"The future ain't what it used to be."

I've done it through meditation and hallucinogens



I\'ve done it through meditation and hallucinogens

Whether or not it is physically possible to move one's body back and forth through time, I do not know. However, it IS possible to observe many places and times without disrupting them by using the mind. I have done this. No kidding -- It's difficult at first but becomes reliable with practice.

Paul's suggestion to use astral projection as a means of remote viewing is highly appropriate. I have done this to see visions of the future (which honestly come true), to travel to far-off places (visiting them later for the first time and finding most or all details correct) and also to psychically contact friends with messages. I have heard reports that Soviet cosmonauts were taught this as part of training in ORDER to be able to still communicate with ground control should radio reception fail (wild, huh?). If any of you have experienced deja vu I think this is a related phenomenon; one dreams of a far-off place or time, only to find out later it was less dream than real. As we have a dream body which operates independent of our sleeping physical body, there are those who argue that we go out of our bodies every time we dream. All you need to do in ORDER to be out-of-body is to consciously realize you are dreaming, remain asleep physically, and then will yourself to step out of the dream INTO a location in "real space". You will be in a state of mind in between sleep and wakefulness. Since all of us perceive objective reality differently, try to remain quiet in your mind, as your thoughts can contaminate your perceptions by putting judgement and meaning on experiences. It is best just to relax and "see what happens."

A number of years ago, My best friend and I took a dosage of psilocybin mushrooms that was much too large for us. For those of you who think that makes me crazy, well, I was astrally projecting through time long before I ever tried those drugs, and I haven't dosed for 3 years and am totally normal mentally. But I digress. . . Although the trip should have lasted about 6 to 12 hours, and according to the clock, it did, it psychologically lasted much, much longer -- maybe a day and a half. My friend and I were caught in some sort of time loop. We looked up at the clock, 12:15. . . LOTS OF STUFF, felt like 45 minutes went by, look up at the clock. . . 12:18. Lots of psychic phenomena, reading each other's minds, predicting behavior before it happened, I remember hearing my friend's voice come out of his mouth backwards. . . suddenly 2:30 . .. then, what really frightened me at the time . . . a few hours passed, we looked at the clock, and it was 1:47. This was odd. Then it was 3:00, then it was 12:40. . . Now maybe I imagined those times on the clock, but my friend was experiencing the same times I was -- we didn't have to suggest them to each other, they just were the same. We were both freaking out because we kept repeating the same portions of the trip 3, 4, sometimes 5 times in a row, the same conversations, the same hallucinations, in different orders, as if we were hopping back and forth along some time continuum.

I really do believe this was my most succesful time travel experience, as my friend was right there with me through all of it, and we both experienced the same things, and the incredible fragmentation of time. However, I was totally out of control, and really do not recommend such drugs as a means of time travel. Since then I have gone back to a clean, drug-free, vegetarian lifestyle with meditation as my sole means of psychic work. All I mean to say is that the human mind is an incredible machine capable of things we can barely dream of. If anyone else out there has succesfully travelled like this, please post a response. For those of you interested in learning to lucid dream or astral travel, there are many books at your local store. The two most important elements to any spiritual journey are to remain pure of heart (do what you think is right) and to practice. As you travel out of body a great deal, you may meet other beings who live solely in the astral realm. If you are clean of heart you will attract teachers. If you are doing this for the wrong reasons, you will attract trouble-makers. I have encountered both.

To a large extent, we create our own experience. Why not do it consciously for a change?
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Ever hear of Dr. Stanislav Grof? He did LSD experiments in the 1950s. The participants experienced being people in the past. They gave details they could not have known.
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you don't need drugs for this. it is in your DNA you just need to learn how to access it. clara
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Jason your experienced looks interesting, I have tried to do astral travel but without succeed.I followed instruction through books but I dont know what mistake i made.Please advised me.