Is bread faster then water? ;)


Chrono Cadet
...just from a philosophical point of view...

We use to compare thing to build facts. We got many languages, many formulas, many hypotesis, all that stuff have to fit in the same "box"(some call it matrix), it's like playing a game of tetris, but without knowing what are the shape, the space to fullfill and the goal... We want to get an answer, we are like ants, building a big tower, nobody can see further than "1 feet", we have to relay the information, but there a lost, we need more facts and experimentations to build teories that make sens.

I really feel it as a mountain made out of toothpicks, it get higher fast, but what kind of glue are we using? It's like doing a puzzle, both eyes closed. --] for shure we gonna find the solution, everything have a end, but life too, have a end.

On the philosophic side for a moment.
"IS bread faster than water?"

Is heavy faster than light?

Now that I've got you in a serious frame of mind, here is one you won't believe either. You know that 90% of the universe that is missing? DARK MATTER as it is called. Well let me tell all you geniouses out there where it is: *Light has mass and light fills all space, save for some dimmwitted minds in academia.* My hope is that some Prof out there will steal this idea claim it as his own and give me a really good laugh.



This matter should not to be taken lightly. Ha ha and ha.
Did anybody think to add up all the electromagnetic radiation in the universe and calculate how much it weighs? Nooo. Just one more minor detail to leave out of any good theory.
What about incorporating nanotechnology, to encode peptide particles, and "piggy-backing" them onto FTL migratory QED particle waves?

BTW, "Darkmatter" is also part of the electromagnetic spectrum of "Pillars" which are left over fuel from the Big Bang.

Don't bother to ask me how I know all this, because I would have to write a book first, then shoot you latter... (Ha!)
It makes sens - some have gray matter and it seems empty - dark matter could be light.

That's a point, Shadow you're a genius, I'm jalous!

Time02112 - This idea got my interest, in that way, could we consider that "empty-matter" is not empty? If some kind of energy is "passing thru" empty space in some sort of waves, could this means that there's something (that it's not empty...).

If there's something in empty space (else than energy transportation) what could it be?

Just a comparison: Sounds travel thru air, radio waves can travel thru air, thru "free space" but can rebounce on some layer of atmosphere... And a stone throwned in water provoque waves. I'm saying that we need a "kind" of "matter" to transfer waves or energy, am I wrong?

So I'm a genious now huh? Lets keep off the name calling. Sometimes I have a "stroke of genious", and half of those times I pay the price for being dead wrong. You know, sometimes we can be just a little smarter than we really are.

When I said that the total mass of light in the univers was not being accounted for in the Big Bang fairy tale, I mean theory, it was just a wild guess. It still a wild guess because I don't know the finer points of the theory. (Pillars shmillers)

Ok, light exhibiting gravitational attraction was fun.

How about the late great search for THE MAGNETIC MONOPOLE? Sorry guys I think that one has already been discovered too. The magnetic monopole was discovered around 1900 by that Brittish guy (ah Tompson?). The only problem is that he named it the ELECTRON, so a few folks a bit less bright than he are still looking for it.