"The future ain't what it used to be."

jesus we all know th official line



so easy to get books on phisics and recite them on here, but arnt we all talking about somthing a little radical here not main stream run of the mill a b c d of phisics? ok the base must be correct but the developement of the idea can go any direction surely this is a recreational site as much as a serious discussion/how many visitors to this site actually have the resources to actually carry out very complecated experiments? not very many therefore a concept roughly in the same ball park is all that is needed,for instants my subject of perception was obvious ,of course theres a minute delay it doesnt take the brains of an arch bishop and a reference from time master on somebody elses work to confirm that, arent we supposed to be discussing subjects without much or any references to another persons findings except for a rough adherence to the excepted theorys? i for one havent got a particle excelerater in my garage or a powerful laser incased in a absoulute vacum have you? if all i have to do is look up someone elses findings without offering new concepts then the only restraint would be the search engine
i will not revisit this site until i have learnt to format my ideas properly and collected supporting evidence for at least part of the idea from the proper soureces, i will also insure it is spelt correctly, youll be glad to know,by for now he he.
Hello friend,
I'd like for you to e-mail so we can discuss this further. The delay in sight that is. I have some theories of my own which I think you'd be interested in hearing about. I've tried discussing it with "professionals" in the field but, naturally, if logic in science says it can't be done, they don't want anything to do with it. Hope to hear from you soon.