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From the begining of time man has yearned to alter or disrupt time and thus making it change. time itself is not tangible, you can not touch or feel it, yet it still excists as an idea more than an object. Time travel could be possible if some one were able to make a tear in time (even though it is not tangible) you could most likely go through or propell yourself through because there is a rip or hole in it. In my own personal opinion if time travel were possible I wouldnt be sure if I would want anyone going back, or forward, frankly because of the alterations that it could cause. Any slight change could cause the whole "time line" to be disrupted. The other reason that it might worry me is that the person in question could always change time for personal gain, and that would be the worst thing to happen for the fact that they would change it to better themselves. If anyone has any comments, or info please email me at [email protected]