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Is anyone here trying to build a time machine?



Just as the subject says: Is anyone here trying to build a time machine? Because if all you people are doing is theorizing than I'd like to know that I'm crazy for wanting to build one. Also, I believe that when you time travel, you actually go into an alternate universe. Any thoughts on this?
Actually, I've read all the posts from the past 10 days. I'm just asking if anyone here is actually trying to build one. And not just theorizing about it.

You have been reading posts here for 10 days!? Truely a man of steel! If you can take that kind of punishment I assume that you may have the right stuff to make your own time machine. I don't really think you can BUY one anywhere. So wadda ya gunna do?

I've been studying this stuff for 10 years. And its like anything else unless you've got a billion dollars and a dozen PHDs to throw at the problem you probably won't be getting too much hardware up and running anytime soon.

It's a hobby get it?

Besides you've already got the best time "machine" there is, right in your brain. Once you learn to run it.........hey who knows?

Of course there are claims. Best save your money for the next treasure map that comes along.

That Dr. Anderson guy sure has the scoop on something, maybe he'll let us in on some of it once the ink is dry on the patents.
O.K. Silvertempest,
I admit our research team "IS" working on development of a real working prototype for Time~Travel, however it will not become an overnight success by no means...
Time, takes Time.

BTW, did you select your Emoniker (moniker=nickname) "Silvertempest" after the Demon "Tempest" who was believed to have the power to reverse Time? any connection here?
I have an idea how one might build a time machine. I have come up with a plan to develop the technologies that I believe will be needed to build the machine. The first device is currently in the development process at a research and development firm. No guaranties though. However the individual devices that I am pushing to get developed are multipurpose devices that can be used for many different applications. So atleast if the time machine does not work there will still be some fruitful purpose for the devices besides serving as elaborate ash trays. I am certainly not crazy and neither are the people that are working with me on this project. It is not my project but our project and your project should you choose to pursue, also, the development of time travel technologies. I am currently part of TAP-TEN Research which is dedicated to developing a multitude of advanced technologies from Time-Travel to biology.

I believe that for people in general to advance projects more efficiently requires a group of individuals of various expertise coming together for a common goal. Such like minded individuals, by working together, can accomplish much more then those same individuals by themselves.

In short, you are not crazy for wanting to build a time machine.

Best Regards,

Edwin G. Schasteen
I've never heard of this demon "Tempest". I got my name because I like storms. So there wouldn't be any connection there. And I'm a woman by the way Shadow.

I'm glad someone doesn't think I'm crazy for wanting to build one. Because my friend and I have been working on it for awhile. We haven't set anything together, because we're researching everything first and getting some theories on how to make this work.

I have absoulutely no intention on trying to buy one and it isn't really a hobby either. Which means this won't pass as a sort of phase. Thanks for the replies. I only wanted to know if anyone else out there was doing the same thing as us. I also would like to ask those companies who are building time machines how they'll share it with the public. I mean, if you are going to sell it as a household product or something like that. I personally don't think you should do that. Things could definately get out of hand if you did that.

My lady, yes, we are crazy! Don't denied it, but accept it! It's clear in my mind, from my point of view, when 99.9999% of the people around you don't understand you because of your taught, it's a sign that you're not one of them anymore, your brain got to an higher (or lower) level, and you feel that you are kinda stuck until you find the answer.

I means by crazy that you are no-understood, it doesn't means that your brain is not functionnal anymore (play with words...)

By coming on this site, we realize that we are a part of a family, the crazy family. And is't fair! Because we have 1 chance on 2 to realize our taught (it's gonna work, or it's not gonna work).

I hope poeples around here feel the same, otherwise that make me a crazy among the crazy, it's worst! (I could use the word fool, is sweeter, anyway)

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That's sweet of you to say dob. And I agree with you. To Time02112: We've been working on our time machine for less than a month and we already are pretty close to figuring it out.
Thank You Sivertempest, I was just curious, yet curiouser still, I would like to know what type of materiels you are using to construct your device with, if you feel uncomfortable with discussing the details here, you can email me in private if you don't mind telling me more...
[email protected]
(Fully encrypted email, you might consider getting one for yourself at "Hushmail" .com)
SylverT, why are you asking is anybody is trying -and not just 'making'? Maybe this show that you are septic about it...

One day I taught of that: If people could come from the futur, who they would try to meet (from our time), or let approach freely?
The answers I founded are the following: Very simple people(no trouble in perturbing time) - or people who are very interested in time travel, and who are close to the answer...

Imagine, anybody here could be from the futur. This could be me! If it would be me, I wouldn't admit it. But if I would have the choice to go to somebody and speak seriously about it, it would be with the one who are the closer to 'reality' - to what would have been realised in the futur.

I'm gonna come back with that later...
I'm not a skeptic. Trust me on that one. I was just wonderin' who else out there was as crazy as me and my friend. Time02112: The stuff we're building the machine out of is computer parts and leftovers of other machines that already broke down or aren't any use. But we haven't been working on building it lately. We're researching stuff right now.
Homer Simpson got excelent TT results by modifying Marges' toaster in his basement workshop. But problems ensued......something about it raining donuts, or power blackouts, I forget.

You see fooling around with time can have unexpected and sundri side effects up to and including intermittent Texans in the Whitehouse.
I think we all need more research and if anybody have found anything new, it would be a very nice thing to share; BUT the danger is you will definately share it with a wrong person coz it is a open forum.

We all need more research and try to be more realistic. I have met a lot of people in this forum who are here just ecause they are living in their fantacy world and they just love dreaming. Those People are dangerous for all of us who are serious about TT.

In my opinion, best thing for us to do is not to come back to this forum unless we have st. valuable to share with other people.

this forum has already a mixture of a lots of things where I have v. hard time to figure out which section to read and which not to. let's save it from becoming yahoo chat and spend some more time on research.

anybody with me??????
c u after I return.
H-Y: That's right, this forum should be focused on his subject: "T-T"! I think that much of the time, he is, and I don't mind to see sideline informations, comments or jokes.

What I found less interesting is to found stories that doesn't fit my 'knowledge' - I can be wrong on that, but sincerly, I hate to become skeptic about simething, either it have to be right or wrong:

If I telling you in here that I'm from the futur (and it's false) will this help to make the science progress? We have to build a solid tower, not a toothpick mountain...
Hi, I have a question. Im a freshman in H.S., and i was curious; what should I major in, in college, so that I would be able to work on such projects? I have always been interested in physics, and have taken a liking to electronics. I have been a holographer and worked with lasers the last few years, would that field be of any help?

Thank You!

State your purpose or reasons why you want to build a Time Machine.

You sound like your anxious to become famous if you do. Is fame and popularity on top of your agendas to want to build this machine?

Please let me know.

-Javier C.

"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
rebelboy re what to study

Look at it the other way around. Just figure that nitting, home economics, beer parties, auto mechanics, French lessons. sports and TV watching ain't gonna get it.

You need science and math, and not just enough to pass some sorry watered down state test either.
There is no excuse for knowing any less than your teacher. If you want it, do it. If you don't, well you can probably land a job at Pizza Hut or Walmart so don't sweat it.