Temporal Novice
Say you started a ball bearing moving on magents so that it moved around in a circle continually.
Nothing comes into contact with the ball bearing.Effectively the ball bearing is weightless.
It is moving in one direction ,if there is little friction the ball bearing will continue to move forward,travel forward.
As it picks up speed it begins to blur it is travelling so fast now.
It continues to pick up speed.Time passes and the ball bearing is gradually getting harder to see.
The only force holding it is the magnets.
Eventually after days,weeks,months and years it is going so fast you cannott see it.
Eventually it is going so fast it is passing the sound barrier,it then passes the speed of light(maybe).
If it continues to speed up where will it go?
What if the time the ball bearing is experiencing is moving slower than time the observer experiences.
One day the ball bearing stops.
The ball bearing has been some where ,it has stepped off the time line.
Now,say you had a vehicle,and you cryogenically froze a man,or women.
The vhicle begins to speed up using the same mechanism,but bigger.
Humans cannott with stand Gs going at speeds described earlier,but what if.