If you could time travel what would you bring.

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I have been dreaming of Time travel for about 33 years now I will be 38 in July of 2002. I have thought long and hard about it. I have been complying data and raw info to bring with me and old Credit cards and keys from my old house and cars that I kept I wonder have you thought about it too. What would you bring.
I would bring a book of records of sports so that I can make money and buy whatever I want.

Good thinking. I would never have thought of those things. And this brings up a serious question.

If you travel back to your own past are you going to meet your old self? If so then think that he may not be too happy to see you.....Doppleganger!

Or if you just appear in your past selfs' body as a new conciousness then haven't you stolen the property of some one else? Would you want your future self comming back to steel YOU?

This is scary stuff. If I were to meet myself in my house the first thing I'd do is piss my pants. Think about it.

TTA this one is right up your alley!

Maybe the best thing you could bring is a good FALSE ID !
Ok, if that is not scary enough for you, think about this science fiction story I read 30 years ago:

Long story short, the guy steps out of his time maching and is immediatly knifed to death in the dark. The perpetrator steals the machine thinking he is taking it from somebody else. He figures out what the machine is and how to use it. Then he takes it back in time and ------- gets knifed to death in the dark. Over and over for eternity.

Folks ya'all be carefull out there.