Is everything Time?

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Dear Friends,
I would like to pose a question that occured to me. Can we say that everything that is a part of this universe is completely defined by Time alone/ is completely made up of time alone.viz.Is Time a chief ingredient of the universe and that every other component can be defined in terms of Time alone?
Please Answer...
Time by humanoid form definition, is only realized as the procession of mass enegy and movment, as defvined within a comsology.

I did not say constant here Sridhar'
The universe can be modeled as being made out little pieces of action called qunta.

If you want to define time as being these quanta (and thats not a bad idea) then your theory is already made and in common use.

On the other hand if you want to define time as Dorthys' ruby slippers then you can make your own theory and have it come out any way you like.
With reference to heiarchies only, the proper term is time mass quanities.

Quanta, or light packet technology within the art of quantum physics, is only domonstraited as light packets, or the standard classical quanta.