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Alright - here is a forewarning. I am quite new at the theories of time travel. So I need to have some things cleared up. So here are a couple of random thoughts of mind that could use some input.

Some people experience deja vu. I personally experience it periodically. It's the feeling that you've done this before or that you've seen this exact event happen. It's almost like a vague memory. Could it be that you subconsiously see one of the possible futures?

I'm not saying that this is a constant because if you suceed in seeing a piece of a POSSIBLE future, then you might not choose that particular future. I think that if we travel back through time we would lose most of our memory. You'd know only what you knew at the particular time you arrive in.

I get deja vu in dream states and I always see it in third person. The human brain is very intelligent and we don't use it to it's full capacity. It may well be possible that deja vu is a hint at the abilities of our brain.

I believe that alternate universes or parellel universes (or realities) exist at the same level as the current reality. If someone actually suceeded in traveling through time, would they travel to a place that's in the same "branch"? By branch i'm refuring to the infinate possible realities affected by different decisions that are made. Would the time traveler end up in the same reality as he existed in or would he be in a completely different?

Well, there are some of the most confusing ones. If you disagree please explain to me why. I don't want to be narrow-minded or impractical. Thanks!

A prion is a pre-eminant particle from the future.

There is a mechanism within the brain, that pickes these up as either glimpes of future events to come, or complete thought or visual realizations.

These can come and go within certain cycles, however there is also double Deja Vu, where someone will get a seiries of particles from the future on events to come and then at a later time, get the same feelings, as there are reciveing the same patterns of Deja Vu,all over again.

Deja Vu can just be a feeling about certain things, or in other instances be a complete telling, of events that are to come.

It is uasually when these particles hit you, that you have the realization, however this feeling does sometimes sneak up on you and you onlyt realize that your in the pattern, once you doing what has been felt as predicted.

I belive the correct term is pri-on.

This is always a future, with reference to us and a past.

see my post #19 under "viewing time befor traveleing"

Things are not real untill we MAKE them real by observing them. I am beginning to believe the "many minds" theory of reality. This says that each sentient being constitutes its' own separate universe. All reality is the subjective reality of mind. What we percieve as objective reality is actually the interface between separate subjective minds.

>>>Would we travel to the same branch?<<<<

What you see is what you get. Since YOU create all of your future branches anyway it only makes sense to choose the branch you like the best. And as far as deja vu is concerned there several different avenues that could make one feel "dejavuish". The example set forth in the movie Groundhogs Day comes to mind.

My point is that before one leaves on some interdimensional trip he had better get a handle on where he is leaving from. One of my favorite quotes comes from Carl Segan, "The human race is just waiting for a volatle mixture of power and ignorance to blow up in our faces". Believe it.

As for "clearing things up", don't think that a broom and dust pan can handle a job that has choked a fleet of bucket loaders time and again. Nobody completely understands reality and no one ever will. The question is 'can you get close enough to the truth avoid undue misery'.

This is not just a bunch of idle theory talk. What is at stake is our very sanity since by definition sanity depends on our model of reality actually matching up to reality.
No Shadow is wrong in his post.

There is a device which can allow a person to communicate and even see directly into the future, useing a certain typoe of technology.

This was past aired on the Art Bell Show.

No Creedo is wrong in his post.

There is a device which can allow a person to completely misconstrue everything that passes within 20 light years of his pathetic reality.

Using this type of technology I can see that it will be reported on the Art Bell show in the future.
RE: I need help clearing things up and you did this.

No Shadow is wrong this is a type of ,(blank), which takes a signal and then fractates it, then this can be selectivly passed to either the future or the past.

This system is manufactured in, (blank) and is only in its infancy. however in the time to come they will take this technology and lend it to the, (blank) companies of the future, where this method will be used to talk to the past.
RE: I need help clearing things up and you did this.

No Creedo is wrong in his post.

Creedo, I think your (blank) stupid
. You sound just like your little buddy Adam. Why do you two think you have something important that you take it upon your selves to keep it from us? Do you really feel that you are doing us a favor and maintaining us ignorant of your device? Or is this all some sort of game, and an attempt to get people to pay you attention?

Honestly your friend Adam sounds more like he needs psychological help. What’s with his, I will only believe what I want to believe, and all others are just wrong, philosophy? Please spare me your crap, it stinks and I don’t think anyone likes having to smell it.

If you got something to say, say it. If not, shut the (blank) up, no body likes a tease. Especially coming from a bullshiter like you Creedo. Almost everyone has had to put up with your dumb ass shenanigans in your posts, especially those who you make sick preserve fantasies about and pretend to have some self dialogue with them, I don’t think anyone takes you serious.

But nevertheless, other people knowing will not ultimately destroy the whole space/time continuum. You’re both just pathetically self-absorbed in this elaborate delusion that you created some device. What do you have, some washers and screws put in some nice pattern on a wooden box with lightening designs done in pink glister? Please…

well both of you isn't right or wrong. opinions dont cast a right or wrong perspective on what the issue is about. just leave it as that.

celese, deja vu eh??? to most people deja vu is a glimpse of what they feel has happened "before"......

"Could it be that you subconsiously see one of the possible futures?"

really so? could it be? no that is not "deja vu", something that happened "before" isn't the future. its something you grasp onto from the past. so evidently it shouldn't give you an image to the future. if you mean that you have images from the future on your subcounsious side then that might be another topic. it really depends first of all where that person had the "deja vu" feeling. dreaming? awake? it all depends on what you said actually happened. how long was the deja vu? third person you say? what you actually see? how far in the past have you gone? those are merely simple question you should first ask that person. or yourself to be clearly about it. but it really doesnt matter if those question should be asked at all. simply because you cant go into the past or future. my post earlier should help a little. and i do understand what you mean by infinite branches. every decision is in an infinite possibility. but going to the future has no infinite possibility. a little graph

past-> | (has happened) pre"|"sent (has to happen) | <-future

^that is time

thats how it goes, "has happened" and "has to happen". those terms is whats causing us not to move any further. because if we jump from present to future. where is "has to happen"?????? something "has to happen" in order for it to be a future right? right. but if you ever say we can jump loops and end up on the other year of time. thats just plain impossible, think of it logically. so if we say that its possible.

present-> | jumping ahead of time | <-future

>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>

so it comes down to infinte possibilty, are we just looping different times and branches? i think not. because people dont understand. time is a constant flow. it cannot be stopped. if we happen to enter a portal and end up in the year 3000, we are not time traveling!!!! its just infinite branches we occur on. different year different ages. so in other words we cannot time travel. even if there was a portal we will still be on the "time sphere" time is fate. get it? if not, im sorry
Your inquiry sparks my thirst for similar information and knowledge. It has been noted that many people who are schizophrenic experience deja-vu quite often, sometimes to the point of peril. A recent article in Newsweek revealed an electroencephalogram of a shizophrenic patient's brain. The results showed that huge amounts of the brain (mostly internal cortexies) were being used that are not used by the vast majority of people. Clairvoyance and ESP have been studied at McLain mental hospital recently. Results from the tests show these to be symptoms of some sort of chemical-inballance.
I know, how does this relate to time travel? Well, as you probably already know, there were many tests, similar to the previously mentioned ones, done in the early to mid-60's, primarily centered around the potent psychedelic drug, LSD-25.
Many of the LSD patients claim to have experienced vivid images of the ancient world, often describing Egyptian hieroglyphs in great detail. So, if you believe the theory of the "now" as a result of just simply "being," then, accessing the past may be just as much an internal process of "getting to" the core stream of the collective unconcious of the rest of humanity, as it is a physical extremity.
I tend to believe that a combination of both internal and external modification will need to be brought about the human organism in order to have a successful "trip" through time.
I've seen this device and have talked to the people who are now expiermenting with it.(period)

I'm not going to give you a web location, however this site does exist and they have had some sucess with fowards and past methods of communications through time.

This is a com, optically based system.

You can call me stupid all you want or other adjatives, however the truth remains, that there are working prototypes now in present day manufacture.

On E.T.s tollerating humans that are ignorant.

Some don't, they simply take a ray-gun and discharge it at a human.

Space is where it seems that Earth based humans don't cut it.

I don't think it has anything to do with lack of not knowing, it is just that some humans are so audacious, they simply either don't know well enough, or lack manners.

Did you read about the guy that the aliens had toasted in South America?

Yep there were two.

One guy was some young woman's father.They hity him with a type of ray, that made his features fall off, as the were trying to rush him to the emgergency room.

They litteraly had to take this guy into E.R. inside a wheel barrow, it was that bad.

The second one, they cut part of his face off, genitles and just left him there.

I know better than to develope the habbit of being caustically ignorant.

Some Earth folks' eaah' read the web papers years from now and what what comes in, if we make offworld contact.

There is part of me, that has a basing of I don't especially care for ignorant Earthlings.It's for a reasaon I said what I said.

Appologies in order??
creedo I read about those two men .they said that they had created some form of armor and where going up on this mountain to view these alien craft. they were under the craft when it came down and I believe there armor did nothing to protect them . I also read that the ship may have not even known they were there. It had a regular landing site there and did not know that any humans had found this out. opps your toast ! sorry.

I am concerned about what is happening in mexico . Have you read shirley mcclains book about her trip to peru. My neighbor gave it to me several weeks ago title: EL CAMINO. It was to weird for me I think a bunch of aliens are pulling her leg. I also had a weird dream about mexico maybe a year ago that made me think what is going on down there is not in our best interest.
Nopethese were in SDouth America.

One was a father of some young woman and the other was a man who was listed as missing, a travler.

No macho stuff from either one of them, from what I had read in the mags.


Mexico and soulth america too.

You know it just occured to me reading your post, that a logical off the cuff explaintion of why the alien boogers are googering THEM is because they don't have the U.S. Air Force to protect them.

Nice to imagine our tax dollars at work.

The "demon theory of UFOs" does have alot going for it. Im not saying all off worlders are evil, but for the ones that are......well I wouldn't want to have the job of converting them to Christianity.

Good info. If we acept the logical explaination of schizophrenia (damn where DO they get these spellings from?) and assume that there really is more than one person living in the schizoid skull then the "extra people" are going to need and use more brain processing power, so their brain SHOULD be busier than average!

Like you say its all a mind trip. A machine that moves the physical body through time would be to most of us a terrifing monstrosity. I hope I never see one. Or lets just say I'll gladly let somebody else try it first.
Deja Vu may really be our mind skimming the surface of a cache'd ability, but on the other hand...

I remember reading somewhere that Deja Vu is a phenomenon where the two sides of the brain go slighly out of sync for the *slightest* bit, we're talking milliseconds here, or nanoseconds, so two parts of the brain are receiving input from the senses and interpreting this input at only the smallest difference in time. But this difference is far too small for us to be consciously aware of it.

Whatever side of the brain is the 'first', apparently this is where we get the strange sensation of deja vu from as the other side interprets last and when the two hemispheres are back in sync, the first side communicates properly with the second side again and it gets this input all over again, and the brain goes into a minor dilemma and you think, "Hey, hasn't this happened before?"

This may be an explanation for why schizophrenics experience Deja Vu more often, as there may be a slight fault in their brain related to the illness that causes the left and right hemispheres to go out of sync more often.

I used to experience Deja Vu occasionally when I was a young kid, (Like once every month or two) but now I haven't had an experince for quite some years at least. The only time I have 'Deja Vu' of any sort now is if something happens in real life that resembles events I have had in a dream either recently or even long ago, and I have since forgotten the dream, but the occurence sort of brings a vague recall of the dream back to memory.