IM BACK....kinda..

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My computer suffered a Virus earlyier in the week. While my friend was able to fix it, he also found that my can on my processer wasnt working. So i havbe to wait untill he finds a new one. Other then that he has my CPU fixed and he put some extra progs on it too.(im writing this from my Bro and sis's CPU..a crappy one i might add...but i wont)
Hey Sparky,

I was wondering where you went? I didnt think you would klept and run with the story! There certainly is more here for the taking!

Tossed on some extra programs for you? -toss in music from drag net here-

Sounds like some bootlegs to me! I would dump them and fast!
i meant FAN not CAN..just caught that.

no im not stopping my story.

and i trust my friend. He buys alot of his progs, and then i trade him.