"The future ain't what it used to be."

Im here to clear something up.....



I AM NOT Celeb......you know that GUY(forgot his name)
But however..... i am somebody ELSE on this board......
Ill leave it between you little people to figure it out........

Vertigo Spark, Electric Enemy
Umm .......... Hell with it...
Im gonna be totaly honest here....
ever since Celeb posted in one of my topics, i havent understood a WORD he has typed.
I reply to what i can understand, witch is Usualy some very strange phrase.
Its been like a month now and i STILL dont understand him.

PS i dont give a F__ about my spelling mistakes
I'm on to Celebi, his tricks, his approach, and pretending to being an imbecile.

And soon, (I say within 3 weeks), the real Celebi will be revealed.

For Celebi, is far more then what he claims to be.

It's just a matter of time...


Sometimes I really love your suspicious attitude. Sometimes.

And "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". Maybe celeb is really as wacked out as he sounds. You don't think they have internet connections at the local looney bin? (my apoligies to celeb for referring to you in the 3rd person) Opinion, its all about opinion here, which is to say this is CHAT not the Congressional Record.

Celeb can READ our stuff really well even if we don't have the brains to read him that well. If you don't like what you read, don't read it.
To be brutally frank, (which this medium is good for) I think you are a very nice well meaning person. However, what I also read into your overall manor of writing and posting here, is that you are "a few loads short of a brick". No insult, just fact. And no, I can't make heads nor tails from most of your posts. Its kinda like you 'fade in and out of lucidity'. But hey, some of my best friends are crazy.

Let me take a wild guess here and suppose that you have done some real timetravel already ---------- without the aid of any exterior factors......?

Oh yeah TTA can you put a stop to ACCIDENTAL time travel?

And how often are my suspicions wrong? Have I not been right about a few past members here? Staying firm, and sticking with my gut to the end, while others then have to adjust to having to re-consider their position, of being wrong.

If you don’t remember my success list, it’s a short one, just 2 people.

*Janus and Titor. However, people haven’t seen Titor exposed yet, they still think he’s genuine.

But Celebi, here. My good friend Celebi, how are you man

It’s interesting how you subtly transition, to this intelligent character now.

Confirming my suspicions about you of course

So you wanna play, huh?

Have you chosen your opponent’(s) yet?

Every game requires 2 to more players. Considering that this is a game on confirming your stance on the issues of Time Travel and your identity, what better opponents can you have, then the man who took down Titor
and the message board he started in?

This is going to be fun, isn’t it Celebi?

Are you ready for the game of your life?

For you’ve dug your self a nice deep hole, now how you gonna handle it?

Go back to your imbecile character, and speak like you don’t understand?

Although, you must remember, your smart. We have proof in your recent posts. They are a contradiction of your past selves.

But, if what you say this is a game to you, talking about Time Travel and learning from others posts, then I must consider that this imbecile character of yours, is your game piece. But, more like a shadow piece, covering a much different player then what your allowing us to see. With a hidden agenda, or an intent of winning something far greater then what any of us have yet considered.

Personal gratification, a test, a learning mapping game for some conquest of sorts?

I’m not quite sure yet, but I am on it to find out

Let the games begin…

-Javier C.S.

P.S. Shadow, you said: *--Oh yeah TTA can you put a stop to ACCIDENTAL time travel?--*

I’m not sure to what you mean by this… I am just a man with a deep conviction that Time Travel is wrong. I know I may use the ID Enforcer of Time now and then. And I wish I was in reality; but the fact is, I have no real means of stopping any Time Traveler.

The only connections I have with them are what they do to me. And I know you’ve asked me time and time again to prove it. But I still can’t. But if you’ve referenced my website yet, you’ll see that I came to an understanding that I am not the only one going through this. They are hundreds, maybe even thousands like me out there in the world who are being used and exploited by Time Travelers. And my mission is on that of principles, and settling a personal score. It’s difficult to understand, yet express, but I try

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There is no need to spare my feelings. It won't hurt me. If it's the truth that I have you all misunderstood, then by all means, clear it up for me, and everyone else.

Isn't this the "Im here to clear something up..... " thread? Don't be shy or embarrassed of making look bad. Trust me, if someone said something that I knew was wrong about me, you bet your bottom dollar I would be the first critic to point that out to him.

Isn't that right Shadow

So all I can say to you is; Just Bring it!

-Javier C.

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Dear Everyone,

I believe celebi to be a genious. His writings do have an order to them. Also in each of his posts there is sort of an underlying form. It was this underlying mathematical representations that caught my attention. Whether he realizes that he was doing math while writing his posts or not makes no difference in that the form was created. His writing form is more of a poetry. Although I do not read much poetry, I do have a respect for poetry. It requires some of the greatest intelligence to write poetry. Also, if any of you have taken any writing or english classes lately you might remember a writing technique called "brain storming". (I am not sure if that is the correct term they use) Basically, Brainstorming is where you sit down with a piece of paper and for about five to ten minutes you write whatever comes into your head whether it makes any sence or not. Here is an example:

I like fish because fish is good and good for you. if you eat fish you will prevent heart attacks because the oil in fish contains certain fats and protiens that help eliminate the buildup of plaque. Your dentist might suggest that you eat lots of fish although milk is also good for your bones in a diet. But don't forget the calcium because calcium is needed to get reid of the excess protien in your diet and if you don't eat calcium your body will take it from your bones to get rid of the excess protien in your diet. This will give you brittle bones. Bad thing those brittle bones are cause they can break and I didn't think that the man in the movie with the superhero with unbreakable bones was too happy when he fell down the stairs when looking for the man with the silver gun with a black grip...

As you see by my brainstorming session above, that our minds don't naturally follow the kind of order that we use in discussion or writing. In fact the only reason our writings makes sence to anyone else is because we clean our writing up.

I consider what celibi is doing as a new form of poetry. I also consider his posts as a form of art because he writes his posts as his mind thinks. By doing this he is giving us raw data to examine for ourselves. When we come up with a concept we think of it in the same manner as celebi writes, then we use our own minds to create an order to it before or while writing our posts on the board. We even go back to check our spelling. By doing all of this we may think we have made our ideas more easier to grasp, but we have done so at the expence of changing our observational data rendering the new, more ordered data, less accurate. When others read this data, they must further interprit this data by comparinf it to something they are already familiar with even if you delivered the knowlege using an analogy that everyone can associate with. For this reason this data is further and further scewed from the original accuracy as the data is viewed by second hand viewers which pass it to the third hand viewers, etc.


Edwin G. Schasteen
Nothing like a little spin around the Twilight Zone.

Celebi, you ain't from around here are you.

I didn't want to say this because I DON'T believe it but I halfway feel like I could explain your posts as an Artificial Intelligence experiment.

Or how about a trap to insnare the curious?
Me also can play this game as you are. If I am a fool, please allow the light to show me the way. I can prove to you too that I can be so much better at this game then you Celebi.

But no because I am super activist of time, uncovering deception, but because I can be the enemy
too, and reach into your mind to fight you.

And in there I will be winner of this game, and you will be lair in end
. Ha ha.

-Javier C.

P.S. Shadow, still doubting me about this guy?
You said: *--Just expressing what we believe--*

What do "we" believe?

This is what you and Shadow believe?

Please clarify.

So, is my speaking like you make you want to be honest
? Hehe.

I was right then, this is a pretend role of yours, and you do have a purpose for it.

Why should I not expose you for you who really are then Celebi?

Your responds to me are evasive, attempting to turn it right back at me.

Only John has been able to successfully keep it going for a few months, is this what your going to do as well?

Can you play that long Celebi? It seems to me that your calling a time out with me

Mighty suspicious...

-Javier C.
Jeeze, why do ALL MY POSTS turn into a big deal, and yet the big deal has nothing to do with ME???
To celeb: Hate you? Not at all, but your missing the point....
I am the BAD GUY.
I dont accept pity, and if anything im definatly not mad at you, because after all, Everyone else is the GOOD GUYS.
To anyone else who posted in this message:
Everytime i post, the first 15 or so posts are about what i posted about, and the rest are so blurred i skip them.
If you post in one of my messages at least say my name once so i know what you posted relates to ME.
(after reading a few posts he skiped)

The game has ALWAYS been going on, but the internet made gameplay more interesting.
If i knew the rules to this game, id become a player, but the evil ones dont need to play when they can cheat off the little guys.
ill be posting a new topic called the race is on and you might find it interesting.
Celebi and Vertigo,

I think you're both craving for attention. And this is the one place where you can play your games and make your selves feel pumped up.

Look man, I'm not going to give you a time out. If you wanted to play, then let's play. You started this, I'm finishing it.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but when I smell a rat, don't think you can cover your scent with words that your being honest.

Playing your role of an imbecile again to throw us off, might work for you and your ego, but it doesn't work for me and some others.

You've only made it known to this board a handful of times that this is a game to you. And spoken perfectly normal and logical, to then being a person who doesn't seem to have a clue what's going on. Two faced.

Ask me, why then with this character of yours, should anything you, of us needing to take you serious, and that your telling the truth matter? When you your self are not being truly sincere?

See, it could have been different if when you first approached this bbs and it's people with a normal demonor. But no, it was a two faced demonor, and now you wish us to still go on playing your game, by your rules.

Explain Celebi... For I'm not doing anything wrong, or trying to cut anything off you, just pointing out the facts

Javier C.
Again, you have me totally confused.

Is this more of your game, in the attempt to throw me off?

When I said rat to you Celebi, I meant that figuratively.

As in someone trying to con someone, or some people.


That’s what your doing, and the manner that you post shows this.

Here’s a tip for ya Celebi, whenever someone has an opposite opinion to my own, I post what they said, because sometimes they may not remember what they said. So I show them as a reference

I don’t remember having a problem with your use of the word “Hell” on this board. Maybe I did and I forgot... But if you’re sure that I did, show me the post and paste it here, and I will be happy to explain to you

-Javier C.

P.S. Does anyone know the score

*--I've got a cop rate --*

Is that your way of saying you got a police record...? Cause if it is, I'll bet you do

When I asked you to explain to me what you mean, I mean not to confuse me

What you just said wasn't any help.

Try again.

-Javier C.

"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
Celeb is kinda like vince mcmahon(WWF)
Hes real smart and kind, but every time the camera comes on, he says to himself"Ok, its time to act like a jackass now."