lost who knows though? tachyons are faster then light do you think he is using a computer or a phone or a recall device in order to communicate or not also I wonder why he wants to get back to his own timeline he said that he was trying to stop a time traveler and shut down a time machine but our scientists of today hasn't even built one yet maybe in 2005 time travel has been accomplished and he wants to communicate with 2005 and tell anyone or everybody to shut down the machine or whatever it is. Do you have a clue what he is talking about you know stop time traveler and shut down machine and so on? I wonder what machine he is talking about maybe something big or something small you never know! So my question is how do we help him if he and others are stuck and their is no way I can help him what about you? I wonder what the machine runs on and what about this time traveler they are trying to stop we may never know any ideas, suggestions, comments and so on?
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Well,shadow that is your logical view of things,however if i was to move 99.9% the speed of light towards a star say 1000 light years away when i get back to earth i will be in 4002 ad,but i will have aged only say 2 days(but ive still aged right!),this is einstiens relativity,and can be proved with the clocks on satalites,if i move at lightspeed (if that was possible) time would for me go to zero and i wouldnt age a second no matter where i go,but he said light speed for matter is not possible.

In that case i can end up in the future and apparently would not have known of any event between now and when i get back,of coarse the 4002 ad would then be what you class as now.

I can see your logic:
how long is NOW,it is zero cos as soon as youve reached NOW(present) its gone to the past,and the future is always NOW cos you are always heading there but as soon as you get to it it is the present,which dont exist cos its gone to the past

Perhaps we ARE all wrong,i mean einstiens relativity is just biological time travel,he never said you could go backwards(and he said you couldnt get to light speed),it just stated you could shift things relative to an observer,
but that dont mean shit,cos if i got into a car i can get from point a to point b much quicker than if i walked and from a walkers observation im moving real quick for the walker more time will pass to reach the same destination,
so all it is is getting to a destination quicker with the slight problem of relative time it took for you to get there,from earths point of view its took you ages cos earth is moving alot slower,but you are moving extremely quick,so its just speed,youve not time travelled at all,not really.

Its all about motion and speed,
movement of all atoms,particles,electrons etc everything,the only thing that moves without a push seems to be light.

If that is the case technically to go back in time youd need to rewind every particle in the universe to a previous position,

surely if you used a machine which time travelled it would only rewind your particles to a previous state at that time setting,
so if i time travelled back ten years id come out of the machine aged 12,but id still be in NOW in the universe.

An interesting way of thinking,
shadow you are a genius!
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Split off means universe splits from paradox,induced from sending the message.

We cant send a message to him if we have split off to universe C,hes still in universe B if we split,youll lose communication if you are in a different universe obviously,cos hes sent the message to this one,presumably the past of b,but if we end up c,cos of a paradox then we wouldnt be able to communicate.

We cant send messages to the future,we can make permanent inscriptions for them to be read in the future,but i doubt this web page will be around in 2035,so he cant read it,however if this web page is promised to be kept up for the next 33 years he can look at the messages right now in the future.

I do think its fake,i have certain theorys,i think this whole time travel thing has been blown out of proportion,theres absolutely no need,if its multidimensional and we live in a multiverse then time travel is purely a selfish act,cos youd be redundant of your own universe,youll leave it behind to make changes in the new universe born from a different possibility,even if you save kennedys life,youll leave the original as it was,you wouldnt be helping anybody cos you are just gone and we stay the same,everythings the same,purly selfish,the exploit will only help you.

You see the universe will not allow a paradox,
for instance if i go in a time machine and go back a week ago and i tell my past self to not go to mcdonalds for lunch,and he agrees,what would happen to my memory of the event?

id lose it in the future,i wont remember going to mcdonalds and id have no reason to go in the time machine to make that change,cos i wont have any memory of it cos i stopped it happening,but if i have no memory of it,how did i make the change so i have no memory in the first place,

for this to be practical the universe would have to split into a universe A where i eat at mcdonalds,and a universe B where i dont eat at mcdonalds,id now be in universe B because i made the change,id still have memory of universe a.

The paradox comes immediatly however cos you cant talk to a previous version of yourself without being the product of a different universe,
see how many logical flaws there are in single timeline travel!

if you are of a different future,sending info to the past is a million times worse,imagine how one bit of info could split off another million timelines.
These years, are all so close to what I've heard, doesn't sound off from what I heard happening. Instead of 2019, in 2013 a shower of small meteors would hit earth, killing many people. The year 2035 is the year my friend is from, I believe anyway. I'd love to help, but I've got my own problems at the moment to deal with. He might be talking about the same distruction, that I know of. Well there's my two cents.

~skye<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.
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Hi Skye I just wanted to say Could you please explain to us the whole situation of your friend? How did he get there and what device is he using and so on? also who is this other time traveler he is trying to stop and shut down what time machine? Sorry for all of the questions but if you can answer them then that would be helpful to all of us! I am not a cop, reporter, journalist, military just an normal human who wants to know the truth and that's all I promise I will not disclose any information my promise is truthful!
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Well, my friend is from about the year 2035, back to stop a terrible event from transpiring. I dont' know what device this guy uses, or what time machine he's talking about. But, I do know that what's gonna happen, if my friend doesnt' stop it, will cause the earth to plunge into a very evil, and dark era, in which there is no escape. This might be what he is trying to stop, but I cannot say, the details he gives are too vague. I'm trying to stop this, but I have no real power here, I am just another human, with a bit of information, that's all.


P.S. Please, I will tell you know, I dont' care who believes me or not, I am only here to follow orders. I remind you all to please not ask about too much detail, for I cannot and will not give it, for the safety of you all. Thank you.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.
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Thanks for answering my questions if you want to contact me email me at [email protected] and you can my answer my questions and I will answer yours the best I can also I will be leaving on vacation next week so if I don't get back to you then you'll know I am on vacation. I will not disclose any information you provide me in the email it will be kept private and personal thanks for your time and patience and don't worry you can trust me.
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Alright, you can email me too at [email protected] . It's an interesting story to tell. I remember telling you a little bit of it I think one time, in emails, but can't quite remember, too much Ive had to do since then. I'll email you ASAIC <as soon as I can> I've been getting more busy lately, due to...stuff. Just E-mail me your q's and I'll get to them. Got any IM names at all? AIM, YIM, ICQ, MSN? I have all of those. Hope you do, It would be a bit easier to talk to you on there. Thanks again Adam.

~Skye<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.
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Hi Skye you still didn't answer my question in my email when you have time check your email and send me the answer okay?
So youve traveled into time...wonderful! And youve gone to get another time traveler? Hmmm, you know what...sounds like a mix of some popular movies. 1. "Marty...we must get back to 1985 and DESTROY the time machine" 2. Going into time to stop another time traveler...sounds like a Jean Claude Van Damme movie called "Timecop". 3. A comet nearly misses us...could you tell us what comet it is and please and what to set our telescopes to in the year 2002. Instead of giving us the story of a comet...tell us whos the next president...what are the winning lottery numbers in our states...what stocks should we buy that will make us multimillionaires overnight...what will happen tomorrow in the middle east...if I can see these more modern questions answered...I will be a believer. 4. Top Secret? Technology is advancing and the government cant stop YOU from blabbing to everyone about their secrets!? 5. Of all the places to go to "warn" us, you decide to post a message on a forum? 6. As soon as we turn the time machine on our history is destoryed!? I hate to bust your bubble but...HI...IM ALIVE AND IM WELL AND ACCORDING TO YOU I AM HISTORY! Your time machine was turned on and we are all fine. One thing that makes me angry are the morons out there who dont research enough to make a more convincing statement.

Doctor Emmet Brown
LMAO,doc thats as funny as hell,
what i dont get is how some of the people here are almost convinced he is a time traveller,
i bet he is sitting at his computer right now laughing his goddamned socks off at all the replys.