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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 00:42:56 -0700 (PDT)
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SLEUTHS, please help investigate:
"an American touchdown team raced to a site that was either a touchdown or a crash by something, maybe a UFO. It took the GROUP of 6 almost 45 minutes to reach the location that NORAD has called in and the Canadians confirmed equally as fast. When they reached the site, all 6 people witnessed a rather large UFO, approximately 50 feet in the air, using a form of laser light to carve INTO the ice more than 20 cm deep, the face of them along with another wheel of information."

From the description the face is over 200 feet in diameter and is well defined. And the wheel of information is double the size. The area has been apparently cordoned off as they think that if anything heavy goes, they do not want any media on this." Enterprise Thread Comments

Wonder if this is related? Notes

The Crabwood Crop Circle Relationship

Alien Face Crop Circle:..Spinning the Disk
Akkadian Language Clues



Date: 8/28/02 12:16:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Sounds like a hoax, but I put my feelers out to those who tend to know

these things. If there's anything to it, we'll hear something oblique about it within 48 hours. Whole thing sounds fishy. NORAD does not "confirm" UFO sightings to MUFON guys. NORAD doesn't even confirm more mundane matters, all in the interest of protecting against disseminationof knowledge as to the reach and precision of their technical means of DATA acquisition, not to mention the usual American military drill when it comes to UFOs. Interested folks in Alaska report so far that they have heard nothing about this, and they are monitoring all of the in the clear radio signals - no unusual activity reported (obviously, that's not the last word on the subject, but it does raise doubts that this is genuine).

Report came in on an Art Bell program. Discussed here at Enterprisemission forum


and a request to investigate on Elaines's forum


Additionally MUFOM might have problems of their own:From Filer's Files, re, MUFON:


Director John Schuessler writes: I think it is important for MUFON members to know that for the last couple months the MUFON email site and webmaster have received an inordinate number of virus-laden messages. The has been a directed attack on MUFON by as of yet unknown criminals. Following the virus attacks, several MUFON addresses have been used via spoofing techniques by these criminals to send messages carrying perverted attachments. You may be assured that if you receive one of these messages that it was not actually sent by MUFON, and we would like to hear about it. Whatever you do, do not forward any such messages to anyone. Instead, notify your email service provider's security representative and request assistance. Filers Files, Majorstar, MUFON East and similar addresses will not send out attachments. Do not open any attachments, they may contain viruses. Thanks to John Schuessler.

<KENT note> Happening here too. Dozens/day of Klez-virus email attachments. Here's one today FROM myself to myself. How the hell do they do that?

Subj: Yhdysvalloissa ja muissa maissa.

Date: 8/28/02 4:54:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

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<I don't have the worm--Kent>

Date: 8/28/02 12:58:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Yeah, I noticed that and followed all of the links around the Web. So far, it just seems to be this one guy talking. I wrote to Schuessler, as I suppose you did, to make inquiry. Have not heard FROM him. Wrote to NIDS and Linda Howe, too. Have not heard anything yet. My confidential sources know nothing of this, but it may be too early for them to have gotten the word.

Only dogleg hit I've gotten so far is the bogey on the GOES 10 sat:


Most likely unrelated and would require an investigation of its own:

Discussed here:



Date: 8/28/02 7:14:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Only dogleg hit I've gotten so far is the bogey on the GOES 10 sat:


Is the point of that picture that there is a faint, round object at the upper left? It's a NOAA satellite image, right? It's probably the Moon, but one would need to know when the image was taken and where the Moon was at the time relative to the satellite. If one could be certain that the Moon could not have been in the image at that time, the next thing to CHECK is whether the clock system for the photography got the time right. Only if those two things were checked could we reasonably begin to speculate that it is something weird.

Discussed here:


Consensus there seems to be that it's the Moon. In checking the DATA described above, you would need to be very certain of the integrity of your sources, which, in the case of the time logging of the image might be a very hard thing to do.

IM 8/29/02 4:54 PM PST

RESEARCHER: got some links for you
RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240000014i10_fulldisk_c01.jpg -
http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240030013i10_fulldisk_c01.jpg - 3hrs later http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/239/2002239210014i10_fulldisk_c01.jpg 3hrs before
http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/239/2002239180014i10_fulldisk_c01.jpg 6hrs before
RESEARCHER: 6hrs before (small white dots in upper left ) has some sort of structured form on closer look
RESEARCHER: just sent you 3 pics in psp format for you to look at
RESEARCHER: have it on another shot a few mins 14 mins later
RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240000014i10_nhemi_c02.jpg

RESEARCHER: differnt camera
RESEARCHER: and on this one
RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240000014i10_nhemi_c03.jpg

RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240000014i10_nhemi_c04.jpg

RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240000014i10_nhemi_c05.jpg

RESEARCHER: not there 30 mins afterwards
RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240003015i10_nhemi_c01.jpg

BARDSQUILL: pasting them so I can see better
RESEARCHER: 15 mins before mian pic - http://goes-8-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/239/2002239234514i08_fulldisk_c01.jpg geos 8
BARDSQUILL: any of the big ones that has the whole bogey inside the frame
RESEARCHER: no its not there 15 mins before
RESEARCHER: 30 mins after ists not there either
RESEARCHER: now all i can say that there was an object reflecting sunlight that arrived at 11:50 Z and was not insight by 00:29Z on the 28th
RESEARCHER: of which the IR shot does SHOW heat
BARDSQUILL: paste me the best one again
BARDSQUILL: where we see the whole thing
RESEARCHER: http://goes-10-rap.cira.colostate.edu/jpeg/240/2002240000014i10_fulldisk_c01.jpg

BARDSQUILL: So the bogey appeared and disappeared in 39 minutes?

BARDSQUILL: It could not be the moon I guess, eh?
RESEARCHER: thats the next thing im onto already located geos at that time sending you a pic

BARDSQUILL: what is this showing?
BARDSQUILL: location of GOES right?

RESEARCHER: at that 00:05:15
BARDSQUILL: so is the moon position displayed?
RESEARCHER: not yet I'm gonna find the location of the moon
RESEARCHER: location of geos 10 at this time
35774 km above 0°16'S 134°46'W
1 24786U 97019A 02236.13061630 .00000073 00000-0 00000+0 0 2954
2 24786 0.3124 275.6715 0003717 252.6166 76.0002 1.00277699 19543
RESEARCHER: The Moon at 00:00 UTC 28 August 2002
Age of Moon: 19 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes
Phase: 78% (0% = New, 100% = Full)
Distance: 404299 kilometres, 63.4 Earth radii
Moon subtends: 0.4926 degrees

RESEARCHER: http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/cache/2684.jpg this is the image provided by http://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/uncgi/Earth

BARDSQUILL: summary lunar position yet? Is it the moon?
RESEARCHER: going thru all the records
RESEARCHER: Moon 1h 57m 36s +8° 18.6' 63.4 ER -79.273 140.933 Set
RESEARCHER: moon position on that day / time

RESEARCHER: but i need a qualified astronomer to calculated correct location in space
RESEARCHER: Aim point RA: 3h 30m 33s Dec: +17°17'44"
Wed 2002 Aug 28 1:00 UTC

RESEARCHER: sorry 00:00 UTC
RESEARCHER: http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/cache/10897.gif

RESEARCHER: now i have just sent you a image of an overlay - please be warned im not a scientist
RESEARCHER: and guessed
RESEARCHER: and not to scale
BARDSQUILL: back, had to help my wife
BARDSQUILL: last link no go
RESEARCHER: just sent you an email of overlay

BARDSQUILL: looks like the moon then, eh?
RESEARCHER: i think so but need a scientist to confirm proper location
RESEARCHER: if its in the wrong location then i dont know what it is

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