infinite stack of universes


Temporal Novice
from the time of yoke only the the immediate
universe has been evoking interest for man,
but if the immediate universe is infinite then there just cannot be one universe but infinite universes.
the dimensions need not be same in all the infinite universes.imagine some how if we
managed to enter some other universe (with a
different dimension set) through a
black hole (assuming)it may be that the dimensions r entirely different that
altogether we may cease to exist .it
builds a barrier of thinking and existence.
leave alone transversing immediate universe even to transverse our milky way
we need a break through.
time travel is not a stand alone issue.TRAVELLING TIME IS NOT POSSIBLE IN SPACE.
we need to some other dimensions in
which we can simultaneously travel time and space.
we should expect the unexpected in such
a search.
by the rate of growth of astrophysics
it is not possible in the immediate future.
astrophysists need to find some clue about this.

mind can unravel mystries that science cannot.