Igor! I've got it Igor! Light Speed is possible!!!


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Igor! I\'ve got it Igor! Light Speed is possible!!!

hey folks,

I was just pondering as I usually do. Today I was pondering an object's mass relative to an observer.

Then I realized something...

Mass, RELATIVE to an OBSERVER!!!!!

that's right! m=m0(sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2))) is in fact an equation showing the mass of an object RELATIVE to that same object's observer.

That means that at the points in space which are the domain of the object itself do not experience a change in mass... the passengers on the object will not notice a change in the object's mass as they accelerate. They will however, experience a change in the masses of the objects around them, like whatever object the observer is standing on.

Not only will the mass of the object in observation remain the same from the perspective of its passengers, but the ENERGY that object is spending in order to accelerate HAS A GREATER MASS RELATIVE TO THE OBSERVER.

Thus, in order to accelerate an object to light speed, one must spend an amount of energy proportional to the mass of the object being accelerated.

Our observer will watch the object spend an "infinite" amount of energy and then completely dissappear until it slows down to sub-light speed again.

If the same object began to move faster than light, then it would suddenly reappear somewhere else in the universe and begin to look like it was coming back from that place until it reached the point where it accelerated to light speed and become eterally frozen in time, moving relative to everything else at light speed.

Some may argue that it is impossible to use up an object's entire mass in acceleration, however, if one considers for a moment, the possibility of harnessing the power of a singularity for use in powering a space craft, it becomes entirely possible to accelerate to speeds equal to or even beyond the speed of light.

So now we know how to smash through the light barrier, which will open possibilities to time travel.
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It's been a little while since this post.
Anyway, I might try to add something. I'm not sure about mass change with near-c travel, but you should think about length contraction (Lorentz contraction) and/or time dilation.
Since everything is relative, an observer would "see" your ship getting shorter in the direction you are traveling. So if you had a ruler on you ship, it would be 12 inches long, but at *high* speeds, an outside observer would see the ruler shorter, maybe 10 inches. If this observer was holding a ruler, they'd see it 12 inches, but if you looked outside your spaceship window, you'd see their ruler as 10 inches, since, from your frame of reference, they are going very, very fast.

Furthermore, the ratio (gamma), gets dramatically bigger the closer to light speed you go.

at 90% the speed of light, a meter stick would appear about 44 centimeters long.
at 99.9% the speeed of light, a meter stick would appear about 45 millimeters long.
if one could reach the speed of light, gamma would be infinite. Thus, the meter stick would appear infinitely short...as would everything else in the universe, Including yourself and your ship to an observer.

So if you could hit the speed of light, to anyone watching, you'd shrink to nothingness. And in your ship, the universe would hit the speed of light going behind you, and also shrink to nothingness.

BTW, traveling 45 miles per hour, a meter stick would appear to you to be .9999999999999978 meters long.
...according to theory...

I still don't see how you could travel faster than light, upon reading your hypothesis.

Personally, I see the speed of light, not as a barrier to be broken, but as a physical property and limit to our universe. Traveling faster than the speed of light is not physically possible, I think. If it were, that would be the speed that light travels at. Light only travels the speed of light because it cannot go any faster. If photons are indeed massless, and they might be, then objects with mass (everything else) cannot travel faster than them. There is some principle in physics that says that a massless object HAS to travel AT the "speed of light". I am not familiar with this theory, though.

Frankly, if there is a way to move backwards through time, and I doubt there is, I don't think Faster Than Light travel is the route.
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yeah, i still cant understand how this one 20 year old who likes art, suddenly comes up with all these answers, when theyve been plagueing the worlds top scientists for hundreds of years. maybe he's just insanly smart. are you just telling us something that has already been discovered? or are you giving us 'your' discoveries?

i apologise if i have made a misjudgement somwhere along the line. :/
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dude, basically here is what would happen when you hit light speed. Your mass would convert to photons, and your ship would get extrememly huge (because the mass gets converted to pure energy) then your photons would get absorbed by the first thing it his, therefore annihilating you into oblivion. So, if you want to travel faster than light (conventionally), fine. But you will die when you hit the speed of light. (or, if you believe in god, you will 'turn to pure energy and trancend the mortal plane! HAHAHAHA') LOL

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The One, pay attention this is an important life lesson. You're not always right, often you will be wrong. The reason it is so darn easy to disprove these theories is because you are not doing it. You are simply stating YOUR theories, which are backed by the theory that YOU are always right. No one knows what happens when light speed is achieved. We have never done it. The properties of light have been a mystery since the dawn of modern science. There is a debate to this day whether it is made of particles or some other material containing no mass. So how if we can not even determine the properties of light, can we expect to define its entire nature? Now remember in science only fact can prove and disprove theory, when you find some FACT by all means let people know, but DO NOT assume that you have proven some one wrong when you are only reciting theories you learned in science class.
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Basically, what you need to understand is that we know what light is. Light (made of massless photons) travels in a wavelike pattern since it is not really a particle. ( a particle has mass, which is why it travels in a straight line.) So basically what you have is mass that has gone to the speed of light and has turned into pure energy (light... duh) and disinegrates when it hits something solid. Now, I know what your thinking. "If this is true, the universe should be gone, since we have been making light for billions of years and disinigrating it!" Well, black holes absorb light, They then funnel the light into the singularity. The energy inside the black hole sometimes leaks out in the form of radiation (antiparticles and particles suddenly pop out of space near the outside edges of the black hole) and it dissapates into the universe. So you see, its an endless cycle! Also, all these time travel theories are easy to disprove because there are certain basic laws of physics that they are breaking (energy conservation theory is one of them)!

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Once again you are trying to disprove things with theory. We do not know what light is made of, many scientists today believe it is massless, however just as many believe it is made of particles. For a long period of time, people did not realize the air had mass, they couldn't weigh it, they couldn't throw it, it was unique and without real mass. Guess what they were wrong, air just happened to be less dense than anything they understood at the time. Did you ever stop to think that light could be the same way. Don't except blindly popular theories. Einsteins theory is just that a theory. Don't get me wrong he was an amazingly smart man. But he was a man, and every man makes mistakes. You still have yet to prove anything, keep trying.
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dude, everyone knows light is made of photons!

Also, we all know that every particle has a wave nature, and every wave has a particle nature. Why dont you read The Elegant Universe, or Einstein's Brainchild. Particles may act as waves, provided they have the right mass. Guess what, light is as close to zero mass as you can get. So, it is made of 'particles' but it acts like a wave! I thought you knew these things, but I was wrong...