"The future ain't what it used to be."

Its possible and real



TT is possible Gavin, you say about ww2... suppose that there are not parallel universes, so there is one linear time. If you change something cathastrofic like killing hitler you will unlish a chain reaction that will destroy all of us. As Lara said, the past is set and if you plan to change something you will create an alternate time line for you not for all humanity, and you will be surprised cause you will not have the opportunity to go back to the original one forever.

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If you killed Hitler it would have no affect on history apart from who was in charge of the Nazi party. In any dictatorship there are always half a dozen other people waiting to take charge. If they weren't then purges would ruin them.
Yes but how would u know if it would have not changed the small things. That and as well there were also tons of people that would have taken control and stoped it all.... u never know.