"The future ain't what it used to be."

I wanna' be a Time Traveler Elite!


I wanna\' be a Time Traveler Elite!

What does one have to do to become an official time traveler? I made a t-shirt that says "I travel through time," but I doubt that'll cut it. Maybe one of you guys who travel through time could come pick me up in TX? I'll pay you in Planet-X dollars, I've got millions of 'em - or maybe you prefer paint chips, or piles of feces?

Look, I just want to express how ridicilous it is that some of you people think that you travel through time because you saw it in a movie, or in some weird dream. The other day I had a dream that I had super powers and saved the world, but the reality of it is that I didn't. I'm not special, and neither are any of you (most of you anyway, some people in this forum are very "special.") I do believe however that physics supports the theory of time travel, but currently our technology does not support it. Besides, time travel is just that: theory. I'll probably be called "ignorant," or "closed-minded" or something else because those of you who choose to type words like those have nothing viable to point out, and know that you are a fraud. Until you can prove it to me (actual physical proof, not what some dellusional psycho said in a book which is based on an LSD trip,) that time travel is possible today and that you do indeed travel throughout time, will I not accept any of your claims. You may not care what I think, which is fine, and I really could care less what a group of "time-travelers" thinks, especially ones that choose to represent themselves on an online forum.
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I'm not going to reveal where I stand with TT.

However, one question just begs an answer...."Why are you here?"

Just wondering.
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Why am I here? I am here because I enjoy entertaining my brain with such concepts as time travel, the chaos theory, possibility of aliens, etc. I'm also here because I can be. Thanks for asking though.

I also have a question that begs for an answer: Why are people here that supposedly travel throughout time and who write nonsense here? Maybe the mods should create a Fiction or Story Time forum. When I come here I want to see posts relating to time travel... not fictional texts relating to nothing. Now, I realize that this post relates to nothing (as far as time travel goes,) and according to me could be defined as nonsense, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, eh?
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LOL! Ok. I got ya.

Just ignore anything Creedo says and you''ll be ok.

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You funny time travel is happening now on 7d frequency with rubarb scale metrics.

Like my Creedo posting? I agree. Nonsense and gibberish.
No, my question is...where they heck is everyone else?

~ Global
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No one is ever on these boards. So slooooooowwwwww. Maybe that is because they are all out traversing the temporal radiant phase layer. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

But what they don't know is that the trioscillation plate-voltage refacting unit with 27 ions can be extremely dangerous, but with a directly polarized photo-electric molecular reconstitutor, that number of ions can be constituted at one time.
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Very slow here!

But don't forget. Traversing the temporal radiant phase layer is only possible with alien DNA.

Oh, but Global has alien DNA. Watcher clan one transcends pre-pubescent ondology and refractive for Global.