"The future ain't what it used to be."


so how did you travel here? what clothes do we wear? what job do you have? why were u allowed to come back? our all our theories involving time travel correct? surely if you were from the future you wouldnt advertise it?
I came here in a matter transporter.

it depends who you are to what clothes you wear.

chronohistorian is my occupation.

I came back because I had a mission to document history.

not all your theories on time travel are correct.

I don't care if I advertise it because no government agency will see this.

I answered this in my first post in this forum.
Jamie_2298-my computer speed is about 100 terahertz

You are so full of it! I know for sure that you do not posses a pc with a speed of 100 terahertz. I here by state, incriminating myself or not, say with 100% proof, you're full of it. I was not going to even mention this or call your bluff in this manner but have you even wondered why you've had problems with your pc as of lately?Do you think it's due to the fact that your IP is proudly displayed to all? do you even understand what that means? I'm going to be frank here.. I know exactly who you are... EXACTLY! I know you are not a time traveler and I KNOW, 100% certain!, that you don't have a 100 terahertz processor. You should tighten up the security on your pc. I had you cracked weeks ago /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif now go dry hump your pillow, little one.

Roel-what do you mean?

I thought Jamie 2298 was claiming to be an alien, in which case I would have had serious doubts whether to moderate or not. Luckily I noticed just in time that he was just joking /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

the gigs up, I've had you pinned for some time now. DO you want me to unmask your true identity? Carefull how you answer.. I *DO KNOW*
I have played the back on it for some time now but this has gotten out of control. Why not rejoin with a different name and learn something? engage us in more serious conversations?

Roel.. you should really do away with the display of ip.. it's very dangerous to those that do not take pc security seriously. Everyone on this board is vulnerable to attack and posting names, ip's and talk of interest just gives the hacker one up... I'm speaking first hand here. Chrono was one of the easiest hacks ever done.. he's obviously pc illiterate and far from a human of the future
i also know 1st
i said it weeks ago

just ignore him...dont destroy the poor guys computer.

chrono i offer you some advise,
false prophets are not looked upon kindly...remember that
Roel i am an alien :p

lol...chronohistorian? i think more like chronichistorian, lay off the pot man /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
chrono id take this advice and come in under a different name and stop all this nonsense. whoever made this thread you made me laugh but its time to stop all this (censored) and get to the real stuff
1stBorn-like I said I was talking about my pc in the future and not the one I have now.
this is the first time I used these old machines so I will be computer illiterate.

Jamie_2298-I have never taken any drugs.

creedo299-the robots switch on when you tell them to activate.
The robots get their energy from energy pods or energy units.