I have met a time traveler

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This name is not real. I have kept it secluded. My time traveler is wearing a white robe he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is allied with our goverment. In his time which is the 36th century he is the chief of all mibs. Mibs are not what you think of the movie. They are hybrids. As we stupid unintelligent humansthink, its a combination of alien and human time travelers. They are the men in black. And yes they do have the red flashing device. YOU CAN ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS YOU'D LIKE BORRUM MY TIME TRAVELER(CHRONONAUT)KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT TIME TRAVEL. SO PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK US WE WILL ANSWER ALL THAT YOU CAN ASK.
So u said that i can ask tat time traveller of yours questions!!!! so here goes... wat does it takes to time travel??? Tell me wat he sees in the 4th dimension?? Wat is the purpose of his visit???
To \'Hes\' (Re: I have met a time traveler)

This is a Temporal Dimensions AMB outcall (TD ref. 003/NMC1#9). If "Choronaut" (or the temporal displacement physicist you mentioned) is on TD databases, then tell him that TD will monitor his temporal dimension intil his hyperconsciounce is secluded. This will not effect his proceeding PEW. TD appologise to this Website or its supervisor(s) for this ambiguous usage of communication.
So, have you really met a time traveler? Well, tell him to travel back in time before 1999 and change and event, or tell him to travel into the future and jot down the next lottery numbers and then tell you what they are.