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Is there only one method of time travel?



Is there only one way to travel through time? Or is there more than one way possible.
Several people have come up with theories on travel, I'm assuming that none of them are yet possible but eventually these theories (or hypothesis really) will be tested and can only be proven or disproved.
Is it possible that there may be more than one way to travel through time. Which way would be the best, would use the least energy, cause the least damage, and pose the least danger?
Or does proving one type of time machine to be possible immediately disprove all other types?
Perhaps we should all agree what we mean when we use the phrase “time travel”. We are all moving forward in time just by existing and the effects of acceleration and gravity do “slow” time down for the observer so the rest of the world seems to speed up around them. If we call this natural time travel (timelike trips on a single worldline) then perhaps its really controlled time travel that you are after (spacelike trips on a single worldline or traveling to alternate worldlines).

With that, it may then be useful to separate the concept of controlled time travel into theory and practice. In theory, time travel was taken seriously by mainstream science when it discovered that Einstein’s equations do indeed support the possibility of controlled time travel under special relativity. Since special relativity (under its current limitations) has been proved useful and accurate in predicting other physical phenomena, it is widely believed that controlled time travel is also possible.

Nearly all of the solutions that allow time travel in special relativity also have the annoying problem of crushing the time traveler in a wake of radiation and gravity.

In my experience, there is only one safe way to obtain controlled time travel and that involves the “safe” properties of a Kerr singularity (black hole). However, I do not discount the possibility of other methods either physical or metaphysical. I’m just not sure I would bet my life on them without any math to back them up.
"Energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred"

If you understand the fundamental principles behind this statement, under the guise of Special Relativity, and combine this with the other principles of "QED" you should be able to grasp the idea that the transferrence of energy into matter & vice-versa is occuring constantly, and all around this "Holographic Universe" (insert Dr. Michio Kaku & M-Theory/ T.O.E.) <htp://mkaku.org>

Suppose that there exists a variety of intelligent "Energy Beings" and let us suppose that many of us within the human race do serve a very important role as to how we effect the outcome of events, that are acted out on other dimensions, perhaps this might be one very good reason why these powerful energy beings(if you will) that have the powers of GOD-Like abilities, to manifest themselves into any shape they wish, and appear to selected humans, and have telepathic, telekenetic, and many other abilities (mind manipulation) yet do not always pose a threat to our existance, or "Enslave" us perhaps many of them use to be us! and many of us, are chosen to become them?

Q:]Another question arises often when discussing these beings, is that if they indeed exist, and have these powerful abilities, then why would they need to travel through hperdimensional Space-Time in a craft?

A:] When you examine the warping effects that such a journey would impose, indeed it would become necessary to create some sort of "Shielding" to contain, and protect any form of energy traveling within such circumstances, because of what the distortions of electromagnetic disturbances have upon them.