"The future ain't what it used to be."

Im new and I have a question


Please forgive me if this is a stupid question..im new
Ive been reading up on some time travel theories and one of them involved time going backwards if you passed the speed of light. If time was reversed, wouldnt you age backwards with it? I was born in 1980...if I tried to travel back to 1981, would I show up as my one year old self? Or would I be another one year old me? Does this make any since?
Id love to hear someone elses opinion
I cant speak for the rest of the crew, but what I think is that taking you Physical body and time traveling your body to a time other then the one your SUPPOSE to be in will have no effect on your acctual body.
Now here is a paradox for you....
If you went back in time to when you were born and you kill your baby self, what happens to you? do you die? or is my theroy correct as to say NOTHING will happen to you physicly.
>Please forgive me if this is
>a stupid question..im new

>Ive been reading up on
>some time travel theories and
>one of them involved time
>going backwards if you passed
>the speed of light. If
>time was reversed, wouldnt you
>age backwards with it? I
>was born in 1980...if I
>tried to travel back to
>1981, would I show up
>as my one year old
>self? Or would I be
>another one year old me?
>Does this make any since?
Id love to hear
>someone elses opinion

My best guess: If you travelled back in time, then you remain your present (21) age, but only it's the year 1981.

Now age travel is different from time travel. In this case, you remain in the year 2001, but become 1 year old.

From a personal view, I do not see going faster than the speed of light will help you time travel-- you will merely age more slowly as compared to other people. So you return to earth at age 30 and your twin brother is 60. Time has moved more slowly for you as compared to your brother.
Well, that theory works like this, if you travel faster than the speed of light you travel back in time, and like Einstein said "All is relative" meaning you do the Travel and the world gets younger compared to you. Your time keeps on ticking like normaly, so one years travel will result that you would be one year older, but there are a distortion between your time and the track of time of the rest of the world. So you will go back in the worlds past and the world will keep on aging in the present(your future).

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time would not go backwards if you exceeded the speed of light because times goes SLOWER as you approach the speed of light and as we know...e = mC^2....so if you were to actually travel the speed of light you would turn into energy and vice-a-verca because energy and matter traveling at the speed of light are equivilant but thats just theory..its impossible to travel at the speed of light because as you go faster your mass increases and the amount of energy required to push the ship would increase...and since we dont have infinite energy sources....


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I'm new here too, just now as a matter of fact.

Here's the deal. As you approach the speed of light, your mass/energy rockets up towards infinity, in the mean time, you become contracted in the motion of direction and time starts running slower for you compared to the outside universe. IF you ever reached the speed of light, ignoring the infinities of mass/energy, you'd have zero length, and compared to the rest of the universe, you'd be frozen in time. Thus you would travel along what is called a null line. Should you start to move faster than the speed of light, your lenght would become negative, and time would start to move backwards for you compared to the rest of the universe. I would say that should you travel faster than light, that to an outside observer, you would appear to be going backwards in time, but which time I'm not sure. Traveling from 2001 to 1981, or just in terms of age. Thinking of time as a dimension, I'm tempted to say the first choice, however, both might occur. Luckily though, this point is moot, becuase just accelerating faster than light is not possible...you'd need to manipulate spacetime to travel globally FTL.