"The future ain't what it used to be."

Internal VS External Travel


One of the wonderful things about this list is the dual discussion of the nature of travel.
One group continues to explore the internal mechanisms that are becoming available to ever increasing numbers of individuals while the other continues to explore the technology required to allow all to participate regardless of their spiritual affliation or growth.

I find both to be equally fascinating and wish to thank clara for her spiritual discussions as well as Time02112, who continues to keep us all up to date on the scientific realm.

I see TTA continues the thread of village crier (clara... simply wrap him in white light and move on) as his mission is his own.

I look forward to the day..not far from now...when science and spirituality meet. The duality of discussion enables most of us to challenge our thinking... to become aware of the tunnel vision mentality that defines, to a very real degree, the human condition.

I want to thank all of you for the ongoing discussion as I suspect there are many like me who read...ponder and takes bits and pieces from here and explore it further elsewhere..*chuckling* or elsewhen...gotta'love the new language that shall broaden our vocab as well.

Light and Love,

You are right It has been hard dealing with TTA. It has been my lesson to learn that we are all choosing and must allow each choice. Out of all the lessons on this earth plane this has been the hardest for me. Of course that is why it keeps coming up because I have not completely mastered it yet. Do you have any thoughts on the numbers and do you see them to.
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It has been said here often and elsewhere, that the Universal Language shall become mathematics. I personally do not think in that way, yet see significance and synchronicity in a variety of connected moments.
I do not seek knowledge through numerology, yet respect those that do. Many cultures have used the matrix of numbers for prediciton and explanation. Whenever there exists cross cultural knowledge, Truth Shouts.

Light and Love,


*chuckles typos bite*
Isn't sound also a Universal Language. do you ever hear tones in your ear. Its kinda like everything stops and theres this humming sound. sometimes it last long and sometimes not. I have not been able to connect it with anything that is happening.

There is a quite a bit of scientific research being done with tones and resonance. *little smile* Frequency is indeed powerful. It is very common to hear buzzing and differing pitched tones. Some say that the binural beat that is heard is the heart beat of the world *smiling* Can be very entrancing...and just for the record Sound IS mathematics.

Light and Love,

so you think I am hearing the binural beat wow! so I should be happy ok. I'll try thinking happy thoughts when I hear it. It is good to talk to someone that seems to know a little about what's going on. I am very alone up here in the woods and don't see a lot of people except my family. I do organic gardening so right now things are slow. Please tell me about yourself and what you do. Maybe you could teach me something. I'm earger to learn. you see I want to learn as much as I can before I leave this world.

Feel free to surf www.spiritweb.com... it is full of alternative spirituality as well as quite a bit of science (surprising to some I am sure).

I suspect you shall find many hours of enjoyment there...

Light and Love,

I already have many times. I find that I can be thinking about something and a day or so later when I tune in to the spirit Web I will land just on the topic I was thinking about. It is so cool I love it. I have also been to a spiritual retreat and meet a lady who channels. she has become my friend and she is also a healer. she sees auras and I've had several healing sessions with her. she helped me to save my marriage and helped me heal an old emotional wound I didn't even know I had. She lives in England so I only see her maybe twice a year. she has channeled Sananda and others. she has been assisting my daughter astrally. My daughter doesn't even know shes helping her but I can tell the difference. I can channel Sananda also. He has helped me so much to understand the past I love his energy it is so loving and compasionate. I'm glad you joined this stream its good to be able to say things without people thinking your a fruitcake. You sure can't go out in public and tell people you can talk to the former Jesus who's name is now Sananda. I still call him Jesus though . He will always be Jesus to me. Life is good
Ahh, if it isn’t WanderingSoul. If I remember correctly, the TimeTravelActivist got you good the last time we spoke. Man, you claimed spiritual superiority as well, but that didn’t last very long when the TTA exposed you, and got all testy and left the boards for a while.

Until now

Well I’m glad your back, and I see you’ve met your spiritual replacement, Clara.

Geesh, now there’s 2 of you to contend with. That’s not very fair, you know…

So why don’t we do this. Instead of me having to expose you both again, and squash New Age doctrine, why not go to a forum on spirituality.

This is a Time Travel website. What you speak of, goes off topic.

Unless you want to prove my point all along, and talk about how spirituality go hand in hand with Time Travel, and how we must exploit mankind to become gods. Then know your taking…

Just looking at your post about the "ringing in your ears" thing.

Lately, I have noticed the same. And ever since I was little, I realized I could control the volume. Sometimes I can make the "ringing" so intense that it consumes my whole head. Anyone else experience this?

Anyone ever experiment with astral projection, obe's. Have interesting stories to share? I'd love to hear them, lately my friends and I have been experimenting with OBE's and the like. Many stories, very intriguing.

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TTA, we need people like you, in order to realize we are still human.

You put up a fascade like you are the super-human post master general of TTI.

Of course these boards stray from original topic, but isn't that how every good discussion is started? Off the basic idea, new ideas stem, new arguments stem, and new ideas are formed.

So rather than complain about the fact that creative, innovative, and interesting ideas are stemmed on this site just accept it.

Now, my problem is this:

Why would we want to exploit time travel? Why not use it for good?

You are corrupt, your ideas, from what I have seen, disturbing. Other than that, have a nice day.

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I was talking a lot about obe's on another stream just a couple of weeks ago. I have had several. they are such fun. spiritual guides taught me several years ago. I haven't done it lately cause it takes so much time. I use the roll method. I get into trance and then just roll out on the floor. At first I really didn't believe I was out of my body til I did this simple trick.
I took a playing card and put it face up on a table without looking at it of course. then I went into trance rolled out and went to the table and read the card. Got back in my body, came out of trance and went and looked at the card. It was what I had read a red 10 I couldn't make out the suit but I knew I had seen enough. After that I tried all kinds of tricks. putting my hand through doors, flying around the yard,and just staring at things around the house. I found out if you look at one object to long you end up back in your body. You have to just glance and then move on to another object. You can time travel when your out because time doesn't exist in that state. I had to go back and review what had happened to me in the past that was very painful but it helped me to understand and to heal it. I am better now.
I have also meet other beings who are out of their bodies to. they tell me little secrets sometimes about things. Has anyone seen the little glowing fellas they are sometimes with a big tall one who seems to be electric. His hair seems to sizzle. He saved me from a very big mistake one time but never told me who he was. I've also seen the one who wears the white jumpsuit with some kind of emblem on the right side. I couldn't make out what it was. I know these ones are friendly they never hurt me and always give me accurate information. I usually see them when there is danger. I have also seen some that scare the crap out of me there is one with red eyes. Every time I'm in his presence I immediatly come back to my body. I think I must have some kind of instant alert that automatically brings be back if I'm in danger. Also theres one that wears a dark robe with hood, it is not bad and I feel tremendous love in its presence. It told me my friend would die of cancer soon and she was gone a week later. He is ugly by human standards but very gentle. I even kissed his ugly cheek. Grim reaper maybe.He reminds me of that ghost on Muppet Christmas Carol. The one that represents the future. I know you think I'm a fruitcake. Well maybe you just might meet these guys to when your out of your body. Just remember to project love and ya'll be ok. Ask to be protected and you will. Watch your thoughts and keep them pure.
I know who you are talking about, "the tall man"

For some reason, every OBE I go on, I enter a large "hotel" like hall, black and white tiled, beautiful, with thousands of doors.

I always go to the last two, one gold, one black. I entered both, one, the black had this tall man, and he told me things.

The other the first time was a party, around a baby, probably a baby shower. A very happy feeling.

Second, I was overcome with sadness, everyone in black, almost scary.

My friends and I encounter many people, clara.. maybe we'll meet up sometime heh.
*smiling* Exposed? I have always claimed to be who IAM TTA.

There has never been a "need" to expose or "get me" I simply have done what I suggested Clara do *another little smile* Wrapped you in white light and moved on.
*smiling at the spiritual superiority line* well that was a judgement made by yourself TTA. I have never and shall never say my way is superior to another. All paths are equally valuable.

I am glad that you have discovered the site clara. There is a vast amount of often conflicting information...simply discard what does not ring True for you. It sounds like you have had many adventures already *grinning in joy for you* I hope there shall come a day when all can share.

...TTA I do believe I qualified the thread as internal vs external travel...please feel free not to open it at all and click it as having been read. I am sure each of us can live with that decision. If you choose not to, then fine *another little smile* at your request in the beginning, I visisted your website and listened to all that put forth. I even signed your guest book *another little smile* I am fine with exploring a mutiltude of Truths...and know that internal time travel occurs. Time is merely a perception. I understand that, for some, their particular perception becomes their Reality.

Let it be known, however, that not all share one perception and there is joy to be found on other paths. You do not ever have to agree TTA. As I stated, your mission is your own, and some shall choose the path of fear and negativity. That is a choice, however, and certainly not a mandate that all must follow. I acknowledge your fear and shall continue to wrap you in white light, perhaps for a future time *grinning now* for you to use as you see fit.

*still chuckling at the testy*

Clara.. I hope your adventures continue...and that you continue to share your path openly..for all to see duality and make an informed choice.

Light and Love,

<<well that was a judgement made by yourself TTA. I have never and shall never say my way is superior to another. >>

I never said you said that. I said you claimed to be. Meaning you pretended to come off as you did. As your doing now.

It’s quite simple to understand WS. You behave as if you exist in this serene state of being, then others. But I exposed you as being a fraud, which made you drop the disguise, which led to your embarrassment, which led to you getting a little hostile, which led to you leave. It is becoming clearer to you now?

Do you remember now? Or did you smoke something bad that day, to cause you to forget?

Just what exactly are you on anyways? I’d hate to ruin your high, but what in the blue hell are you talking about here:

<<Let it be known, however, that not all share one perception and there is joy to be found on other paths.>>

OK Jim Morrison, you might wanna break on through to this side of reality someday and listen up.

Not all paths bring upon peace and transcendence.

Let me break it down for you…

New Agers will sanction Time Travel someday.

Time Travel is essentially unethical.

This equals the philosophy of: “The ends justify the means.”

You know, doing something bad, to do something good.

<<You do not ever have to agree TTA. As I stated, your mission is your own, and some shall choose the path of fear and negativity.>>

Have I not proved my point yet people. If humanity’s best interest, aren’t considered spiritual to some, they are considered the path of fear and negativity, as WS just stated.

I only wish to inform people of the danger Time Travel will bring. Of the manipulation and exploitation this will inflict upon humanity.

And if this path, of human independence and absolute freedom, contrary to spiritual interpretation is considered the path of fear and negativity. Then I don’t see how you can say that yours is the better way to go, when you would rather for-go consideration of the latter, as being the unfavorable path.

<<That is a choice, however, and certainly not a mandate that all must follow.>>

Perhaps not. But enslaving humanity is, if we are to go forth and accept everything related to the path of spirituality.

<<I acknowledge your fear and shall continue to wrap you in white light, perhaps for a future time *grinning now* for you to use as you see fit.>>

Spare me WS… The only fear I have is that my world will be lost to Time Travel and Clara’s little green aliens from Uranus.

You wanna continue being a spiritual wuss, fine.

The TimeTravelActivist will continue to fight for the people, and show them a 2-sided view that will allow them to make an educated decision someday.

<<*still chuckling at the testy* >>

Me too, I can’t believe you don’t remember
it was pretty good side of you to see.

<<Clara.. I hope your adventures continue...and that you continue to share your path openly..for all to see duality and make an informed choice.>>

Yes Clara, I hope your adventure continues, and you see 2 sides to these issues, instead of just 1. And I hope your mature enough to take your fingers out of your ears from time to time to listen to reason. Enough with the tantrums, they are getting old.


----- ----- -----


Me Corrupt?

I think not. It isn’t me who’s talking about selling out humanity to the Aliens and Time Travelers.

Study during homeroom period, and don’t skip ahead. You might miss something important.

Like the things I’ve stated.

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
like I said nobody wins. It just keeps going on and on. TTA why don't you just state what you believe and stop annalizing what everyone else says. We aren't trying to do anything to anybody. We are just sharing our experiences. So far you have told us none of yours or offered any proof of what you say. If we are to make a logical choice you must offer proof and then we will look at it and come to our own conclusions. We do not need you to save us althought that seems to be your mission. Why don't you work on saving yourself first then you may not feel the need to challenge our experiences. You told me before that you are hardly ever sick. Well when I was 22 I wasn't either. But a life of worry and anger will eventually take its toll. Anger will usually effect the heart center and over time can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. thats why they call it dis- ease because those people who acquire it are usually at a dis -ease with life. I know it killed my father. So have joy life is good as long as you choose it to be. We do love you and would hope that you take action now in order that your heart will not feel the need to attack you in the future.
As if Cat or I have not yet stated to you many times what it is that we who are Activist, believe.

You may benefit more if you listen, instead of rambling about how great your New Age doctrine is all the time. How can I get a word in edge wise, when all your doing is supporting these numbers and saying that your being assisted by them.

I have to speak against them, or else no one else would have a 2-sided view of this phenomena. Which is, what I know you want.

Look, I’m very busy right now. So I’ll just say this. Don’t worry about my health. I am in great shape. I am a Martial Artist remember? Stress and strain is my life, and I know how to handle it. I have been in many physical fights, and spiritual ones as well. Hence, I am disciplined and know what I am facing.

Opps, gotta go.

More later,

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*still smiling* I have never said the path of fear and negativity was a "bad" thing TTA. It is simply a choice. If being who IAM is being a "wuss" in your eyes, so be it.
My choices are my own...and IAM at peace. I have also come to realize that you have chosen a path that has no room for alternative views. It is possible for others to feel as passionate about theirs as you do yours...without negating the choices made. You are free to do as you choose, as is everyone. My choices shall never affect the outcome of yours. We each create our own Reality. You have created yours with a richness and depth..and structure upon which does not fit neither my values nor my belief system..hence my Reality being fundamentally different than yours. Which is not to say mine is more valuable than yours or vice versa.

Internal travel can be achieved when one stops believing one is a particle and one becomes a wave. It is rather simple and science is reflected in ancient beliefs. Freedom is expanded beyond "traditional" thought.

Are there perceived "dark forces" on Earth *little shrug* That depends on one's perspective.
I choose not to feed negative energy...and view all as experiences chosen by their Creator.

I understand that you shall continue to feel the need to respond as no belief has changed in your perspective. This shall be the last time I respond to you TTA, however, so as to not feed the negativity as it is not my way. If that makes me testy in your eyes *little smile* so be it. I can live with that quite peacefully.

Clara, I shall continue to visit this thread to explore the internal vs the external...as the discussion can be light hearted and quite enjoyable.

Again, I appreciate the science as much as the spirituality as there exists many connections and similarities that challenge the mind and heart.

Light and Love,