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<font color="blue"> The Illuminati have been known to be an anti terrorist organization. ...eveerybody knows that but how about the simbology on the american dollar bill. is that real or is it just a crock. i mean I dont want to sound like a skeptic but, couldnt it all just be a lie i mean nobody knows for sure but I suppose it could be. How about in society itself? Our higher officials, mayors governors, presidents even . We know that most of them are socialites and also involved in societies. look at our president now, they say he's a memeber of skull and bones. what are the affects of these secret societies on politics today if there is an affect at all. I believe that the only reason socialites are involved in politics today is because of their connections with these secret societies and of course with the amount of money they possess [/COLOR]
I think it was like every president was some how related to one another except for 3, they were all part of the same extended family
I don't know about blood relations, but an overwhelming number of Presidents were Masons.

I did see some pics of the dollar bill symbols, how if you overlap them some wierd stuff happens, like the eye of the eagle looks through the eye of the pyramid while the pyramid is connected again, other wired stuff like that, just don't remember.

when you say anti-terrorism, do you mean like Swordfish?

btw, Im pretty sure if they are trying to achieve Global Domination, they would be all in out government
well I'm in canada so all we got is some prime minster who has really no real power since he can be over ruled at a moments notice by an old lady thousands of miles away. So canada won't be doing anything too bad, nothign like waco

your concerns are valid. Most secret societies started out with either two distinct goals, illumine through a spiritual doctrine or through a philosophical one. What happened then? Well, most as the time passes by lose their original leaders and fall into the hands of less illumned people and soon their agendas are twisted. While they retain their original outlook of life in order to secure a steady flow of novices, their leading core becomes a comvoluted mass of nodulitic egotists, megalomaniac fools. The horrible part of this all is that some actually become truly powerful entities in themselves, having their tentacles extending to every possible household without us knowing. I shall refrain from posting some of these secret houses, but look all around you, there are some so obvious that we discard them readily.

Until later becomes now.
like various college Fraternities?

The League of Burger King Onion Rings Taste Testers run this country

seriously though, are you saying that things like IBM, Panasonic, and Cable Companies are run by Secret Societies? Ive always thought that corperations are running this world, all working together. Call it <font color="blue"> Omnicorp [/COLOR]
I wouldn't worry about them, corporate heads controll the world. If you controll money, you controll the world. And there are secret meetings in which every bit of that years economy is discussed.

Armed guards are placed around the entire facility where it is held (usually somewhere in the UK) and there are systems set up to keep out any electronic monotoring devices.

This is not a conspiracy, it is a fact, it has been going on for years and will go on untill there are no more giant corporations... which won't ever happen.

As for IBM, Microsoft... heck, half of them are the same company. Cingular is apart of AT&amp;T (maybe its something else) but what I do know is that Microsoft and Gateway are the same company. Apparently if you read the Trust laws set up by former president Wilson, there's a loophole, and Microsoft's been getting away with it... for a really long time.
massive monopoly, the only competition is between our left hand, or our right.

this sucks!
Oh, Keven,

Don't get me started on Waco.

And what about Jim Jones and the CIA connection. Heard about this?

Funny thing is, on my local post office is a base relief sculpture (hangs on the wall but has dimension). Anyways, we have a wonderful sculpture done by Robert Longo, a famous sculpter that was "in" in the 80's. When the sculpture went up, Longo did a talk at the art school that I was attending. He said his inspiration for the sculpture was the dead bodies lined up in the Jim Jones mass suicide pictures, and a leisure suit ad.

And there it stays, stuck to the post office. The sculpture looks like a bunch of bodies in suits laying every which way. Everytime I see it, I think of Longo's inspiration.

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
Hello TheSadOne,

Good to hear someone appreciates the sick irony of public sculpture.

Glanced at the MOTL web site and it appears to be a worthwhile cause.

What are you opinions and reactions to the Rwanda genocide that has been so prevalent in the news lately?

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
It's awful? I don't know how to respond, I think all genocide is bad, no matter wehat the reason, life is precious and everyone should be able to experience it in their own way.
Dear TheSadOne,

I have to apologize. It was really out of line for me to write such an insensitive and out right inflamatory question. I didn't think before I wrote it. I should have phrased it differently. I was trying to acknowledge the inhumane events of Rwanda, and the similarities to the haulocaust, and wondering why the story was so prevalent now, as opposed to earlier?

Here is what I wrote: <font color="blue"> What are you opinions and reactions to the Rwanda genocide that has been so prevalent in the news lately?


My god, how would anyone react to such a ignorant and insensitive question.

I apologize, to everyone, for being so crass.

No, no, it's ok.
I was just off guard because this isn't really the place, to be honest, not that I don't mind answering. I just didn't expect it...

If you want similarities, the world was late to respond to the Holocaust and the world was late to this too. The world (more specifically the US) should wake up a bit and help out more, we have the resources, so why not.
Dear TheSadOne,

Thank you for your kind acceptance of my apology.

I hope the ratio will be higher than one to 6,000 kids. Could give one a headache if not just simple exhaustion. I am sure the ratio is higher, just kidding. Sounds like a worthy project to be involved in. I,personally I have never been to Europe, so could not say that I have visited the memorials and museums, among other things. Matter of fact the only time I left the US was when I was 5 on family vacation to Montreal and Quebeque.

My brother did visit Auschwitz on a high school honors band tour. I saw his pictures and he described it as very surreal.

Well, if we do not discourse again before your trip, godspeed and be safe.

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
For reference find Sigmund Freud's last published work, it explains in detail how Moses was never a hebrew, only and always a Pharoah.

Rome molded it's civilization after alot of the Egyptian theory.

Egypt found polytheism created too many political pulls from heads of temples.
Monotheism was instated and politics took a more reformed and governing view.

Rome built the Vatican and moved through pagan europe.
Pagan europe was quickly engrossed by the roman empire, as the roman army moved,
christianity was the law and order replaced to the pagan's.
-Do not murder, do not steal, yadda, yadda.

The emblem you refer to is known as the Eye of Horus.
How about the latin on on side of the american dollar bill which is translated into
Order of the new world?

3, 6, 9, 11, 13

Funny how 9-11 was built into our subconscience as meaning emergency already.
To move a supposed democratic country into war, one needs fear to breed hate.

Who is responsible for 9-11?

The game moves on.

Other hints,
1st requirement to be eligible to join the free masons?
The poor knights of king solomon's Tomb - AKA - Knight's Templar
Babylon, Mesopotamia, Iraq
The european union
The pentagon
The roman architecture in the american capitol
Roman Dictator + Roman senate, vs. American President + American Senate
Every country but a few left at war has been converted to Democracy.

Let the game roll on.
Some of it is, but some of it isn't. The web of the Secret Societies is far reaching and in many powerful positions, not just the presidency. Reagan was not a member, and was almost assinated when he refused to co-operate with the Order.

Several years ago I was involved in the banking industry and had the opportunity to see a sample of new currency that is supposed to be released in the future. Our currency is slowly being altered to the sample I saw. The one shown to us by a treasury agent/bank officals was multi-colored, had a large offset picture, it also had bar codes on front and back. The reverse had a picture of the globe with One World underneath the image.

Now, I dont know if the person that created the sample had a sense of humor or not, but some of the numbers on the bill were 666. The treasury agent that had brought the sample told us that the money was already printed and stock-piled in vaults until the treasury department would release it at some date in the future.

The new currency will also contain tiny implanted chips for tracking and anti-conterfeiting properties.

The declaration of independence was written and signed by a majority of masons. I forget the exact number, but something like 45 of the 48 people were masons.