"The future ain't what it used to be."

It is possable to contact


It is possible to contact E.T.s offworld by using a twilight means of meditations, laying on ones side, also utilizing crystals held in hand, on top of head corona and by inserting one crystal between toes.

This distance accomplished, was over forty light years.

The type of being contacted was humanoid, shy and these beings had the ability of space travel, however at that time could not help my needs.

Contacts were repetitive and as a result of these contacts, I had revived this picture.

One was of the contactee.

Two was of his village.

Three was of a mountain chain, separating his village from a large desert-like area.

Weather and other factors also came into the picture.

I made a how to get to database, by creating a memory store.This was of the vector to his planet, distance and how these directions played on our neighborhood of the galaxy we are in.

Since then, my need had been resolved, however I have the ability to reconeact again, if I had wanted.

There might be better performance in reaching other star system, by laying latterly on a bed, with the use of crystals.

I had found the next day I could construct a geometrical map, and visualize how to get to his planet and how this geometrical map, would extent from Earth.

This was mental contact only and there was no actual contact in the physical made as a result of the deep mental contacts.
OH my GOD! you are so bogus.

Crystals have no power, neither do diamonds, rubys, sapphires, or any other strange jewlry. Basically, to prove or disprove your theory, we need to know 2 things.

How far away was the contactee?

What kind of geometry did you use to create the map, eucladian or non eucladiean?

Your inexperienced and rude.

Secondly, your insultive, in areas you know nothing about.

I believe the internet term for one such as you, is troll?
You are sad.

For such an 'experienced' person as yourself, how can you believe in this paranormal nonsense?
This makes no sense, and I think your a jerk too. How good are your comebacks anyway? Troll? come on..

If you want to convince everyone that crystals have a mysterious power, please explain how they function on a quantum level.

im with the "The_one" on this one...
we need some concerete evidence as to how these 'crystals' function in contacting the ET's
your posts while interesting.. do indeed seem generally bogus.
so if i use crystals and meditate i can contact life off this planet?? can i also contact people here?? i mean... how does one go about randomly contacting a being in another part of the universe?? an if you can what makes you think its a good idea? what have you learned??

im curious cause aliens are an intresting topic for me...
Right....maybe you might know what I think.
I think with crystals and lay diagonal on a table, I will be able to contact "troll" who posts crap just to mess with people.
You people are all idiots, refering to the people trying to discredit other people on these fourms.

If you don't belive him don't flame him like a little child, just don't read or reply to what you don't agree with!! The Atleanteans had crystal that could just about dissolve a person into nothing, they had many different crystals for many different usues, they could send light in through one facet and have it come out thorugh another one but multiplied in power.