"The future ain't what it used to be."

Index of Mythical Creatures


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Well with the discussion of Unicorns and all sort of mythical beasties I have thought about something like a project.

What about looking information regarding

Dragons, Draconians or Dragannamyr
Fairy People
Gray Dunes
"time" Dunes
and every other supernatural creature that took our world for surprise ever since magic was re discovered in this Earth.

Until later becomes now.
I think I got a familar, i looks like a black cat but bigger about 2 and ahalf feet long with a short tail (somtimes) i'll see it out of the corner of my eye, i seen it quite often multiple times at my own house (no pets) and at 2 friends houses (they have cats but not nearly this big)
Re: Posting legal on said vampiric technologies:

Please note, with concerns to vampiric technologies, which seem by record to run into the John Titor Postings, due to possible genetic tampering, that the said possible new wave of any said vampire gene cults, would possibly not be portrayed as known classical flesh vampires.

This is with said printed information available on the web, in history form, denoting that marginal people, also carry said vampire traits?

This serves as a warning that possible real gene cults of modified and or nonmodified vampires may exist.

Therefore, anyone either researching or possibly wanting to utilize this technology, do so at your own singed risk.

This subject to me, for what I know, is not a game and the investigation and or any contacts from said subjects technology utilization, does pose a mental and physical risk to that investigating person and or groups of persons.

This posting comes out of the possible similarities of said offworld beings, such as the Pleiadeans, who are known to genetically engineer and the said possible vampiric cults, current, or past or by nature's clause, that may have modified their genetic stances.

End legal>
Re: Posting legal on said vampiric technologies:

Griffins are cool