is the concept possible?

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i want to know if the concept of travelling through time is possible, and how would this concept work? Please respond, and give some good time travel links if possible.
we dont know what we deal with

Is time travel possible ?? maybe , maybe not !
The only thing am sure now is, that currently we Cant !
we are like a groupe of cavemens in front of window95 ! we make theories , but none of them is currently proven !
Some of us think that time is linear ( past is back , your on the present , and future is in front ) and ruled by the same laws (...)
some of us think that time is multi-face , mutlti dimensional ,.
Some of us think that everything that can happen , DO hapeen OR will happen ( this is multi-dimensionalism)
i dont claim that my theories are good , but i know that i can crack any time theorie that currently exist and prove them as not valid .
sorry for my bad english !