I just went back in time and killed Hitler.

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Maybe I went back and killed you before you killed Hitler, so now he still lived. The ripples should have taken effect by now so this just looks like a couple of meaningless messages!
There is a balance of good and evil within the dimensions.

If you kill on influence off in one dimension, then it is bound to have a negative effect within the other..
Creedo will be taking the answer for mandib mast, thank you.

About two miles benith the rock stratta, that composes the ocean floor foundation.

The one who had made the transformation stood there all dressed in a modern office dress.

The hair done up and general outfit made her look as if she had reciently graduaited fromn one of the better secretarial schools.

A six foot stature, set of Peier Cardine wire rimed glasses, pluss a silk looking knockout womans dress, complete with low pumps.

In the aether, the forces who had composed God, seemed hesitant about his transformation to come.

"Are you sure about this"?, boomed God.

Geena, formerly Yareiall, replied,"It's a snap, you will get use to it"!

God said nothing and just sat there in his notouch chamber being defiant.

Geena buts in,"Now you remember your arguments with Dan and why you need to do this in order to answer"?

A grumble came out of God and a small wiff of him, proceeded to the transformation chamber.

Both sides closed, there was a brief flash and a young man, at the age of twenty five, in a busniess sute, walked out of the other side.

"Wow!' Paul Anders formerly known as God exclaimed, this is really differnt, but I guess the garbs okay??

Okay to the surface where we will meet with Robop.

Geena said well the World Trade has an office that I had rented, has a great view of the general surrounding area and on bright days, you can see way out there.

Paul answers,"Sounds great"!You had materialized a Leer, so it will look as if we came from the Carolinas Geena"?

Geena now sportting boobs, which had compalmented a curvaitive figure, gave the fur sure.And the Leer Lone Star touched down at LaGuardia, rolling to a stop on the Bix end tarmack.

At sixty floors above Manhatten, Paul rose up and warmly greeted Robop as he came in through the door.

Geena and the other transformed, had showed Robop into the posh office, which was complete with swank black annodised office furniture, a maroon rug, plus a tremendous view, which had seemed to go on in adfinaitum.

Paul sat down within the leather chair, giving an indication that he liked to workout and kept himself well.

God could not be here today Rob, however I will give you your answer concerning how I have set things up and why you should not have killed Hitler.

Rob cocked his head slightly, as Paul began to explaine the whys of time and space.

You see Rob, what I, I mean God has done, is in order to create a dynamic for man to function, he had to allow evil.

This is simply so, as without evil, one can not have good.

Rob not understanding looked perplexed.

Paul immeaditly sencing this, showed Rob a diagram from both an Einstine and Brian Green's book, The Eligant Universe.

"You see Rob' he made differing realites, so that in the overall scheme of things, they would balance.

This is why in one reality, you have the Nazies almost winning the war and in the other, the Allies win it, but not totally.

Rob begining to understand replied, you mean if one were to kill, negate a key histrorical fugure, that it could throw the entire balance of how so many realities which are side by side, off and this would disrupt the flow of how things are supposed to happen?

Paul looked at Alica and she mouthed silently,"Times almost up, Paul"??!

Paul gave an odd smile to the Afro American looking Angel, at an imposing six foot in hight and implied to Paul,"Do you see now, why you can't go around opsing on anything that is precieved as making it a better world?

Rob nodded, sencing something was very odd about Paul and this entire office setup.

Paul shoutted over the speaker relay into the front office,"Geena do you still have those tickets for lunch at Fishmens Resturant"?

Geena shot back,"Yes Paul, top drawer, under the annual reports for Schnectity's annuals, in drawn ductiles"!

I could not connect the Schnecity reports to paperless, as the IRS had wanted a view-by, at the Portland office, when we get all of last years reciepts reviewed, for last years totals.

I had to keep them in paper, so it did not look like phantom accounting.

Thanks Geena Paul shot back and the young exzec, handed two tickets, to Rob and replied,"They have a wide fare of good eats, here, pluss a 2 OcClock floorshow, I'm sure you'll like"?

But there are five of us.....?Rob looking at the tickets, had noticed now, that two tickets had become five somehow.

I know you had given me five tickets....Paul???..

How?....Paul; cut him off and replied, I get lots of clients here, this being New York and all, they must have stuck togeather.

Oh well' Alice will show you out now.

I hope that you understand now.

"Hey said Paul, I'm going to catch that Metz and Dodgers game at the new stadium this afternoon, Rob"!

Rob replied with disbelif,"Here that's going to be a good one too"?...
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