"The future ain't what it used to be."

if TT were possible...


are we to believe that my (yesterday) is a rhetoric, it never ends,
at some point in an alternate time line iam constantly living yesterday over and over again. and even more complex, each time i press a key to type this message, each key i press once pressed in an alternate time line iam pressing that key over and over,
if tt were possible EVERY single decicion i ever made has been logged and ready to re-visit, every single nanosecond!????
Re: if Tsavage pizza possabilities...

Please note to all wouldbe time travlers, visiting or in residence.

The time travle portal held in Atlantis is still in busniess and has the ability to reach here to this time.This is at the ten thousand year ago plus time level.

This is a large time machine, crystially powered and can transend the million years block in time easily.

Pleas keep in mind, that the Phildelphia expierment is still in progress, due to the amount of power expressed from the full power jump made by this ship, in said 1943.

This ship may go well into two other centuries in time, via the giant vortex that may have been caused from this ship's expierment.

Note that John Titor's said time travel, if a board component was burnt out, may have sucumb to another reality, paired to the reality your reading this posting in.

This would be a paired realitiy, however off frequency from this one, and not entirely the same.

Thank you
Re: if Tsavage pizza possabilities...

er..... thats suppose to answer my question is it??????? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

It is my belief that each day, each NOW of time is a distinct page of a book, and we experience this book by the page numbers, 2 follows 1, 3 follows 2, etc.

But if we could distance ourselves, and be gods, or whatever, and "see" the universe as it truly is, we would see a pile of pages on the floor. And that would be the pile of one universe, and farther and farther out from the big bang of existence, would be more piles of pages for more possibilities, and maybe, we journey from pile to pile, experiencing page one from pile one, then page two from pile 13, and maybe then page 3 from pile 4, then maybe page 4 from pile 8,etc.

What I am trying to imply, is that our experience of time is linear. But I believe if we could stand outside of existence, we could see how time is NOT linear, and that each of our experiences strung together, and being unique, would have the shape of a cobweb or a knot perhaps. Dwelling on the "timelessness" of each moment really has no substance to us, because our nature determines that our experiential perimeters want to string together a set of "nows". It is how our brains work. People like shamans or budist monks have found inroads into this anomaly that is our normal experience, and they have found ways to overcome our natural inclinations to "string together the nows" and find a sort of transcendant peace, or intuning to the universe.

Think of your yesterday as a page of your book, it could have been a different page from a different book, but it wasn't. Yes, it will always be there in a sort of timeless state, but you can never experience that specific "PAGE" again. Even if you went back in time, that would be different page, from an altered "universe". It would be a different experience, because you would know that was your past etc.

Anyway, it is fodder to think about.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.