"The future ain't what it used to be."

Is there a chance that



Is there a chance that time travel is really dimensional travel?

Please consider:

New time line starting before current history
Current history
New time line starting after current history

This seems to solve many problems, and creat some others.
Yes, this idea has been proposed in varying degrees before. The idea is that when you travel back in time and change the past, you are in fact changing the past of another dimension. For example, you go back in time and you save JFK from being shot. Then you go back to your present time. JFK still got shot. But in the OTHER dimension, JFK was saved.

This works great with the "kill your grandma" paradox. You go back and time and you kill your grandma before your mom was ever born. So how can you be born? Well, in the other time line/dimension, you were never born. But in this one, you continue to live as if nothing ever happened.