"The future ain't what it used to be."

ill put an end to it...

I think this whole thread is a hoax. LOL
You never knew John. :D
You can't even get the name right. Its Titor not Ridder.

I think it is hillarious I get just as many people claiming to be John
or know John as a time traveler as I do claiming he is a fraud and know
him....yet NOONE can prove it.
Hi there,

Your post was probably just a one off post, and you'll probably never check back here again, but you put forward some interesting points which I think are interesting.

I don't believe that anyone posting has come from the future. Nevertheless the actual idea of Time travel is what attracts people here. This place was in times gone by a much busier place, before it was invaded by hoaxers and generally just plain annoying idiots who just posted garbage. I would like to it one day as it used to be. It was once a great place to share new ideas and thoughts with like minded people - which is exactly what a forum should be.

As to your "evidence" against the John Titor story. Well, there's nothing really there that hasn't been posted before. As I said I believe he was a hoaxer, but I prefer to find more tangible evidence than just what he said.

1)He never came on this board as a harbinger of doom. He just answered peoples questions as he 'prepared to return'

2)One of the questions that shows up very often. If you could, would you go in time to stop WW2? Knowing that doing so would completely change the world that you currently know?

3)Einstein's holy grail was the unified field theory. A theory that would find a relationship between gravity and electromatic radiation. He never did it. And no one else has either. Such a discovery would cause the same shift in the understanding of physics as when people realised that Newtonian Physics were flawed.

I know you didn't come up with this evidence, but I just thought I'd answer them.

Onto your own comments
... if they were to pick a message board for time travel, wouldn't they pick one that's SPECIFICALLY for time travel? Look back on the forum's, there's also a board for paranormal and ghosts! are they going to say their a ghost now too? Isn't it just hillarious how they keep making reference's to famous paranormal show's such as star wars, star trek, x files, etc?

This forum was originally only about Time Travel. The other forums were built around this one. The main link to this forum comes from www.timetravelinstitute.com People were going off topic plenty of times and so the other options were introduced.

AT FIRST he says 2005, then the date changes to 2004. He never bothered to correct that.) speaking of, just how did he get a website anyway's? I didn't think someone from the future would have the money/time to spend making a website. I didn't think that someone from the future would spend his time on a message board pressuring people into believing he's for real.

Civil wars don't have exact start dates. There's always Civil Unrest first. Who knows when this particular unrest began? As to the website. Are you referring to www.johntitor.com? Of course he didn't make the website. Someone else did, to talk about the whole thing. Type in John Titor into a search engine and you'll see how websites there are about him.

I may not believe that he was a Time Traveller but I don't like claiming to know the truth without hard facts. Supposition is one thing, but please state it as so.

tell you the truth i didn;t believe it at all... until i read one post... and that post basically said that there would be no weapons of mass destruction in iraq, that it was BS... that being before 9/11 and the "war on terror" before the knowledge of a conflict even being possible in iraq... that right there bought me... im sorry but... i think its reall.... there have been many things hes said that have come true.... its only time till we find out if the rest is
For the most part, this and other Titor forums seem to be officially or unofficially moderated by people who don't accept/reject the story, but are willing to examine the issues. I am happy for the guidance.

But some people seem hell-bent on telling everyone this is a hoax and a fraud, and "why can't you see it" and "I'll be the one to blow it wide open". Yes - we can see that it is likely a fiction - but it is a story that has the quality of suspending disbelief, as all good tales must do.

Is it a fraud? - if it is fiction, then the fraud is in portraying himself as being some other person (and who hasn't done that in their life, even to some small extent?), but to what end? There does not seem to be an monetary gain.

Is there proof? - we have all seen the pics - are they proof? No, not proof. Interesting yes, even convincing, but any image can be edited and manipulated. We cannot be assured of the chain of evidence, so the images cannot be considered proof. Not even the vehicle registration form dated after JT departure, but posted before the date. This was to be a sort of proof that he could time travel by jumping into the near future and getting an official document. The image is still editable and not physiscal proof. What of his predictions? He never really made any hard predictions.

So it is all a lie, a hoax?
Well, that's just it. As a story, it has a reasonable-ness to it. Is it that stupid that he should post on a time travel forum? It offers anonimity whilst providing access to a group of people open to the topic, giving him a way to gauge and interact with contemporary people. There is no way he would go to TV or press. Also, forums on other topics would just ignore him or kick him off. "Hi, NBA Seattle Sonics forum, my name is John Titor and I have travelled from the year 2036".

So, TT forums provide a platform for him. Does he claim to be a famous person (a la "Davey Crockett")? Nope, just an army man, with a penchant for history. Just on a little personal diversion from the main mission. Ah, a soft side. Helps make us view him as a real person.

What about the hardware, the time machine? We see some pictures of it, but not quite close enought to read words or details. But it looks like some sort of utilitarian military electronic device, doesn't it? If it were real , he's not likely to give us a good look. But also if fake, he's not likely to give us a close look. Either way, this behaviour is not leaning distincting in one direction or another, but it does add questionability. It makes you own personal opinion less sure.

There has been discussion about how two pics are of the machine in exactly the same position, yet one is altered by haveing some apparent stickers edited out. The pic showing the stickers (I'll call pic1) is more like a photo, and we can see that the extra stickers are not squared up on the top case, placed post production. I think these are perhaps John's personal stickers or notes. If we then see the othe pic (pic2), then these two stickers are not shown. The image is like a bad photocopy of a photograph, flatening all the greys or colors out to be black and white. But can you see it is on a page that is a cover page or main page for a manual? I have seen a few military manuals, and the covers sometimes include an image, and when they do, it is usually identifiable but with low level of details. Perhaps it was prepared this way on purpose, deleting the non-standard stickers. Perhaps, perhaps.

But see what is happening here? I am trying to rationalize the issue of proof for these images. Why? Becuase they are on the edge of being acceptable as fact, and with a bit of extrapolating, perhaps a fact could be positively nailed down. Or it could be decisively found as fake.

What about the theory of how the time machine works? It all sounds like quasi-science, but perhaps he was just dumbing it down. Or specifically blanding out the details. Let's see, how does it go? Two spinning micro-singularities, one "main" one "steering". By injecting electrons, the interaction of the two singularity's gravity causes a gravity field or distortion of a predictable controlable nature. The distortion of gravity affects light speed, and thereby, relative time around the field. Being within this field provides some ability to select a different relative time, though no physical movement occurs. The amount of time travelled seems related to how long the traveller is within the gravity distortion field, so it seems an on/off machine, where the target is made by mathematical navigation. Dates seem important to this calculation.

It has elements that sound as we would like them to be. "Time travel by wormhole, or traveling near the speed of light - thats unlikley, but by gravity distortion? Hmm, sounds almost do-able. Yeah, I've heard that light slows or is bent by gravity. They're still trying to understand gravity. Yeah, I've heard that CERN is making black holes. Yeah, it would make sense that navigation relies on certain dates and times." etc.

It all enough to suspend our disbelief. It almost sounds plausible. And that's what makes it such a hot topic. If we had definate proof tomorrow, this would all die off. But because it has enough elements to possibly be fact, it generates lots of discussion. I mean - just look at this! I had just wanted to post a 4 line response, and it got away from me...

On a different tack, take the issue of time travel away from John Titor and what do you have? You still have a series of interesting/disturbing observations on society that are valid discussion points in themselves. If nothing else, what other suposed time traveller has provoked discusison on civil liberties, the constitution, CJD, advertising, food?

But wouldn't these question be what a legitimate time traveller history specialist would ask? Or isn't that what we would expect, so that is what the master hoaxer built in?

Keep an open (but questioning) mind.
I was hoping we would hear more from Charlie.
"I'm sorry for thinking of ripley's believe it or not well I was posting his name,"derekpacisalive
John Ridder is not from Ripley's Believe it or not, He was on Threes Company and more recently Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter.
No, that was John Ritter(with t's). He passed away late October or early Novemeber(the same day as Johnny Cash).

John Titor was very good at manipulating people(or he was a time traveler). But the evidence points to the former. The American Civil War supposedly starts in 2005. Then he said 2004. But he said that if you have any doubts, they'll be gone in 2008. But why in 2008. This war will have been going for quite some time. Who would have doubts that there is a war going on in our own country for three or four years? I mean, he said he was born in 1998. And he joined the military at 13(which is in 2011). So he didn't have doubts. His family didn't have doubts. His parents didn't have a problem sending him to fight when he was 13. Kinda odd. But who would have doubts? I don't think that's plausible.
If you read the entire story it IS plausible. That is why it is still being talked about years later. And for what he said...there are events that start in 2004 that start to lead toward war. These events are "waco" like and build and build every month and year until the actual war.

I am not saying anything here other than your view of the story was a bit narrow.
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