If Civil War breaks out in USA -What would you do?


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OK, D-Day with regards to the John Titor story is slowly approaching. If 2004-2005 passes off peacefully in the USA the sceptics would have won a major battle. I have been sitting quite comfortably on the fence for the past few months but if no civil war occured in 04-05 I would definitely join the 'Titor's a hoax' side. However...
What if civil war does begin to break out in the US later this year and into the next? What would you do? Upon hearing the news I would immediately think of Titor before probably rushing to the toilet to relieve my bowels. I cannot imagine the fear and disbelief that would be running through my mind at the time but I would probably follow this plan of action...
Living in the UK it would probably be safe to hang fire for a number of years and see what happens.
If, by 2013, things have escalated like Titor said I would seriously consider introducing my family to the John Titor story and then booking a one-way flight for myself and my family to Brazil. Seriously I think I would do that. Because by that point, in my mind, there'd be no way you could dis-believe Titor and his predictions. Therefore I'd have to assume the worst and prepare for it. What would you do, especially if you live in USA? If civil war does break out would sceptics like Darby switch allegiances and admit that Titor was real? Or would there still be some sort of explanation in your mind? This moment is fast approaching, hopefully nothing will happen and it will be proven that Titor is a fake but there is still that alternative, which would be a very scary thought indeed...
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being a big bad canadian i would laugh to myself at the plundering i could do in the not so distant future..

seriously though, i would start hitting the gun range a lot more often(with guns and my bow), the gym a lot harder, and google+the librarby would become my new homes. i would learn anythign and everything i could on every range of subject. i would learn as much about fall out, shelters, survial on the basics, survival with nothing. nutrition. water, filtration, etc etc etc etc. i would be prepared and ready for the worst, hoping for the best.

even if this doesnt happen which is a good chance, 50/50 at the min, all that would be a great asset to any person.
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Wow you think almost the same way I do

I'd probally do the same thing as you, except I'd go to my cottage until it all died down, or atleast until the nukes stopped falling, I'm also in canada so i'd think we wouldn't get it very badly.

I would also start stockpiling food, guns, and some homemade explosives, just incase. And would probally reinforce my house with cement and steel (doors and windows)
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on the plus side, i worked for a year and a bit doing blasting rock pits and other 'things' that area wont be a problem for me /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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The problem with this subject, and I am not saying you, me, or even the majority of this forum as we are more familiar with JT's story, is that the change to move toward this civil war is probably going to be more subtle than that, and alot of people who have at least heard the story, wont nessisarily see that all this is comming. Suppose John had posted all this before, say, the L.A. riots, would your first thought have been "OMG, John WAS a time traveler, I should prepair." Most people wont start that line of thought until its way too late to prepair, because things like this arent unexpected. Almost everyone knew that things like this could happen, and if the conditions were right, even probable to happen, as they were.
If you saw a small blurb, at the end of a news program, that said a small town was upset because one of its residents houses was searched, and the judge said the police did indeed have just cause to search without a warrent because the person was indeed a trouble maker, and without any evidence, was the most likely person to have created the bomb that blew up a statue at the town hall at midnight, injuring noone, was most likely made by him.
Wether he was innocent or not doesnt really matter, but the fact that one of our liberties just got thrown out the window might escape most peoples mind, because in fact, things like this happen every day. Yet, this is one of the first signs John said we will see.
Personally, I dont believe nor disbelieve John, it is entirely possible there are timetravelers here from the future. Its not against the laws of quantum physics, and in some cases normal physics, as tachyons do it all the time. Wether John actually is one is another point entirely. But until I have proof one way or the other, I will reserve judgement on the subject.
I do realize that according to my argument, this could mean by the time all this goes down, it could be too late for me to do anything about it, and in very short order, I could die, but death doesnt bother me. I dont know whats after death, but the christians idea of hell aint it, im positive (and if indeed JT's story is real, it means he's cornered the market on time travel, but thankfully, still knows nothing about the afterlife.lol). If its nothing, then I'll never know it. If there is an afterlife, and no god, then no hell either. If there is god, then I can't possibly see why he would be so cruel as to punish anyone for eternity, thereby wasting the energy to do so. Some would concider that some ppl do indeed deserve such a hell for eternity, say Hitler, but I dont (sure, he should be made to suffer 1000 times as long as each person he ever in some way harmed, from the smallest insult, to the most painfull death, which in my version of hell, he will), which brings me to another point....
If someone went back in time and killed Hitlers mother before she was even pregnant, and WWII didnt happen, what do you think the state of race relations in the US or even the world would be today?
I am in no way saying anything that anything Hitler did was good in any way, but he did serve a purpose. It took what was happening all over the world (things like the KKK and the movie Focus come to mind) and showed it where it was heading with all this pregudice, made it see the error in it, so we could do something to change it before it ever got that bad again.
I am not saying that it should have happened in the first place, but that since it has, I wouldnt go back and change it. Think what it would be like if it hadnt.
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thats true in some ways.
however i think 'a wacco type event every month' will be fairly noticable
and second, his whole prediction spans many years before it gets really bad, plenty of time to prepare imo...
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Thats where you and I differ, I see that some of the signs are already happening, but then again, they were also happening, (Waco, L.A. Riots) when John originally posted.
You are waiting for one specific thing.
The laws of probability state that if 1000 people were to make up a time travel story, and predict 10 things each that would happen in the near future based on current events, a surprising number of them would at least get one thing right, and a few 2 or 3, and one person would probably seem to be a real time traveler, as a surprising number of things predicted would indeed happen. But this isnt a real time traveler telling of the future, it is analyzing a trend, and predicting the probable outcome.
There are alot of people out there claiming to be time travelers or psycic mediums who can tell future events, more than a thousand, and a surprising number get at least one thing right out of 10, could John be one of them? I dont know, and frankly, for the purposes of living life, dont care. Sure, I would love to know one way or the other, but this is purely intelectual, for the purposes of knowing one way or the other. Even if I did mostly believe it, and without actually knowing if its true I dont think anyone could positively 100% believe in something like this, and I were of the opinnion that it was ok to take away some of our rights to make this a safer country, if the Waco type events did start happening as JT predicted, I still dont think it would be enough to push me over to the other side.
I think, or would like to believe, that reguardless of if I had heard Johns story or not, if I saw something like this going down and it was starting in my city, literally at my doorstep, I would get as far away from it as I could. It wouldnt take a time traveler to tell me that by that point the US was pretty much screwed.
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For the record, i dont believe JT to be a time traveler, but i can accept i might be wrong and speculate accordingly. Either way i dont see it as being a bad idea to be prepared.
I'm more concerned with the icecaps melting, since I live below sealevel... but did any friggin' timetraveler on this forum ever mention that? Noooo... Who cares if the Dutch people drown anyway... poor me :-)
My answer to this? I would go on living. Just providing for myself, and protecting myself. Similar to the way I do now, but giving up whatever form of "luxuries" I would have to.

You see, I've been prepared to survive any catastrophe since WAY before John Titor was even a gleam in some prankster's eye. I was a boy scout...still am, really. The motto is "be prepared". I learned to backpack at a young age, and I learned the finer arts of survival under harsh conditions. And I go backpacking in the isolated areas of the mountains every summer to prove to myself I can still live on next to nothing. But my home is prepared just as well, so in the event something happens that I am not driven out of my home: I have a pool in my backyard and an emergency water purifier like the one I use backpacking. This water supply will last me a LONG time if city water goes away. Plenty of emergency canned/dry foods, enough to last at least several weeks. A small vegetable garden in the corner of the yard. I even have solar power generating panels on my roof that hook up to my AC power for the home. During a sunny day, I can generate WAY more power (3.3 KW) than required for meager living. Who needs a gas generator? It will be no good when you run out of gas! I have a battery bank that I can charge during the day when I don't use all the power I can generate, and then use the charge over night for whatever I need it for. I even have enough plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal windows, doors, and make the whole house airtight, in case of bio-chem attack or accident. Two first aid kits should be an obvious thing we should all have.

Oh yeah, and the most important things to protect all of this: I have a BIG dog who will mess anyone up when I give him the right command, a few choicely selected firearms (thanks Smith & Wesson!), and let's just say I have a big enough arsenal of ammunition to ruin anyone's day who decides that they are going to mess with me or my dog and/or my house. And if I must evacuate the home, I can escape by land (my truck) or by sea (my boat moored in a SoCal harbor).

Whether anything bad that ANYONE predicts comes true, I don't care because I am ready. It should not take you worrying about what some prankster on the internet is predicting for you to be prepared. It just makes sense to be prepared, even if all that happens is a natural disaster! I mean, I live in earthquake-infested California, so that right there is something to be prepared for. And major natural disasters can strike anywhere, anytime. They can strike where YOU live!

It pays to be prepared. That is how one becomes self-sufficient and ensures their survival over others who might just hope nothing bad happens. I prefer to be sure I can survive, rather than rely on luck. You should too. Forget John Titor. Just think about yourself and your loved ones.

Kind Regards,
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What Earth was, till all this survivalist stuff came out of Titor and the new nationwide paranoia, was a type a teleport place.

To an extent man was a crown crop, however his ancestors were from the stars.

Facts that ring right are that mankind in part, did hail from a wizard's gene.

This is plainly given in the movie series Star Wars, the very fist of the series.

This claim is partially verified by the Liza Given's talk show, trelling of a man who had channeled Star Wars, as actually having happened.

The Jedi were twenty generations removed from real other-dimension wizards, however their genes were mixed with men.

Other specifications of Earth, is that it did act as a portal to other star realms and a service stop, for all types of extraterrestrials.

As of late, the big Alpha Draconian, it seems want Earth back, however what is not understood by them.
This is that if they would have learned from the lesser sects of Dracks, a peaceful nonharmfull contact would have served best.

There are twenty to thirty all differing sects of Dracks and even some beneficial to mankind.

Man is an engineered creature, that comes impart here from apelike foundations, mixed with alien genes.

These were the outlying cultures.

The Atlantians and Lemurians however were both fourth dimensional transplants to become third dimension also with higher soul placements by others, into Earth existences.

This gave the already apelike creature, more of an alien identify, when bread with these two inputs.

Now we are forced to watch for an emergency that has suripticous beginning, which seems to be corrupting the very fabric of what we do and how we look at issues and our ways?

The Atlantians as told in the <a href="http://www.damenhur.com" target="_blank">www.damenhur.com</a> web site, (no taken down) had at one time shows, a city complex more crowded than New York, with giant structures and flying vehicles everywhere in the sky, to be seen.

I have posted state of the solar system warnings, as it seems that the nature of our very solar system and whether events are normal, are in question.

This last warning came during early summer, dealing with an apparent rise in frequency, which was due to some solar phenomenon, not clearly defined.

A change in frequency can affect a time travelers ability to be able to key into a certain area of time.

It seems, I'm not saying for sure, however does appear that the roles of what is known as Earth based man's existence and environment are rapidly changing?
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Wow, Creedo. Your first statement really sets the tone of your optimism.

What Earth was, till all this survivalist stuff came out of Titor and the new nationwide paranoia, was a type a teleport place.

Preparedness is certainly not the same thing as paranoia. It is just the application of common sense and good planning that leads to a future in which you are alive. That's not paranoia, that's wanting to make sure you "get your money's worth" out of this incarnation...right? :D

And as I pointed out above, the Titor story did not start the survivalist stuff...not in me, nor in other people who simply prepare themselves to survive a disaster. In fact, 9/11, which was conspicuously absent in any Titor references, did more to wake people up that they need to be better prepared.

The only reason I share the things I've done to prepare myself for any disaster is to give other's ideas about what they can do to better prepare themselves....for any eventuality. Survival is a good skill to learn, even if you are never forced to use it.

The rest of your statements....I'm not going to touch any of them, as they seem a bit "out there" for me. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Kind Regards,
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Wouldn't that be something if I were genetically set apart from you and did not understand what war was, albeit besides normal survival skills, say in the figurative?
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and did not understand what wart was, albeit besides normal survival skills

"What wart was..."??? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

I don't understand, can you please clarify? Or preview/correct spelling errors and mistypes? :D

Kind Regards,
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Typo, war not wart, however war, like wart,is a blemish on any one world, is it not?
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Are you threatening me with Duct Tape? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif