Temporal Novice
Hello, I have been reading your forum and discovered that information from a user 'Chronohistorian' is correct, I too am from the future, but I am not from Earth. I am from a planet known only as 'Philen'. I was forced to travel here by my father. The world on Philen was ending, our Bial was dead, and my father had only two time space/travel pods. Fortunately for us Philen is a single gender location, leaving just me and my father. This allowed us to leave, we headed in a random input of co-ordinates. I await your replies.
I do not understand that language, but i think you are referring to the Bial. Our Bial is our source of energy, like your sun, but the Bial is not a star. It was crafted by the ancients of our planet.
I have not heard of the Philen but there are plenty of races that I don't know of. According to my time guard there is no single gender species called Philen, if there was how do you know what a gender is?

if you went back in time then why did you come here? why not stay on your own planet?
how did you not get detected by time guards?
Wow, Chrono starts debunking! Now I've seen everything.

Chrono, his name is at least more credible than yours. Scarren and Lizarians?
I do not know what a time guard is, Gender on my planet is inter-changeable -- Most of us prefer to live in the female sector due to the wars within our civilization.
You know, my first thought was "sock puppet", but they've got different IPs. Then I thought it would be a friend that Chrono brought in from outside. but, no, it seems as if it's some random guy who decided to give Chrono's story a boost, and Chrono's not even using the oppourtunity.

Funny old world, isn't it?
The only thing that is funny is that you constantly talk about time travel, but when it stares you right in the face, maybe even twice! (Chronohistorian - I don't really know much about him), you don't believe it.

Funny world, is it not?
Because I've been known to discuss time travel, I should believe any statement regarding it said to me by anonymous, faceless individuals on message boards without question, and despite any and all evidence to the contrary?

That would be a funny world, yes.
lol, kk, not from the future, just stumbled on to here and noticed chrono was pretending to be from the future, so i thought i could catch him out or suttin lol =x anyways im gonna stick around here for a bit, i've been interested in time travel for a while now =)
was about to say this until he admitted he wasn't from the future:

Jamie_2298-Most aliens that I know of have a time guard. they don't always call it a time guard though. a time guard stops people from changing the time line significantly.

even if you do not know what a time guard is they would have still found you because everyone that travels through time has residual chrono radiation as long as they are in the past.

trollface-why would I want to use someone who could be lying?
Jamie_2298-my computer speed is about 100 terahertz.

trollface-I was saying a joke. is that all right with you?
I am not homophobic but I still don't want a man to be my life partner. does that make me homophobic?
Oh courageous ones of the Earth, hear our call to freedom and flight.

Like a bird with wings outstretched in flight you fly. Ever higher in freedom. High enough to touch the sun. And, with each flap of the wings you draw courage and strength.

You are brave in your chosen path and you are dearly loved. There are no mistakes along your way - only opportunities to make a difference.

You come into the world through love yet see suffering and pain. "Why?" you ask do you have to live like this? And we join you in questioning this and we answer with love, "You don't."

You were never asked to suffer dear ones. You need suffer no longer.

Call in the Force of Truth.
Call on the Force of Love.
Make changes in your environment.

If you are stiffled, know you are not living in Truth. If you are in pain, know you are not living in Love and let go.

There is no force in the Universe more powerful than the love possessed in your body, mind, and soul. Use this power of love to break the chains that bind.

Call on the Sword of Truth and Love to cut through any chains.

Breathe in the Power of Love in the Universe.

Spread your wings and fly forward in courage and harmony.

The wind beneath your wings will never fail you.

Take the opportunity to leave your pain and suffering behind and fly forward in Love on a wing and a prayer.

We will not fail you.

Archangel Michael