Interview with a time traveller...


Quantum Scribe

In April this year, we spoke with Gattopardo Tek, about his understanding and experiences of time travel.

Excerpt:]"Can you give us an example of time travel using the subtle body?

My journey was one of the first ones. We wanted to see how many events we could stimulate by doing an action that was not foreseen in another time period. In this case it was to develop commerce between two villages. So we stole a little boat and put it in another village so the boatbuilder would build another one as a result of the theft. So I found myself on a riverbank in this area which, using the spheroselfs, we calculated at 6,140 years ago. My objective was to 'provoke' the loss of this boat, which was the first boat to be made by that culture, using a new technology, only known to that little village. I needed to push the boat out into the river so it would reach another village where they would see that this new boat existed, and copy it, while the guy in the first village would build another one and maybe think that he could develop it and make it better. And to make more than just one....

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