impossibly possible.

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Now....Firstly i would like to make one thing clear...time is ONLY a means of humans (an intelligent species, so intelligent we are supreme) to organise our day, as astronomers know when we will have our next full moon or when Halleys comet will next appear. Evidence of this is in the adjustments that are made to February having an extra day every 4 years. Some believe that is how extra terrestrials know when they can hop to certain planets whist on their own orbit in their own galaxy in the same universe. The names; hour, minute, second, year, month etc has no official relevance when talking about "time" travel.
So to travel in time as it were, ONLY the "feeling" of time travel could actually be achieved. I'm a 20 year Baker who left school at age 16 and have an I.Q. of 120 that has nothing better to do in his spare time. So please try to understand my laman's.
Now, correct me if i'm wrong but if i were to get into a super fast airplane and orbit the earth at an altitude of lets say 200 miles at lets say, twice the speed of light in the same direction as the earths spin, for lets say one revolution of the earth(in relation to time would be a day, which is was thought up as i have already explained) then would have i had the subconcious "feeling" of being older? Just as if a plane took off from Sydney and flew at twice the speed of sound and landed in New York, though on the ground that would be timed in a split second, the people in the plane would of had the subconcious knowledge that they have lived for a split second LONGER than those on the ground, dont forget that the earth is still spinning and we are flying in the same direction, only closer to the ground than the first example. So does that also mean that the further away from earth you are orbiting, at twice the speed of light you will age more quickly in relation to those on the ground mentally but not
Also if the earth is getting larger, than would that make days go for a fraction longer as it enlarges, and would that also in the very, very, very long run, i'm talking billions of years make the human race extinct as our lifespan grows shorter, remember medicine has lengthened it, the size of the earth will shorten.
I guess some of you braininacs will read this and find holes and faults and loose ends all over the place, i have 3 reasons for this, the first is that i'm an impatient person and cant be bothered typing an absolutely flawless report, otherwise i would find myself running around in circles, it is just much easier to say verbally. The second reason is that as i stated, i'm only a High School grad in Australia that didnt take much interest in school, and the third reason is that its now 4:33am and i should go to bed now. So i'm gonna save this to a floppy disk and be off...............g'night.
P.S. A way of travelling at the speed of light in space were to maybe having a space ship with the jet thrust equal to an atomic bomb, this is just a thought, this whole message has at no stage been copied, no reseach was done either to back up my thoughts.
P.P.S. I'm not a nerd, i promise.
Hey guy, never apologize for being "only a high school graduate".

For me, people's words speak for themselves. If you have a great idea, the idea is great whether it comes from a university educated background or experience in catching fish. Ideas stand on their on merits.

Mick Jagger majored in economics at Oxford University while still performing as lead singer for the Rolling Stones, and the Wright Brothers ran a bicycle shop when they built the first successful airplane.

I have already said some of the things you say here, particularly with respect to time being a human concept that we have overblown that concept to proportions that we now take for granted, things which were never so in the first place. Like the existence of the "past" or the "future" as tangible states matter can be "transported" to.

Your thoughts on time dilation, (travelling fast to make clocks slow down) are just what you question here. The traveller has no sense whatsoever that time is slowing for him, relative to a stationary person who remains behind. It is only when the traveller RETURNS to the original frame of reference that the difference is noted and measurable.

The world has it's share of folks with Ph. D.'s who have their proverbial heads up their respective arses. (I'm not saying ALL do, but I've certainly met a few who have.) It also has incredibly intelligent people who never got past the 8th grade. You cannot judge a person by the certificates they hang on their walls.
Re:Re:impossibly possible.

Hey Lee at least we agree on something here, not your concept of time , but on the understanding that time well spent is time out of university.

Hey read bottom

Re:Re:Re:impossibly possible.

Yep, we do agree on this.

(I've read the other post and sorry, I don't buy it.)


Peace anyway.