"The future ain't what it used to be."

if you think titor is real


Temporal Novice
consider this:

he says he came on the internet to kill time and talk to people while he waited a couple months to go back home. he may not have been considering the amount of harassment people would throw at him. granted, everyone in our society today is an [censored] (which may be why 3 billion people die) and of course everyone was gonna harass him. but he came from the future, and he told about how people are different there. this is expected, considereing half the world is dead and the other half is changed by war. i think if i was in his shoes and had nothing to do, i would definatly go on the internet and say "hey, i'm from 2036." just to see what people would ask me. if i went to 1930, i would definatly run my mouth about everything, and probably be killed. besides, many things he "predictied" are forming in the fog
titoe said there will be a mass world war in 2015. 3 billion people will die. the cia said that in the year 2015 there will be more mouths to feed than the earth can handle. humans ARE becoming more and more corrupt, and we ARE becoming more destructive and we definitely consume and waste more. earth and all life on it has this really neat natural ability to rejuvinate. life can be thought of as more of a force or spirit, and that's why all life gets stronger with use and excersize, while artificial things just wear down faster and need to be replaced more often. that's also why everything plants make; animals use. and everything plants need; animals make or do. except humans. humans burn plants and kill them. that's why half of us must die. it is the necesarry for us vermin to be controlled if earth will go on.
every timeline starts in a different place, all of which are paralell, and then they waver for a while, and finally end in the same spot, with the same thing. other universes or timelines have huge event happen in different places, but it is nevertheless a huge corrective event. maybe a timeline hits a hypothetical "rock" (john, for example) and goes way out there, but then needs something big to put it back. another of these rocks would maybe be over destructiveness of humans, and some need to die. we have all theses laws we created to keep life peaceful and let all humans live equally long lives, and these laws override natural selection. we are growing too fast already. a big event such as john's war puts it back in line.