"The future ain't what it used to be."

Informal poll: Have you ever seen a ghost?

yes I have, one appeared to me in my hallway and I accidentaly feel down our stairs it could have killed me. a few nites later 2 ghost appeared by my bed 1 small the other large. I heard drumming outside. I turned over to ignore them and one said don't turn your back on us. then they were gone they have not been back since. I do live on Indian property. Supposedly Indians were poisoned here by the government right before the trail of tears march. I am part choctaw Indian so I think that is why they have appeared to me. I don't think they intended to harm me when I feel down the stairs. It was my fault for not paying more attention. I do believe they do things to get your attention.
I have seen several ghosts, the freakiest one was when I was about 12, I was in an old lot where they kept old trashed trailers and an old junked out car, for about two seconds I saw a man sitting in the drivers seat slumped over the wheel bleeding from the head, then just dissapeared. I ran home after that.....