Is age travel connected to time travel?

Harry Petersen

Temporal Novice
Dear Gentlemen:

From my view, returning to a younger self is quite possible and has happened many times. By this I mean a 42 year old who becomes 23 years old in his physical body.

Now my question is this: Is this age travel somehow connected to time travel? Note that age travel violated no physical laws and causes no paradoxes that I am aware of. But perhaps the 42 year old exchanges his body and re-enters his 23 year old body.

If any one has any insights on this question, please let me know.Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Harry Petersen
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You can found, in a previous post, I just write a feeling about it, I won't rewrite the full text again (ink save), but I'll go in that direction to avance that there's a link between our bodies, and, if we don't time travel as body, but by soul (brain power), for shure the rest will follow us, and what cannot, will stay where we're from. -Simulating that this situation is very authentic, I don't know about the guy you are describing, and for my self, I'm still experimenting...

Age-travel. Thank you for bringing up a truely original topic on this board. We've got age travel alread but only in the the forward direction.

Age travel is something a politician can really hate. Evil and GREEDY people would simply wait untill they were 65 years old, sighn up for social secutity then age-back to 20 and live a (another) long life at government expense.

Would we not CHEAT the doctor, insurance company and undertaker with similar nefarious techniques? Don't you see? By not growing old, getting sick and dying *on schedual* you would become a serious ANOYANCE to those who justify their existance, by exploiting the ignorant young and decrepid old.

In short, enguagging in Age-Travel or Time Travel makes you a deadly menace and a SPOIL SPORT! Get on board pal, eat lots of grease, drink diet soda and die WHEN you are friggen supposed to. So there.