"The future ain't what it used to be."

I'm back


I\'m back

i am back from 2039, and i would like to announce that we have finally made some good, usefull progress in my time. in the military, i am now a colonel and i was presented the nobel prize because of my last mission. sorry about my new name, it is now John_Titor_0, because i did not cancell or whatever my last name, and it was taken. This time i am back as a 'vacation' im not on a mission and i must only go when they need me.
Now for some news. for the good news, we(the USA) have finally sent a manned ship into another galaxy and have made contact with him. although, they only got into detail last week, so i dont know much about it. We also now have a public time travleing device, though it cost $2,000,000 dollars for a weeks trip. Our president, Bill Hovenour(D), was assasinated. Why is this good news? because he put the US into almost a Trillion dollars in debt! our new president will probably be Kim Bacher(D). i just did some research on the internet and i found out you guys still havent had a woman or african american president, well Kim, is an african-american woman. and we all seem to like her.
Bad news- really there isnt none. for 3 years the worst thing thats happend was the alien attack on Manigula(the new formed country from siberialast year) oh, ya ya aliens do exist but they just want war. there technolagy is still far more advanced than ours, but theres not much we can do about it. also, theres a rumor that Egypt is comming to reign again.

Well i should go and eat, its 6:00 in fl. wich reminds me, were going to take over canada and turn one of their provinces into states called north Maine, and sell the rest to England.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. No i didnt bring any pictures this time.
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$2,000,000 yes, it is cheap, but in i think it was 2025 or so, we had a major money crisis, as well as what i said about the president getting us into debt and all... any questions? im serious, and the real one...
Also, i cant believe how fast these computers are. the one im on right now is a 2.6 GHZ and in the future the most advanced im aware of is a 7.0 GHZ, you guys arent much behind seeing how fast computers have evolved. I beleive the fastest in your time is what? 3.2 GHZ? i think thats it.
Also, i was contacted today and was told that were, in my time, not very far off of creating cars that can hover. Which brings me to the subject, no, cars have not undergone any huge changes. same with boats, and planes, except now with the living metal, we improved the quietness of all the auto mobiles, and the stealth jet is much faster as well as other planes. did you know we have brought a plane similar to the concorde back?it can get across the atlantic in about an hour and a half.
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I never had herpes. also, watermangement is low, seeing that we now use it for automobile fuel, but it still makes up about 65% of the earths atmosphere
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On my GPS device, wich yes it works here, i was contacted and i will not have to leave for 2 years, and the gov-t is allowing me to try to publicize myself, so if you know anyone that has a sattelite network, tell them to ask.
You know that new inselator, aerogel? i was told today that they stopped collecting it, because the main planet they were getting the dust off of for the helping of the experiment was swept into a black hole, that sucks. I thought i was going to get tons of replies, but i guess no one believes in me anymore, if they ever even did...
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How long are you here for?
Is changing the past making the future a safer place to live??
Re: I\'m back

Replies via time travel rules, the Data multiplicity model, for disciplined rule contacts, via interpreter moderator, Grays future robots, as proviso for proper contact.

Under these rules, contact to said traveler.*Take note only.

))Please verify term, black hole that sucks?

I can not by protocols ask you for coordinates to where black holes is. But by the term black hole that sucks, means that one they went in a ship straight at the singularity, Two, there was an onboard malfunction and the ships with experiment was consumed by said black hole or three, ship was purposely sabotaged and sent into black hole, or four, entry into veneer realms, of black holes relative layers of magnetic forces, was miscalculated?

Thank you to Grays robotic moderator, TT protocols complied with.
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actually i meant that it sweeps, and yes, its does suck kind of. You see, the magnetic forces around a black hole are too strong for even light to escape, so, if you were to, lets say... oh, fly(FOR EXAMPLE ONLY) into or actually around one of these black holesyou would be hit by massivly accelorated objects, and for an unknown reason, even in my time, they do not know why these objects DONT get sucked in. but lets say that you can surpass that...such as my time can because of the self-healing metal we use, then you would be 'sucked' in. as i said earlier, we have made contact with a manned ship that has recently entered a black hole, but i have no news on that. sorry, and thanks for the greetings.
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Because i was the first MAN to test the time device, and the first soldier to complete a time traveled mission. The other trials before the mission had in short terms failed. And yes, i know the alien part seemed a bit far-fetched but thats what happend, and you know what? we dont care at all because we stil hate the Japs for pearl harbor in WWII! Also, in WWIII(wich is very short) the japs stayed completely out of it, as we got our asses kicked and 2 or 3 illion died in our country alone.
Re: I\'m back, protocol rules, rules

Please note via rules, variations of 1980s works, will be P.M.ed to you.

Under releases boss, of Hawking main group, then sub-investigative group, Horowitz et al.T-mass angle variant entry patterns??

Veneer realms black holes, lines of force, said supposed entry realms.

>UFO entry data, said use of hole, almost for five centuries, of black holes, in accordance with Einstein said entry coordinates, to other realms.
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No, im afraid i cannot dance very good at all... i do enjoy singing in the shower though...
Questions? i love answering them... it makes me feel smart. I could tell you who will win superbowl 39 and the presidential election.(even though last time i was here, i specifically said i would not)
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Communicating through time is something i really find usefull because i can talk with friends, family, and i really do not know how in the hell it works.lol