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‘Transient enthusiast’ (illuminatus? Perhaps your second time around?). Certainly there will no room for error in the ways of darkness. In the ways of light, however, `ad definitely means ‘continuity’ ‘continuing future’ ‘futurity’ and `adah to continue, advance, go on. Only once is `ad incorrectly represented by the English word ‘eternity’ in the Bible, Isaiah 57:15 'amar ruwm nasa' shakan `ad shem qadowsh shakan marowm qadowsh dakka' shaphal ruwach chayah ruwach shaphal chayah leb daka' and here we can see clearly it should also be understood as ‘the forever and ever’ or, in better terminology, ‘perpetuity’ ‘continuity’ ‘futurity’.

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Then It would be advisable to check out why the great fathers of the church made such a heinous mistake on grammar, which is ultimately important in the study of G-D and His Holy Words.

Until later becomes now.

Of what interest are the illuminatii to people here?
All this bible quoting gives me a headache :-)
Re: rephrasing the scriptures

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According to your religious beliefs you might take them into account or not. I for one, If would be reffering to the scriptures of any religious circle, would rather understand the entire chapter than to use a versicle or two as reinforcement for a statement. To use versicles in such a way would only invite misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Yes it is true, as of late there have been numerous uses of scriptures in this forum, but to what avail?

Until later becomes now.
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Transient001: That was sort of what I was saying, I find the use of bible quotes very strange, people should think for themselves, say what they think, not what someone 2000years ago said in some book.
I never quote others works unless it is to reinforce a point i am making, problem is the bible is full of mistakes, and misunderstandings.
So it is not a reliable source worthy of being quoted.
But anyways, if it helps some without hurting others go for it.
Re: rephrasing the scriptures

Transient (of erstwhile planet?) Shard already has a headache, don't encourage me to interpet an entire chapter! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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This is a free forum to discuss and enlighten people with your answers. The whole idea of Illuminati is ridiculous, but I think its a counter-effect to make us more skeptical which allows them to carry out plans smoothly.

The bible is full of mistakes and misunderstandings. Are you contradicting yourself? People have misunderstood the bible because they have took a verse from it and intepreted it as their own meaning without resourcing? Is that your idea of a mistake. If you ever studied the bible in a scientific view, you would see it in a whole new view. The bible is just not a book of literature, song, poem, events or anything more. It's a book on man's history and its future
Re: rephrasing the scriptures

Hey Chiro, please string all of these threads into one large one, it will save room and be easier to read, perhaps in the fan fiction section? but I am failing to see what it has to do with time travel?