"The future ain't what it used to be."

infinite stack of universes


from the time of yoke only the the immediate
universe has been evoking interest for man,
but if the immediate universe is infinite then there just cannot be one universe but infinite universes.
the dimensions need not be same in all the infinite universes.imagine some how if we
managed to enter some other universe (with a
different dimension set) through a
black hole (assuming)it may be that the dimensions r entirely different that
altogether we may cease to exist .it
builds a barrier of thinking and existence.
leave alone transversing immediate universe even to transverse our milky way
we need a break through.
time travel is not a stand alone issue.TRAVELLING TIME IS NOT POSSIBLE IN SPACE.
we need to some other dimensions in
which we can simultaneously travel time and space.
we should expect the unexpected in such
a search.
by the rate of growth of astrophysics
it is not possible in the immediate future.
astrophysists need to find some clue about this.

mind can unravel mystries that science cannot.

I totally agreeon the concept that you can't really travel through time, and that the black hole is really some sort of portal. A portal yes, but not a portal to other "dimensions." I believe that the black hole, because of the intensity of gravity, has potential to ripp apart time from space. If you can imagine the universe as a disc, like the quark, atom, star(solar) system and galaxy, it always has a center of great gravity. The stack of an infinite amount of universes could be true in the concepts of time. All the recorded discs of the past is stacked up until the present disc of the present. No future is true until it happens, which never really does.

In other words, tommorow is always about to happen, but never really does. If you could travel in some way into the past you could'nt change it because it already happened. The rest of the recorded discs in the future would be destroyed with the present disc also destroying all of time if you did.

(P.S. I think you've been watching too much Sliders<sci-fi>)
Great Posts Gentlemen!
very thought provoking indeed, however I tend to disagree with your views about Time~Travel not being possible, or able to achieve in our lifetime. (Perhaps not with what current acadamiac teachings of mainstream physics/science has to offer) but not for the lack of available options... "Never say Never"

They Told The Wright Bros. that their flying contraption would never work, moreover it was a waste of "Time"

They told Mr. TESLA that his idea of transmitting wireless free energy to the world was economicly impractical, although he clearly demonstrated it's feasability, including several Patents which are currently available today... after all,
"How are we supposed to put a meter on them towers of yours Mr. Tesla?" (they replied.)
soon afterwards, he died a pauper as he was forced into bankruptcy as all of his potential for further funding for his research were all driven away by those ugly bureaucrats & naysayers! we should have listened to him over 100yrs. ago! now we are all getting dupped by greedy oil companies, and slick disinformationalists trying to explain away why we keep getting robbed & lied to.

I think that any changes to our past were already there but was not the route taken at that time. There are infinite pasts, presents and futures. We follow a time line based on the choices we make. We weave in and out of some of the infinite possibilities throughout our lives. If we decide on a certain career, then we eliminate all the possibilities associated with other careers, but those possibilities are still there and could have been used. That concept works for individuals and for groups as well.
Also, the infinite pasts, presents and futures may correspond to the infinite stack of universes mentioned by Neo above.

I think that we can't change the past that we lived and we can't change the pasts that we didn't live, but maybe we can move among those various pasts as a different type of time travel. One of the problems I see is that in some of those pasts, we may not like what happened to us, or worse.