"The future ain't what it used to be."

Intellectual knowledge is not enough!



Blessed are the Pure in Heart: for They shall know God

My peace and my love I bring with me to remain with you.

1. Intellectual knowledge is not enough; only with an understanding heart can you know the Father.

2. The mind can reason, and reason is good, but this knowing must go further than reason. You must feel it, you must know it in your heart.

3. Before you can truly feel, your heart must also be full of Love. This is the Christ, the manifesting power in the world, the power that sustains the whole of humanity.

4. Individually it works for you when you recognize it as the whole. As you become aware of the wholeness of this power within you, you feel it, you know it, you become Love Itself.

5. The heart is the doorway to Divine Wisdom, and this can be understood only in your own heart.

6. The mind leads you to reason, to know that which is false, and to know and understand that which is true. The mind is the gateway to the heart, but unless the heart is full of the Christ-Love, then the power of the Christ is not in you.

7. The mind can effectively reason, but the understanding I mean goes just further than reason - a knowing of that which is behind and beyond the mind, the cause of all creation.

8. There is only one truth, and I am repeating what I know in many ways. This is the easiest and the best means I know, and I use no other.

9. There are many who pick up ideas, words, phrases, which they repeat, but to do this is of very little value. Saying and repetitions that are without understanding are of very little value in developing the power of the Christ Power, which is Love and Wisdom.

10. What I mean is this. When you begin to understand in your own heart, and the heart becomes pure, the Christ dwells there. Sayings and ideas belong to the mind, but it is the heart that really feels beyond ideas. Ideas are not Truth, sayings are not Truth, beliefs are not Truth. Truth is beyond all these.

11. There is a knowing that goes beyond reason, a knowing that goes beyond sayings or ideas, for ideas and sayings are but words when there is no understanding.

12. I am reveling Reality, a Living Existing Reality. You do not create Reality with an idea, nor can you understand it through ideas or by saying words; you can only understand it when you open your heart to It and when you discern all that is not Reality.

13. It gives you freedom, freedom to express that which it true. Therefore it is for this I have come, to make you free from all that is false.

14. It is not an idea, it is not a saying, it is not a belief, it is not a product of your imagination, it is not anything that can be conjured up in the mind. It already is complete, living, expressing Itself now. It is all the Power there is. It is the ever-present Life in which there is neither past nor future, only the Eternal Now.

15. In order to know the Father of Love you must think of Him often; then your heart will be where your treasure is.

16. Some imagine that it is a waste of time dwelling on God. But I urge you to think of the mighty power that is behind all Creation, feel It, understand It by discerning all that is relative to It.

17. As you begin to feel the warmth of Its Love and the Wisdom of Its creative power, you begin to feel that you belong to Reality: then you give expression to Its Love and Wisdom.

18. Is it then not worth while to dwell upon God and all the wonderful ways in which He expresses Himself in and through us and in all Creation?

19. This is very important to you, and it deserves your deep contemplation. I know the way; that is why I say, Follow in my footsteps.

20. The true revelation must unfold from the Divine Heart of Love, beating in unison with your own, so near is the Father. It is the Father, who ever remaineth within me, revealing Himself.

21. The Divine Heart is beating in unison with your own when you feel the Divine Heart within your own, beating as one with your own heart.

22. Love draws a veil over all wrong-doing, while hate stirs up strife. Do not live in the duality of the mind, but seek the oneness of the Spirit.

23. You must draw the veil of love over wrong-doing, so that hate does not enter into the heart. This Mighty Power of Love overcomes all things. Love is of God; good and evil of man's mind.

24. No matter what is done to you, no matter what is said about you, you must not seek revenge, because, unless your heart is full of Love, Love cannot express Itself. Freedom comes to you only by giving your heart to Christ, so that the Christ can possess it wholly.

25. This is the only living Power, the only Living Reality; and when you discern all that which is false, you will no longer hinder the expression of that which is true.

26. Good sense is always on the lips of the pure in heart, while the senseless talk folly.

27. The pure in heart give expression to that which is true, while the senseless, not knowing the Truth, talk folly.

28. A fool's babbling will always bring trouble, while silence and wisdom pour oil on troubled waters.

29. You come here for a purpose, to learn the deeper understanding, so that you also may become my disciples. To know yourselves is the first thing to do; then the power that can overcome all conditions will manifest. To know the self you must become aware of the ways of the self and this leads to freedom. In the self is the cause of all misery.

30. You must be my example to show the world the true Christ Principle, which is love thy neighbour as thyself.

31. The words of the Christ will make many wise, while the views of the ignorant are of little worth.

32. My words to you are like rare silver, and pure as the rarest of gold. Take heed and apply them to yourselves.

33. It is the blessing of the Father that brings wealth and happiness; never does it bring trouble with it.

34. Whatsoever you ask in my name, so the Father shall bless you with. This is the promise: Ask, knowing the Christ as the only begotten son of God, the only existing Power in you. It is the Father Himself expressing Himself in you. There is no separation: I in you, you in me, and we in the Father, all in the Father, and the Father in all.

35. The blessing of the Father is beyond our comprehension. His Love is always expressing Its mighty Power for the benefit of all.

36. For when the storm comes, the foolish are swept with the swirl, but those pure in heart are deeply rooted in Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father.

37. I am speaking these Truths to you by means of the voice, to be taken down so that you can read them and dwell upon them for further enlightenment.

38. To hear the voice stirs your soul in recognition of the Truth that I am alive, "I am the Life." As you are alive now, you will know also that I am alive with you, and as I am so shall you be also.

39. I am not separated from you, as many would like you to believe. The way to me is through your own hearts, for I dwell within you. Seek me and you shall find me.

40. The world is dazed by the outside illusion, and many are confused. By the inherent power within they create their own confusion.

41. Man is dazed by the illusions of the senses. Yet the inner working of the Spirit within man is unfolding the Christ of God in man, and soon the illusion of the senses will pass away.

42. What is happening in the world to-day is but the stirring of the Spirit in mankind.

43. The restlessness of the Spirit is Its unfoldment, but we see many unfolding in ignorance injuring themselves and others. If all knew the Truth of the unfoldment from within, then peace would come, but I say that peace is here, for Love is the foundation of the world.

44. What is in the beginning is now. That which was sent forth in the beginning is existing now, yet mankind has not yet taken hold of the Tree of Life. He still eats of the fruit of the tree of good and evil, which has its roots in himself.

45. By coming unto me you shall be raised out of your condition. I am enthroned within you, yet you looked without and found me not. Look within and there find God. the pure in heart shall know Him.

46. When the mind is confused, there can be no peace; I am not confused, I know that I am the Life. If your mind is confused by various ideas and beliefs which keep you separated from one another, then you can never know the "One" Eternal God.

47. The pure in heart see God in everyone. Beliefs, ideas, images, these are but the product of the mind, but Reality is Eternal and ever-expressing Itself in the now.

48. Mankind is raised up by realizing his own Divine Mastery through Divine understanding and Love. Thus the pure in heart shall know God.

49. As I talked to my disciples about these things, so do I talk to you of the very same things; for you are also my disciples in the world to-day, and I am working in your midst.

50. Knowledge is born of suffering until man attains to the consciousness of God. When you reach the conscious awareness of the only one Real and existing Power expressed in yourselves, you will realize that suffering has been the means of the unfoldment of this awareness, and then suffering ceases.

51. During the next few years a great advancement in science will be made in the world. Much of it will uplift mankind, yet much will also be used to injure man on earth.

52. Here again is the intellect being used without the guidance of the Spirit - the pure in heart.

53. The world is still eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and only when mankind takes hold of the Tree of Life - the Christ within - will his salvation come.

54. I dealt with this question before, and I know that many of you understand it. Good and evil are not realities. Reality is neither good nor evil. It is complete in Itself, perfect in Itself. The standard of one man's evil may be another man's good, and the standard of another man's good may be another man's evil. They are relative, what man thinks.

55. If you examine closely what you think about things, you will find these are external to you and are therefore relative to you. If you call it good or evil you will know that it is relative to you. Know that you are controlled and directed by a power that is within yourselves, a power which is neither good not evil but perfect in Itself. This is the Christ of God.

56. Good and evil are the products of your mind, what you think about things. This is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the fruit whereof you must not eat lest you die in your ignorance. When you take hold of the Tree of Life, the innermost perception of Truth, this shall be your salvation.

57. When you know the Christ you mind is no longer troubled with good or evil, and you become the manifesting power of God's Love, Wisdom and Power.

58. I am the salvation of the world and anyone who believes in me shall live forever.

59. I am the living Christ of God whom the Father sent into the world to save the world. This same Christ dwells within. The same Spirit of God that dwells in me dwells in you.

60. Many who are listening now to me have left the earth; they are conscious living beings who were once like you and are the same as you are now except that they have a body of a finer nature. Nevertheless, they have a body that is relative to the consciousness within, just as your body is relative to you and is under your direction when the Christ Power is understood.

61. Stretch forth thine hand and take hold of this Tree of Life, for it is the Spring of Living Water rising up to Eternal Life.

62. Most people in the world have developed through ignorance and have not developed perfectly all round; and this has been the cause of much sickness in the world.

63. Yet it is better to come to the understanding of your Spiritual self through suffering, through experience, than without it, for it is the kindly evil in the world that aids your understanding, and develops the Christ power by observing all that is false.

64. There is nothing to fear, no matter what ails you, no matter in what circumstances you may be - the Christ overcomes all. This is your power, the power of God existing in you. It is the creative power that exists in you from the beginning and shall be forever the same in and out of the body. Thus all power has been given unto you in heaven and on earth.

65. You are not bound by your body but you are bound in your mind by believing in the power of evil. Take hold of the Tree of Life; this shall set you free.

66. Through the Tree of Life the undeveloped man will awaken also, and will learn of the "I am," the only Creative Power in God and in man. "I am the Life."

67. All will awaken to the Truth, but it is better that the Truth is not fully revealed until such times as the heart becomes pure.

68. The Creative Power in man is a mighty power indeed, and, when the consciousness becomes aware of it, there must be love to guide and direct Its action.

69. The Divine Heart of Love must beat in unison with your own. It reveals Itself without struggle when you are aware of the Truth. Many people have developed, but are ignorant of the Truth, and thus have created sickness and difficulties for themselves.

70. When the Truth is known and when these things are seen as relative, the Christ stands above them all, he becomes the eliminator of all adverse circumstances and conditions.

71. You can not comprehend the greatness of the Christ in you, for the Christ is ever unfolding the Presence of God that dwelleth in the soul of man.

72. In every existing soul in the world there dwells the presence of God, and the Christ is unfolding this Presence continuously.

73. The Christ sees and understands that which is false and that which it true. The Christ also corrects the error, and when the error is corrected the condition disappears. The Christ in the mediator between God and mankind; he understands God and understands man. It is the individualization of the Spirit of God Himself in manifestation.

74. The Father individualized in you becomes the Christ in you. The Christ then knows God and knows man. The Christ understands the weakness of the flesh, understands the sufferings of the world. The Christ of humanity can never be understood until you reach the selfless Christhood in yourselves.

75. You have much to learn about this, you can only know the full meaning of the sacrifice of the Cross of humanity when you enter into selfless Christhood.

76. "I am" the Universal man and in me all will find their true relationship.

77. We are all born of the one Father, and, as you grow into this understanding, so you reach the completeness of the Christhood in yourselves. Thus you are freed from the world of illusion.

78. My voice, this knowledge, this truth, is being heard not only by you but also by many who are at present invisible to you, for there is no separation. The only separation is in man's mind, for in Reality there is no separation.

79. I am the vine, the Father is the sap in the vine, and all humanity is the branches.

80. The one tree with many branches, yet only the one Life in all. Thus I drew the simile, as you draw also the simile with reference to what you call electricity.

81. Electricity is a degree of Life in manifestation, but electricity is everywhere - there is nowhere it is not. So you draw upon it and you use it as power and light and in many other ways.

82. We are well aware of the many inventions that are taking place in the world to-day. Your scientific minds are channels through which the Intelligence is being expressed. For all must be known to mankind on earth. You will understand and see behind the scenes, gradually becoming aware of your Divine nature that is perfect in Itself.

83. When that recognition comes then I, the Universal man, and through the Universal man all races, shall understand one another, for that relationship will be brother.

84. I am truly the Son of God while being the son of man, so the great unity of God and man is revealed in the Cross. Death never touched the Son of God, for He is the Christ and has victory over death.

85. For the Christ dies in the flesh, only to live in the Spirit, and I am He who liveth with the Father forever and those who believe in Me will do likewise.

86. Do not think that you have to die to live with the Father, because you are living with the Father now, and in the Father, and the Father is living in you. If you can comprehend these words, then you will see that there is no separation, and no death.

87. The Father is Infinite in nature and to be Infinite He must include all, otherwise He could not be infinite. He must exist in you, also, and you must exist in Him, otherwise you could not live - because there is no outside of the Father; He is complete in Himself.

88. You are created by Him and in Him, and in Him you live, and the Life in you is eternal because It is His Life. I and the Father are one.

89. There is no power that can harm you against your own will.

90. It was for this I entered into the astral groves where souls lived in the darkness of their own ignorance;

91. To set them free and to cast off that which separates them from God, so that all may live in the reality of the Christ.

92. Many who are now hearing my voice, at this time are being liberated from the astral groves, to enter into Paradise, for it was their own ignorance only that enveloped them in darkness of their own making.

93. Many have found that their beliefs are only beliefs, and have no existence in Reality, for Reality is Eternal. It is the only existing Creative Living Principle. When the Eternal Reality is realized, then you are free.

94. I spoke of the time that I entered into the astral groves. Little did you realize the conditions I had to take on myself to enter into those groves to free those in darkness. You can understand only when you realize that I suffer with the whole of humanity, for I am Humanity, and thus I have come to free humanity.

95. There are many who are now working in these groves liberating those in darkness. For all must become "One" and perfect according to the fullness of the Christ.


97. As the body is guided by "One," even all joints although separated, they are guided through the One that has full care of the body.

98. Therefore know ye not that I live not only for one nation but for all nations, for all are the children of my Father which is in Heaven.

99. Then let all bitterness and anger against your brother be put away from you.

100. Seek not revenge, for that which is in your own heart will befall you also.

101. What a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

102. Many of those who have passed from the physical are watching, helping and guiding others in the physical. Each and every one of you has an angel guide; you are never left alone for a moment.

103. When you enter into the world as a babe, yes, before you enter the world as a babe, there is an angel guide with you, one who continues with you even after you leave the physical body until you reach maturity of Spiritual sense.

104. You may also one day be one of those angel guides to someone you love. It is not always one nearest and dearest to you on earth who becomes your guide. It is often one who you have never known while on earth but one who is united to you in the Spiritual.

105. Seek not revenge, for that which is in your own heart will befall you also. If you can understand these words, then you see the meaning of the double-edged sword. Whatever you think in your own heart about anyone else you create in yourselves.

106. Be kind to one another and tender-hearted, forgiving one another. As God forgives you, so must you forgive one another for my sake.

107. To be pure in heart is to be God-like as beloved children of my Father.

108. For there is but one God and one Christ in God, and one God in Christ; and this Christ dwells in you and is your only Reality - your Real Self. Then be yourself, be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

109. Can you understand the true meaning of these words? Be yourself, be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

110. Man's ignorance of this great truth is his inward poverty which makes him look outside himself for things to cherish, yet his poverty still remains.

111. This is the hell man makes for himself, for he finds no comfort in the things of the world which he cherishes; even if he clings to them he will lose them, for he can not take them with him.

112. I am the everlasting happiness, the wealth and strength that lives forever; and through the water that I give you to drink, you will never thirst any more, for it is the Eternal Spring of Life that gives all things to those who ask, knowing me.

113. And how would you know me? You know me through understanding the source of your being, for the power of creation is within you.

114. Keep perfect poise within, never allowing any outside influence to enter into the innermost to disturb you.

115. In helping others, it is far better to show them how to help themselves through the Creative Power of the Christ that dwells within them.

116. To help others of yourself is not the plan. Little has been done even if you clothe and feed the needy while leaving out the real gift of the Christ Spirit, the victor in all circumstances, the victor who dwells within every soul.

117. The great truth that you must hand to every soul is the power of the Christ that dwells within them. This is the great gift of God.

118. Let everyone see the Christ in you through understanding, for victory dwells within oneself. To give is divine, but to give understanding of the Christ power is the secret behind all true happiness; It is the wisdom of God.

119. I have come to open the door that separates you and me.

120. This is the door of the outer senses and because you lived in the outer you did not know the inner.

121. Yet the outer is but a reflection of the inner. Remember the desires of the flesh are also supplied from within. But there is an end to all things of the flesh, while the things of the Spirit are eternal.

122. I do not ask you to reject the things of the flesh, they are necessary while in the body, yet the things of the Spirit are more important.

123. Nor must you despise the things of the flesh, but realize and recognize their value and use them accordingly.

124. They are not realities in themselves; they are only a means to an end, not the end itself. Then I say to you that the desires of the flesh and the things of the flesh shall come to an end, while the things of the Spirit shall remain.

125. The personality is the illusion of the senses, yet true personality is the translation of the Divine Spirit into daily action.

126. Only by withdrawing myself from the midst of my disciples could I come to them free from the illusion of the personality of Jesus.

127. It was this interior sense that made my disciples the great Apostles that they were, because and only by this same interior sense can I make you also realize the great importance of the truth I am revealing to you.

128. You must not think of the personality of Jesus the man, nor must you image this personality, because this will blind you to the Truth of the Christ. The Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father, the power that is behind all manifestation.

129. The word was in the beginning, and that word was with God, that very word that was God, and that word that was made flesh. Personalities must fade out of your minds before you can see the reality of the Christ. This is the meaning of my words, "What is it you have come out to see, a man!"

130. Only by entering into the Universal Christ can you become true individuals of the Christ Spirit revealing the truth of the "one" God.

131. I in you and you in me and we in them and all in the Father.

132. And here we are assembled together all filled with the Holy Spirit of God our Father; therefore we will echo that word that was with God and is God, LOVE.

133. Let us now realize the feeling of our Father's Love for all.


Let us enter into this true state of Love where the Divine Heart beats in all hearts.

Do not close your eyes but look towards me.