"The future ain't what it used to be."

Is it just me?


Temporal Novice
To the TTA, today is a day that cannot be explained by words.

I don't believe I am the only one feeling this way though. I can sense the universal consciousness shift and flow in waves of unison, through manipulation.

Strange that the date today is 8-22-02, and the double-digit phenomena is rampant. (Look closely if you don't see it yet).

Somehow our mental manifestation in a 3rd dimensional plain will not be enough to answer nor explain this day.

But then again, the day is not yet over.

Please post your experiences with today or any other day, here.

As a matter of fact TTA, I posted under the paranormal Discussion Topic today and took notice of the double digits that transpired. It was the 8th posting under (Robert)(Dejavu? No, Remembering what you have already done.) and the 88th viewing. it was dated 22-Aug-02 08:44AM.

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A few days back I had a dream with a certain symbol: four black and white lines. Today at 5:45 OR it may have been 44, I noticed the exact same patern on my shoe while I was watching "The Nanny"...(this was my first dream that ever came true) I also have a cold that seemed to spring on me all the sudden...I don't know what intrest you might have in that but just saying.
SO the double digits today are what? 44 and 88? or...what? I'm shocked, because....well, I had a dream a few months ago, of an old man in my dream telling me, "your double digits are 44 and 88", I didn't htink too much of it, til today and this post. It happens today I told my mom of my abilities and my destiny, or what I think is my destiny. Please, I can't see the double digits yet, I've tried but I don't see them, are the double digits today 44 and 88? This is making me think hard, please help me out.


P.S. TTA, can you help me on this one? You've been so helpful before and I wanted to say thanks too!<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">I'm Skye, a girl with a dream, a quest and a nightmare.
No, it is not just you. I asked the same type of questions somewhere else earlier this week about Saturday. There is some uneasiness. Perhaps the powers that be arent' happy with all the rattling of their cages we're making over Montauk?
I even got a rise our of Sewart Swerdlow about some one else's opinion that the Montauk Time Line collapsed about two months ago.

Just kee on keepin on, my friend.
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Hah,the only thing i feel is tiredness and my right arms going funny,well fatigued today,been up and walking around too much,well its the 23rd here soooooo.....

you people make me laugh.
Hey Skye,
First of all, you’re very welcome
I’m just glad I am able to help. And second, if you haven’t gotten the double-digit bug, don’t feel disappointed, but consider your self lucky. It’s definitely not something you want to experience, trust me.

But if you’re New Age, then that’s a different story.

Have you checked out my site yet? Well take a visit, and read through it: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/

I haven’t had time to update it since I last updated a year ago. But I plan to create an entirely new site very soon

As for the double digits of the day, they are not set to just 44 & 88. But surprisingly enough, they were with you. You found a connection to them, a dream at that of being told those exact numbers.

I think this is a red flag to all of us who experience these numbers to take notice and look into those #’s for clues and their corresponding links, and see what we can find. Since it’s more then 1 person who’s experienced this, then that stops being coincidental. And what I been saying all along them being; temporal manipulation.

That’s what these numbers are Skye, and that is what we are facing here. And I am trying with what mentally I can sustain, to figure it all out.

Like your goal in life is to help out the world, mine is to put those wrong do’er’s out of business, and their means of delivery, (Time Travel) banned.

My goal is humanities battle that is waged on a 4th dimensional battleground. It’s a battle of Human Freewill & Independence Vs. Our Exploitation & Manipulation of what they want and are deciding for us.

Once you take a look at my site and read through this it should be able to make more sense to you what this is.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


P.S. Congrats on having the courage to finally speak to your mom about your abilities, how did it go?
Zxavier, you said:
<<There is some uneasiness. Perhaps the powers that be arent' happy with all the rattling of their cages we're making over Montauk? >>

Your right about the uneasiness part, however I'am sorry to say, that it's just been you doing all the rattling about Montuak

To be honest, I don't think I've seen anyone else post in regards to Montauk, but you for the past few weeks.

Yes, I too have felt this change of frequency in the past month in a half! I'm not quit certain what it is? It is definitely a tiredness/calmness feeling of completeness and independency and detachment from bondage. Accompanied by a dulling of the nerves with no feelings of social inadequacy...

Anybody who believes in cetain days being significant, is a fool. The date of today and any other day is simply relative the earth's position, which remains pretty constant in its place in the solar system. To show you how ridiculous this is, I am going to say that 2-22-2222 is a significant day because it is 2222 years, 2 months, and 22 days in the year of our Lord. If God would want to do this, he wouldn't, and some people don't even believe in God. He wasn't a mathematician and he doesn't give tidbits to superstitious people.
Oh would you please enlighten us, for the sake of coming off sounding ignorant and not knowing what we are talking about, tell us again from you experience with these numbers how they mean nothing?


P.S. If you couldn’t pick up the hint of sarcasm, your more naive about the true nature of reality then I thought
Okay it seems that some are having a bit difficultly getting the jist of what we’re talking about, so let me try putting it in a way that it can be understood.

Think of it as a game of chance.

You pull the handle, and the slot spins spins & spins, displaying random numbers and symbols at random times, the odds are almost to many.

Now suppose that that could be fixed, and you could predict the times what kind of result you could get at any time regardless of the odds, at any turn of the handle.

The games of chance you thought you were playing to test your luck on, turns into a fixed game of manipulation, knowing the result every spin.

And so is the same with us and the way we think. We think our thoughts and actions are random. But when they are tied to something that gives it away as no longer being coincidental (as was the means with figuring out the odds at the slot machine), it becomes intentional.

Intentional by who, and who’s knowledge of this is omniscient enough to deliver the result with such prestige accuracy every time?

The answer is: Time Travelers a.k.a. Alien/Human Manipulators = Wrong.

And the closest I have to answering how they do this, is by some sort of elaborate interface network that bounces back and forth through time to regulate and to indicate what would be the next incident that can be cataloged for a double-digit incursion, or favorable window of opportunity to alter time.

So you’re sitting there thinking, driving home from work, or just at a get together with friends, and all of a sudden a feeling that sets you aside of your self for just a sec. urges you to look at the clock, and you see a double digit, what just happened?

You can go on believing that your free thinking self with 100% freewill in whatever you do, just had a coincidental experience. But when does that experience stop being coincidental when it’s not just you experiencing this, and the frequency of these #’s increases?

What then?

Then that’s when you come to question whether or not you’re in control of these things, and start to wonder who is?

A supreme universal consciousness all tied together, and you falling into synchronicity of it?


However, would that not contradict your initial belief of knowing you have freewill in the first place?

Or would that drive you to consider the possibility of perhaps Temporal Manipulation being the cause?

I hope I made it clear enough to get the basic point across. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any questions

It is just you. Or at least your viral meme.

TTA, you mess up when you pull chance into it. The study of probability says that yes, sometimes unlikely things do happen.

The fact that you assign meaning to the appearance of 'double digits' is no more or less meaningful than if I were to search for the number 2617 or 425. The fact is, if you're looking for any particular number, you're bound to find it eventually. And, if you remember only the instances when you found the number, and forget all the times you didn't, then you'll develop a skewed impression of how often that random event occurs.

For example, in the autumn here in Vancouver, people are often heard saying that it never stops raining. Often even after a balmy, summer-hot week has passed. But people selectively remember the rainy days when they're feeling down. It's not even conscious, it's just human nature. We like to see patterns in things, even random things.

PS out of the numbers from 1 to 100, a full ten of them are double digits. That's 10%! So, any random number from 1 to 100 has a 10% chance of being a dd. Pretty good odds, if you take a large sample size such as the number of <100 numbers we encounter every day.

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Iain M. Banks, _The_Crow_Road_
RE: It is just you. Or at least your viral meme.

<<The fact is, if you're looking for any particular number, you're bound to find it eventually>>

Good point. But completely off the track.

Who ever said I or anyone else experiencing this phenomena is intentionally looking for these numbers?

<<That's 10%! So, any random number from 1 to 100 has a 10% chance of being a dd. Pretty good odds, if you take a large sample size such as the number of <100 numbers we encounter every day.>>

Yes they are good odds. And even more amazing enough that they synch up nicely to visions/manifestations/ events that in no way suggest random odds. But more of precise conscious calculations.

RE: It is just you. Or at least your viral meme.

Here's a link to TTA's site to explain it more: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/

But basically, TTA claims that when someone sees double digits when a major decision has been made or some major change in your life has happened (death of someone close, you almost dying, a major world event) it means that some mysterious Time Travelers from some unknown point in the future has gone out of their way to change something in their past (your present) that led to you making that decision or some similar happening in your life.

That's the theory in a nutshell.

RE: It is just you. Or at least your viral meme.

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Oh hang on,your talking about double digits as being the same arnt you,like 11,22,33 etc?

yeah so what,numbers are just used for measurment,and you can reduce all double numbers to a single number if you want i.e 11=1+1=2
you can reduce all double digits between 1-100 like so:

11=2 22=4 33=6 44=8 66=3(1+2) 88=7(1+6) 99=9(1+8)

so from them you get this: 2,4,6,8,3,7,9

does that mean anything? its just numbers,i think 9 is the strangest number,look at multiplications of 9 and they all reduce back to 9:

9X 17838=160542 now add the numbers up and you get 18 and 1+8=9

you can do that with 9,any number you multiply it with can be reduced back to 9 no matter how random the number.

9 is the highest number you see,so its how it works out,not anything mystical or significant about it though,well i dont think.

Youll notice i have 999 in my name,cos 9+9+9=27 (2+7=9)
6+6+6=18 and 1 and 8 also equal 9.

Why did i put that as my name,you ask,well

my birthdate is 14/4/1980;1+4+4 =9 1+8=9 and youre left with another 9

so 999
RE: It is just you. Or at least your viral meme.


I'm not entirely sure what the significance of it is but I have an IDEA about what it is. You perhaps have not heard of the series of books that has taken the spiritualist world by storm. The basis of these books has something to do with synchonicity and a group of people who feel that they can "feel" positive thoughts towards others and impact their lives. They are not believers in a God but more of the idea that they themselves are "gods" in training. Each aspect of their lives has some kind of significant "happening" going on and they seek out each other with "messages" for one another. They may be talking about harmony of something and a song comes over the airwaves mentioning the same subject and a feeling of "manipulation" comes over them--whether positive or negative. They claim to have travelled to Tibet and "vibrated" into the dimension of Shambala and learned some esoteric secrets that have been published as insights. Now, this is not EXACTLY what TTA is talking about, but the principle is similar in that there is some kind of manipulation of the senses, the physical environment, the dream state, and the mathematical occurrence of double digit syncronicities to make the observer aware that HE is being observed--and therefore not in control of their own destiny. Does any of this come close to what it means to you TTA? I have to admit that you seem to have a difficulty explaining it to others to their satisfaction. Please elaborate.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon
RE: It is just you. Or at least your viral meme.

Yeah but as likely as he is being manipulated by aliens,i could have be born for devil manipulation cos of my name and date of birth and even the circumference of my head adds up to a measurement of 9.

Ive already mentioned my date of birth but my head is 54 cm's at forehead,head is mentioned as the existance of the number 666.
And as i said 666 can be reduced to 9.

My name is
take our measurement of order in the alphebet(western pythagorian system),i.e a=1 b=2 c=3 etc etc
and my name adds up to 63 which can be reduced to 9,there is a few ways you can do it,but it still leads to that number.

If that wasnt enough my name adds up the same in hebrew order of letters,or kabbalistic,now there is no 9th number cos the hebrews believe the number 9 to be of god.
My name reduces to 54 in kabbalistic 5+4 of coarse back to 9.

Is that significant or a major,and i repeat major coincedence?

i dont know.

I certainly feel in control of my life,i do not blame non existant things for any of my problems,and i do not seek help from non visable/existant beings cos i feel in control.
Its when you lose control......i say get a grip!!
first sighn of madness is talking to yourself.