Interested in a contact TimeTravelActivist? (or anyone)

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Hey TimeTravelActivist we believe that we understand so of what you are going through. We ourselves have also experienced many unexplainable events that suggest the existence of TT and/or Alternate Realities. If you are willing to, we are looking for people to share our knowledge with and learn from at the same time.

Our group is TimeWalkers and we are looking for those individuals that are equally interested in TT as we are.

It would best that those that wish to contact us, send e-mail to:
[email protected]

I see... Okay, you got my attention, the e-mail should be in your inbox right about now

Let me know what you know, and if your on the level, I will forfeit some of what I know

-Javier C.
Still waiting patiently for a responds... You know, if you believe to know some information that can very well benefit me, you sure know how to get it to me fast enough. I had back ground and credit checks go faster then this

-Javier C.
hyper dimensional resonator works for out body and time travel anybody who use tell me about it i have one well could pick up one and want info anybody want time travel fax me 212 677 6304 on fax page put my ame mr time travel pmb 523 apt 1f ny ny 10003