"The future ain't what it used to be."

It's not that we don't trust you charm?



It\'s not that we don\'t trust you charm?

It's not that we don't trust you charm, but you appear on the reflex of 9-11, which is mysterious.

You also reek of evil, which is kind of strange too.

"I guess no weirder than memebers of Bill Clinton's cabinet".
RE: It\'s not that we don\'t trust you charm?

relfex of 9-11? what does that mean, really what is your point on the mysterious me. yeah i figure it out already. it takes awhile to be Trusted by mister Creedo. how am i evil? hehe

no really i think your just spooked up about something. and you somehow blame it on me. again and again i am the EVIL guy.

Hey i kinda like being the bad guy. theres too many people who claim to be good on this world. this way i have more room to BREATHE. feel free to join me anytime... except for you Creedo. your existence is too PHAT for this room. lol

RE: It\'s not that we don\'t trust you charm?

Perhaps he’s guilty of being the same as you. You think anyone trusts, much less understands you, for the way you talk? Do you intentionally try to speak like this? What’s your explanation for speaking like this? That you’re foreign perhaps? Well so here is Charm.

And so was I, when I first learned how to speak the English Language. I was brought up speaking Spanish and didn’t learn how to speak and write English till I was in Jr. High. I still on occasion have a little trouble with my pronunciation of some words, and in putting them in their proper grammar.

I was made fun of a lot growing up about it, everybody said I had a weird way of talking, and behaving, especially from the white kids. But it’s gotten a lot better with a lot of practice since then. And I wonder what those people I went to school with would think about me now
if they knew who I was?

So maybe it’s just that, what your paranoid about. Your probably just sensing a different culture and way of speaking in Charms post, that is unfamiliar to you. So perhaps you misinterpreted it, and misjudged Charm. Give it some thought.

RE: It\'s not that we don\'t trust you charm?

Right on TTA, we all have a way of speaking. i dont know what category mines fall into. i grew up in the "GHETTO" speaking bad english and Viet. so i try not to use any slang on this forum. unless i need to. so in this case, i think i talk bad and we all do not speak intelligent. most of the guys here use big terms and all those unnessesary words. i do that sometimes

doesnt it make you feel smarter? eh? when we post our serious subjects, we speak proper and good english. but when we talk "shit". it shows our true self. "ya feel me?" like two different person. or is that just me? well, Creedo is cool, he just entertains me with his.... his.... err.... blah.... nvm, i dont know what he does. hahahaha