Initial Computer Programming


Chrono Cadet
To Whom this may concern:

When making a computer program like the game tictacto or a new computer programming language,
using some variables types initially may have to be
to be minimized in number. A variable may need other variables or subroutines to work and these
may need other variables and subrourines to work. The program may need to many variables and routines work or
the initial variable may have no solution. For example, if someone tried to look for a keyword to convert
into machine codes, the user may
have to store a number that indicates the location of the keyword characters. Then we need another number to
indicate the number of characters in the keyword. The routine may then need more variables and subroutines
to accomplish the task. An easier way to look for a keyword of a computer language is to just let the computer
go to the codes needed automatically after a keyword was detected.
Can start by using game rules or logic and exact routines as computer codes to start a computer program
design and then add some variables later.