Is humanity ready for time travel?

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We just are beginning to understand this new adventure, which lies ahead of us. The question I ask if we had a time traveling device is; are we ready? Why should we tamper with the world we live in, our own existence, just to prove a crazy theory? We have so many theories, and can’t even begin to imagine the concept of time travel. I feel its more like a few apes playing with a loaded gun more then trying to figure out that question; why? Do we want to endanger our own, and others existence just to prove a THEOIRY?

I hate to say it, but NO one can cheat life and its experiences, good or bad. Good and Bad experiences are all part of life; I feel everyone is this world was put here for a reason, and perhaps dealing with these experiences, to grow stronger, is part of life. Our experiences make up whom we are, and I’ll NEVER want those experiences taken away, or changed for any reason. If these experiences are altered, then I will not be the same person I was.

Creating a device such as will have more negative results then positive ones, if any. Perhaps we should wait till our own mental intellect develops more before we try to prove this theory.

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