Inpuit poll, how would robots of the future be?


Epochal Historian
With all the visual input supplied by such movies as the Matrix, and the Terminator series, concerning a possible future.

This supposition by the visual media, to where Earthbased man is either controlled or is attempted to be exterminated by robotics machines and well as virtual reality cyborgs.

As a visitor or regular poster here at TTI do you feel that the future of Earthbased man will be in relationships to these said and or supposed social conditions involving robots?

Do you feel that creatures of the future in robot-it-dome will be beneficial so helping man?

Or possibly looking on another side of future robots to come, do you feel that they may be menacing to mankind, so wanting to relegate Earthbased man to the position of cattle or a biological force to be moderaited?
Do I believe that we are doomed by our future robotic progeny?

will man be doomed by the path they have chosen in future times,well we would have to look at the dynamics in future progress of robots. specifically A.I. advancements in the future and the ability to create a agile and independent motor systems,basically a robot that is faster or stronger and is able to reproduce or repair its self without having to use our factorys ,isnt a robot limited to what you teach it? so in order to have a robot continue in its servitude of mankind it would have to be unaware of its purpose.i dont see A.I or self aware robots existing any time soon,unless cybernetics is included,flesh adapts faster to change than our current silicon friends.

a super robot that is aware of itself is not going to be able to secretly make millions of robots to take over the world like in the movies,maybe a nano-tech invasion is more likely than your averge hollywood fare of marching skeleton robots,why no big robots?

why bother,when your lungs can be taken apart from the inside of your body by microscopic drones.maybe a robot the size of a fly that climbs in ears and tears out your brain while you sleep,sounds more effecient than arnold shwarznegger robots.

a robot or a self aware factory system will produce the most deadly weapon against man that can be concieved,and it will be near microscopic.there is no need for a robot to exist or think like we do,its form of consciousness will be far removed from our every day worrys of paying the rent and taking care of children,it can exist on many different scales of size and in many places at the same time.but why would it all lead to dooms day and gloom?

do i believe that we will one day be wiped out by angry C3-PO's ?


do i believe its more likely that we will have a nano-tech malfunction or health related problems from living in a nano-tech saturated society?


do i see that future relations of man/robot relations to be based around a future conflict?

no.can it happen? yes,will it happen? maybe one day,why will it happen? it will be for all the different reasons than what we assume they will be.

Will robots attain self-awareness?

I believe so.

will they fight man?

If they choose to.

whats the difference from being killed by a advanced robot or a human being?

you can reason with a robot.

what about self aware robots?

they will know and act using all the information they have been taught and they themsleves have learned,they will have all the dillusions of granduer and foibles of man,they will get depressed they will hate their work,if they are aware the floodgates will open,if we react to the situation drastically and declare war on robots for the faults of a few,it would be the same as killing all people named charles just because of the manson family,the robots will use reason and try to find means of solving everydays problems to,i believe we will exist in peace with all the problems of our own society like it has always been since the beginning of time ,we will have our hard times and our goodtimes,we will have our wars and our peace,but i feel the ends justify the means and all is well for our future long history of interactions.

how far in the future are we talking? its like saying back in the cave man times ,if the question was brought up if we should not invent cars,because they might one day kill thousands of people on highways all over the world,the question is far to vast to attain a simple answer to the query.

what type of robots?

my opinion of things is that there will be problems with new technologys and new ideas,we will have troubles ,but it wont be as dramatic as the matrix or hollywood protrays the idea.

we will always fear that inwich we do not understand,and hopefully when robots are self-aware,we as humans will be better at understanding ourselves maturely.hopefully.
Xanadar' do you think that even if robots did dispatch Earthbased mankind, that at some future date, that robots themselves, might in their own way, figure out that man was God-like and reconstruct themselves, to be more like man?

Thank you so-far for your return input, this line a thought was a little scary, however very provocative?!
Im not sure that Robots would take on man like forms,consider this.

a robot that is sentient could change its shape to any variation possible,our shape is rather un weildly for most things,a robot does not have to worry about starvation,or dying in space or getting old so the forms that it would create would be as varying as the animals of our planet,maybe a group of snake robots or crab like robots or orbs that fly in space with tentacles for grasping rocks or transversing terrain,they could have more than one brain working on different things at the same time,or many different eyes that all moved in different directions.

we see in ourselves as the future progresses that human beings are adapting technologys to our own bodys,like artificial hearts and prostetic limbs ,one day in future maybe robotic eyes,or if the technology was present we could have people that use mechanical arms for construction work or have interchangeable pieces for our hands and fingers,the possiblities are limitless.

we in time will find that in our world there is nothing seperating ourselves from our machines,except for levels of technology,we already have machines all around us,cars and televisions,it is in our nature over time to become more aware of what our machines can do for us,we will use them to make living in this world easier or more effecient.

the war with machines will be a war with ourselves,as by the time machines can be sentient we will have become so interdependant of eachother that there will be little seperation between us and them.

with consciouness /sentience will come options,with options will come many ideas,with ideas will be conflict(be it mental or physical),with conflict there will be resolution,with resolution there will be understanding,with understanding their will be options,with options there will be ideas,with ideas conflict,with conflict resolution,with resolution understanding,with understanding options...etc.

im more worried about the man that uses robots to kill man,than im worried about robots wiping out mankind.