Is humanity ready for time travel?

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We just are beginning to understand this new adventure, which lies ahead of us. The question I ask if we had a time traveling device is; are we ready? Why should we tamper with the world we live in, our own existence, just to prove a crazy theory? We have so many theories, and can’t even begin to imagine the concept of time travel. I feel its more like a few apes playing with a loaded gun more then trying to figure out that question; why? Do we want to endanger our own, and others existence just to prove a THEOIRY?

I hate to say it, but NO one can cheat life and its experiences, good or bad. Good and Bad experiences are all part of life; I feel everyone is this world was put here for a reason, and perhaps dealing with these experiences, to grow stronger, is part of life. Our experiences make up whom we are, and I’ll NEVER want those experiences taken away, or changed for I'll won't be the same person I once was.

Creating a device such as will have more negative results then positive ones, if any. Perhaps we should wait till our own mental intellect develops more before we try to prove this theory.

Perfection is everywhere you look, just glaze in the mirror.
Hi SNip:

Please clarify the meaning that you stated, "NO one can cheat life and its experiences, good and bad".

I really do not know of any reason why any child might be put on this world to watch it suffer from starvation, disease, illiteracy, physical as well as mental abuse, and not the slightest chance for a decent life! What would that child's purpose in life be?

I feel that we are still fighting the same battles since the beginning of the Western Civilization. When is mankind really ever ready for new technology? Mankind will have to learn to control the temptation from the usual suspects, greed, power; and his own overblown self worth in the universe.
I will tell you why Bob!

Because we all "suffer" the sins of our biblical four fathers and those before us who have royally screwed things up who introduced us to sin in the first place because of our greedy self worths!

Its a tale as old as time!

And Time Travel is the means by which we will eradicate all of these sins.

Only means to God is through Jesus Christ. “Whoever believes in him, shall be saved.” Right?

Now look closer... How can he do that?

Say you are convinced that Jesus is the messiah. And he says to you; “no man comeoth to the father before coming through me.”

Now let us suppose it is the year 3000 AD, and you see all of the technology that was only imaginable in science fiction stories or barely even know about in the 21st century. Your ideas about the world have changed; you no longer see your faith the same way. And you say, "hey, what if Jesus used this Time Travel that they have working over at the University, would anyone not be able to go back in time and exploit mankind to reach a certain sense of enlightenment"?

You will then come to realize that when Jesus said, “only through me, will you be saved.” But in fact he was saying in the nicest words, "sell your self out, and you will be saved."

But by allowing Time Travelers to change the past with your permission. That is the only means you will reach God, through the man made bridge that we call Jesus Christ. By the means of Time Travel.

A highly advanced race of humans, who sole purpose, is spirituality. And unfortunate for us, they have their hands on a Time Machine.

Go ahead; add it up your self. Revelations, Bible Code and the double-digit phenomena. Godly, or explainable as man made in a couple hundred years as one big conspiracy to set you up.


P.S. I am truly sorry if I may have offended anyone. That was not my intention. But I was simply pressed for time inputting it delicately. But if anyone would have anything to add to this theory of mine please post it. I’d like to get the input of some Christians, and what they think about it. Even the radical ones can posts
no doubt that’s who’ll I’ll hear most from. To warn you though, if you want to get ugly with me, just know that I can too
Hello again,

Bob, all I'm saying by that statement is that if something in life causes you so much hurt, and pain; you just want to go back in time and fix it. Wouldn't that be the easy easiest way out? Perhaps that incident in your life was supposed to happen; therefore, making yourself stronger, and more knowledgeable? How will you learn from life if you just go back and make your life perfect?

We are all put of this world to better humanity through our own experiences, and flipping a switch on a time machine to make things "better" may not be the best choice. We HAVE to improve our own existence with the knowledge and technology we have TODAY. Everyone knows cutting corners to speed up the processes is not the best way to get a proper effect and should be done right. Traveling through time will give you the effect, but did humanity really learn this on our own? How do you know humanity just wont repeat the current situation because we never learned how to manage ourselves?

When I read posts on here about many different wonderful ideas, I often read the words if, “should”, “maybe”, and many more words such as. I feel that if we were ready for time travel the correct statement should be WILL. I.E. The time machine WILL do this, and end up here, which WILL have this effect. It deepens myself greatly that people will test a theory, or experiment with out knowing the EXACT desired effect.

I feel time travel will unravel many questions or thoughts we have about God, Humanity, and life itself. Currently, I feel man is not ready for this journey in which he may embark on. It scares me to see what we are doing with bioengineers building viruses for Destruction, nuclear weaponry, etc. What makes you think that humanity will not use time travel as a weapon for destruction?

Despite what people may think, time travel will not improve matters, but make them worse. Honestly, I do not study religion; however, I can tell you that highly spiritual civilizations never used time travel. Instead, they found peace in themselves; they were able to learn from their mistakes, and improve their civilization by conquering their problems and becoming stronger.

Hi SNip:

I agree with you and I would not want to change our life's experiences, but a human child being born to a life of misery in a corrupt third world country is another matter. There is no reason for that child, or person to live under those circumstances. The only lesson that I can see from that child or person living under those conditions is that mankind is still a very primitive species.

The use of technology does not make living life easier; it does make life more comfortable. Medical advances have improved the quality of people's lives immensely. There is always the flip side to new and wonderful uses of technology like using it to destroy lives, which is still around us.

Mankind is never really ready for new technology, and technology is impossible to stop. It feeds on itself with one new discovery leading to a new one, in turn leading to another, then another, improving upon itself, and trying to perfect itself. All we can do is hope that we as a species are up to the challenge not to use technology that could eradicate the human race. If we are not up to the challenge then we do not deserve the right to be part of the universe.

You may be right that man is not ready to time travel, but as an individual I disagree. While it's a scary unknown, I see the potential for growth through time travel the same way I see potential for growth through the use of technological advances. The reason so many of us are thinking about it is because humanity is always striving to know more and to be more. That we're not doing a very good job of it right now is no reason to stop reaching. It is the only way we WILL evolve.
"I’d like to get the input of some Christians"

now this is bunch of crap..y would u not want to hear inputs from ppl who r non-christian..just cuz they dont match the belief u have..i think religion is a bunch of offense to anyone..i do believ in god, but i would much rather, just belive and keep my beliefs to myself, rather than spreading it..let ppl decide what they want o to believe..i am a hindu..pretty much the oldest religion out there..anyhow my point being..ppl should not mix religion and science..i have seen several articles which keep comparing bible to time travel or physics i mean come on, what r u trying to prove here that the bible was right..or is physics going according to the bible and hence everything is right..i think keep these 2 things is the best thing u could do..religion i like to call is some ppl who just want the world to fight over it..i mean c all the pain all the missaries ppl go through, just because on the name of religion..this is all cuz of preaching and trying to proce one right over the other..i should say,we should make a new religion derived(best) from all and live happily ever after, till the time man comes in peace with one religion nothing really can happen..mankind is doomed till that time..
anyhow it doesnt relate to the topic..but just some how dont like the mixture of religion and science..

-till i hear from from u nxt.
Is that right Bob, can I call you Ugly

Well I see it much differently. I have had many years to think about this, and still see it pretty much the same way. Time Travel will damage every aspect of a human being, and taint his life span with traces of indecent temporal changes, i.e. stepping on another's back for an advantage of power, gains in profit, and not to mention strategically orchestrated experiences. Set up to deliver the right experience to get the ultimate job done. All in essence manipulating this science, to exploit mankind to its ultimate end.

However, I am still hopeful that humanity will make a come back and decide not to exploit it's new found ways of improving their lives, but instead band if for the common good of humanity, and it's integrity as a people. To uphold the standards, which we have set up over the course of our span on this planet, maintain the principles that still govern most humans to this day. And improve on them, to ensure our evolution moves forth with progress, to being better human beings to our selves and others. At the same time not forgetting how we got here, and what it took to get us where we are.

Time Travel is not necessary for our survival. We only survive when we live in the present, and hope for the future. Not when we turn our heads to the past in regret, and wish we had the chance to make it different.

Our strength lies in making the future brighter with what we know now, and taking changes to ensure that it will be there tomorrow for our kids and our grand kids.

But not by cheating them out of a life and a chance of truly knowing what it's like being an individual with a free will to choose. Time Travel, cloning and other sciences that can be easily exploited, will only cheapen life, not improve it.

TTA, I just happen to be a Christian and I know that you are all over the place as far as your opinion goes, on different subjects, but I know that the main reason why you believe, is because of these visions and such things that have happened to you that has make you think that every religion is wrong and it all ends up like the Matrix.

But as far I know God exists, but like my best friend says "If TT is invented, God doesn't exist, because you can screw with everything." In my opinion, Yeah, I agree with you in that matter.

But on my end, scientific fact (Big Bang, so many variables that have to be fine-tuned for life to exist) Not to mention all the facts that strike against TT being possible in this universe, not even going into to the facts that Darby has presented about the multi-verse being not possible, even as a theory. (General Relativity says that one universe's space-time cannot pass into another's)

For me Time Travel is more of a fun thing, to think about but the chances of it being possible, are currently very, very, very low.

Like a fellow Christian said on a message board, "When it comes down to it, you either think that Jesus Christ was a liar, a lunatic or the son of God."

Or in your case a Time Traveler


Quote time!

"History is written by humans, history doesn't 'tell' you anything.-Patrick Long (current enlisted, Navy)

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."-Jesus Christ

TTA has a strong argumentive point! We must have the right to choose by not having others govern and manipulate us, striping us of our freedoms!

Time Travel takes away all freedoms! Because its all about controle and slavery. We are being forced to conform to societies standards by taming the rebelious and steeling our identies.